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Is The Donald Going Quackers?

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By William Thomas



If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, craps like a duck – it's probably the Donald.


Not wishing to slander Disney's popular and far more coherent cartoon character by that same now-unfortunate name, let me hasten to make it "abundantly clear" that I am not referring to the pen-pushing president of the USA – for the abundantly clear reason that the United States [sic] has no current president, sitting, standing, crouching or otherwise.


* Führer-in-training, looks like.


* Carrot-topped El Jefe, wannabe.


* Buffoon-In-Chief (according to recent UK Parliament deliberations mandated by unpopular public petition.)


* War Criminal Wanted-In-Yemen for the murder of 8-year-old Nawar al-Awlaki (shot in the neck while sitting at her kitchen table, along with 29 of her neighbours by Trump-sent emissaries already notorious for cutting bullets from the corpse of a pregnant woman to disguise their officially-commended barbarity).

Nawar al-Awlaki shot dead by Trump's troops

But "President" – as in someone acting presidential? You must be kidding.


After just eight days of the Donald's flailing, futile attempts to take-off downwind, chaos and confusion reign across the Excited States (as Canadians nervously refer to their deranged "neighbour" to the south). Especially in the White House and a formerly civil service. If your boss walks, talks and etcetera like a duck (see above), anyone would be forgiven for thinking he was a quack.


Even his top press flacks splutter, spit and conversationally duckwalk when asked repeatedly by startled-awake watchdogs to explain their week-old employer's latest illegalities slash irrationalities.


With no sensible explanation in reach, those dizzy spinners can only duck this increasingly querulous chorus by changing the subject changing the subject changing the subject.


Or by attacking renegade reporters and confused commentators on-air for being "unreasonable" in their demands for actual answers, or for "exaggerating" tweets and twitters or recorded pronouncements quoted verbatim from a smoking late-night android and ever-flapping bill of a creature inhabiting a private reality that can only be described by those cautiously peering in as completely quackers.


 RNC'sr Laura Ingraham Gives Nazi Salute To The Donald 

                                                          Heil, Donald

Since respect must be earned, not automatically granted to any web-footed representative of the most feared terrorist state on this planet (according to poll after poll), I mean all disrespect.


And I am not alone. Which is increasingly becoming a problem for the putative "leader" of an insistently free world expressing zero desire to be led anywhere by a nation extending only ill-will, greenhouse gases and high explosives to the 96% of this planet's human population living beyond its ignorant, walled-in borders. (Wild lives take your chances.)


Lady Liberty, it appears, has been taught a new f-word. Once a beacon of promise to the world's desperate and downtrodden, as of Holocaust Remembrance Day, 2017, that French gift towering above New York Harbor extends not the torch of freedom but an upraised middle finger to all those huddled masses yearning to be free of U.S. bombing.


While no (exhaustively-vetted) immigrant refugee has ever killed a single Americano, several state sponsors of terror, like Wahhabis Saudi Arabia – responsible for thousands of American deaths in NYC, Afghanistan and beyond – are of course exempt from Donald's diktat. Get serious. He's got business interests there. 


As affronted friends and former allies become increasingly frustrated and dismayed, this entire dangerous debacle is making many 'mericans (including this emigrant refugee) embarrassed and ashamed for the country of their birth.


Note my deliberately repetitive use of the descriptor, "increasingly". Like a water bird shooting itself in both feet and tumbling squawking from the sky, before final impact everything flowing from the Donald's disastrous debut – and dare we say it, duckhole – is only going to get worse.


Much, much worse.


For now, the real world can only go about its daily business having as little as possible to do with this imploding superpower, while taking elaborate care not to slip in all this nonstop slime. Few things stink like duck poop. And it's nearly impossible to wipe off your shoes.     




Feb. 3, 2017


Writer’s note: “Don’t cry mama, I’m fine," said Nawar as she bled out. Other sources resported “at least" nine women, six children, and 10 men were killed in the raid which was carried out at dawn in the Yakla village within the Walad Rabi'e district in the town of Qaifa, Baida. The U.S. Navy has yet to apologize to the families of those killed in the debacle. In its first reports, the Pentagon did not even acknowledge civilians had been killed.



Further Weeping

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