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Lasers Hate Smoke


Winds intensify California wildfires, -NY Daily News

Winds intensify California wildfires. -NY Daily News



By William Thomas



Smoke is the bane of atmospheric lasers. Directed-energy beams from military lasers are scattered and diffused by curtains of smoke, as well as water vapour (clouds) and rain.


And sandstorms. Just look what happened during the U.S. invasion of Iraq when directed-energy sensors on aircraft, gunships and armor were shut down by blowing sand. 

California Wildfires, Oct 8, 2017 -epacha.org

California Wildfires, Oct 8, 2017 -epacha.org

There is no way (unverified) space-based lasers could penetrate the smoke over the vast U.S. wildfires with enough focused energy remaining to light a campfire.


Don’t tell anyone… wildfires are most commonly lit by lightning. And, as Dane Wiggington points out, matches.

The ultra-dry conditions and high-winds associated with extensive wildfires from Siberia to Australia are the result of decades of increasing temperatures caused by steadily escalating heat-trapping emissions on the ground and aloft, the disrupted Arctic jetstream fragmented by the sharply decreasing north-south temperature differential, and intense heat from the fires themselves.


All of these factors are severely exacerbated by drying out air masses, reversing regional wind patterns, and completely disrupting this planet’s hydrological cycle with continued large-scale applications of geo-engineering chemicals acting as moisture-sponging desiccants.


23 dead, hundreds missing as California wildfires spread -NY Daily News

23 dead, hundreds missing as California wildfires spread -NY Daily News

Will climate change and low moisture/high-temperature-driven wildfires end with the cessation of geoengineering aerosols? No. 

Will we have any chance to get a handle on both fast-growing threats if geoengineering does not end immediately? Absolutely not. 

Stop the spraying now!


CA geoengineering aerosol laydowns -thechemtraildiary.weebly.com

CA geoengineering aerosol laydowns -thechemtraildiary.weebly.com

What about those pesky, rumoured ‘cooling towers’? 




Fire chief John Lord asks:

*  Where did all these fires come from?


*  In the absence of wind, lightning, or storms, how could they all start at once?

*  Where are the debris fields from houses that neglected to collapse but instead were reduced to rubble. Stone walls, frames all gone. That’s hot! Much hotter than burning wood. Or woods. Yet many trees are still standing in areas showing no clear trail of fire ingress.

*And what about that green beam of light lancing down from the night California sky?

I’ve got some answers and will be posting the conclusions of my reopened investigation soon.

Chief Lord also says on tape:

“The holes burned through hoods of cars right through the engine block were a little bit suspicious.” We need to see some photos of this.

On the other hand…

Spain is burning. Siberia is burning   –  and fire chiefs there, just as in California, are saying the fires are burning too hot and are too dangerous to be contained.

In fact, there are fires every where on Earth, propelled by petroleum emissions and rock-hard denial.

We now face two Big Dangers from the aftermath of these fires:

1.  Many people will use this as yet unsubstantiated "conspiracy” (that word again!) to ignore an ongoing mass extinction and climate shift very close to running away.

2.  Most reporters (who want to keep their careers) will not address the anomalies surrounding these fires –  whether climate-related or otherwise. Are these blazes unprecedented in scope and ferocity because we’re in a new climate regime? Or because the United States is under a completely rogue regime? 

Or both?   

Here is the climate argument for the intensity of those fires.

Below is National Geo’s take on these never before seen “catastrophic mega fires” that exhibit “stunning fire behaviour,” says Dr. Craig Allen of the U.S. Geological Survey, burning up to 1 acre per second

Remember, energy weapons depend on pinpoint, concentrated power to ignite their target.


Now ask yourself what police are asking: why were the hardest hit areas pot farms  just before legal sales in California were set to begin? None was insured.

Is the Trumpster right? Are big Mexican drug cartels behind these fires?

Watch this dude lighting wildfires:

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