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Kinder Morgan Pipeline Protest On Hornby island



Hornby and Denman Islands Join Nationwide Insistence On Energy Sanity & Redirection - Now Would Be Good  

No Flippin' Way! Will Thomas photo

On June 4, 2018, more than 60 residents from Hornby and Denman Islands rallied at the Hornby Island Co-Op to protest Justin Trudeau's Kinder Morgan pipeline acquisition. Estimated to cost $20+ billion on completion, this latest federal folly places the entire BC Coast under threat from unrecoverable bitumen spills - while holding the entire planet hostage to runaway climate change. 

Oil experts variously estimate Canada’s net return on oil sales at less than 4%.  

Many people are asking, “What’s in this for ‘Crudeau'?”

Many thanks for NDP MLA Gord Johns' excellent work opposing oil pipelines and plastics. 

William Thomas 

reporting from Hornby Island

Our finned, flippered and feathered friends don’t need oil.

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No more driving carefully off the cliff of extinction.

Riled up on Hornby over Kinder Morgan pipleine Will Thomas photo

Hornby Islanders all riled up...

No pipelines - cycle instead.

Hornby & Denman islanders come together to form protective circle for all human & wild lives under threat. 

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Robots Running Amok

Everyone desiring a lasting change from the suicidal corporate-governance model must understand that we are not dealing with rational actors but computer software and human robots programmed to maximize (or save) short-term shareholder profits over near-term catastrophe.


The ongoing Sixth Mass Extinction North America’s incorporated politicians are so arrogantly accelerating is discarded as just another "externality" by silicon and human accountants with infinite faith in taxpayer tolerance and zero awareness of the 'eco' in 'economics'.


I learned how algorithms are wrecking our space colony when Champion International execs from Connecticut landed on Salt Spring Island and told our community they had come to clearcut the most beautiful valley in British Columbia because we were next on their computers.


If the dying world ocean covering most of this planet goes terminal, it’s over. I learned this during an eight-year circumnavigation of the Pacific Ocean under sail. 

-William Thomas     

Celerity rainbow squall western Pacific -Will Thomas photo

Celerity outrunning a squall on passage to the Solomons  -Will Thomas photo

"Along the entire West Coast of the United States, Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion project has caused alarm in coastal communities. The addition of nearly 350 new oil tankers to the busy waters shared by Canada and the United States in the Salish Sea and along the Pacific coastlines of Washington, Oregon, and California represents a level of environmental threat rarely witnessed in recent years.



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