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The biggest crime is to look away...

kids in America

Leave our children alone...

Casualty of USA aggression

But children who aren’t white don’t count.  

Drone Killer

Robotic human demonstrates cowardly killing by remote control from the USA

drone strike victim

Another drone strike victim… winning hearts and minds?

drone attack near Miranshah, Pakistan Oct 08 -Reuters Haji Mujtaba

Teaching them to hate US: drone attack aftermath near Miranshah, 

Pakistan Oct/08 -Haji Mujtaba photo, Reuters 

Father son surge, Iraq

Agonized father and son maimed by US fire in Baghdad. (He died.)

US forces inspect their handiwork in Fallujah. 

drive-in jesus

In the blasphemed name of Jesus...

DU-Baby -Dr. Jenan Hassan

Another DU victim in Iraq. Genocide is a war crime.

Sryia air strike victim -Ameer Alhabi AFP, Getty

Sryian victim of US air strike. In late 2016, USA bombed 7 countries in 1 day. -Ameer Alhabi photo, AFP, Getty

American Dream

The American Way

AFG dead children

The American Why: more “enemy threats” killed by US forces in Iraq.

Le Van Can's son is 31 years old. His father and his mother were exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War -Brendan Wilcox

Le Van Can's son is 31. His father and mother were among tens of thousands exposed to Agent Orange 

spread by US forces during the slaughter in Vietnam -Brendan Wilcox photo



Mother grieves for her six-year-old son, Dhiya Thamer, killed by gunfire in their family car in Baqouba, Iraq after enrolling him and is brother - also shot - in school, where Dhiya was to begin his first year. -Adem Hadei, AP 


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