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Incident Off The Spratleys - About This Story


by William Thomas


Looks like Atlantis all over again, where superstitious high-tech priests and shadow-chasing presidents keep falling for the dark myth of push-button power. Hypnotized by their own techno-weapons fetish and world dominance delusions  and immune to the twinned realities of a crumbling space colony and their own nightmarish Empire of Ruins  an incestuous military-corporate-government-entertainment complex continues to batten on the lifeblood of a foundering, flailing nation. 

Growing emboldened by each profitable failure, this unleashed vampire requires ever more blood and cash as it squanders time, talent, treasure and lives in this Last Chance Century to get it right in time to avoid a complete wipe-out.    

At this point during Earth's current mass extinction, let us pause, bow our heads, and consider how, through sheer numbers and obstinacy, we’re taking this lonely blue planet down hard, living webs of symbiotic species failing one after another in a compounding cascade of calamities…

… while nations blow the next three generations' budgets on trick weaponry, most of which doesn’t work and none of which can address either outraged “insurgents” defending their own neighbourhoods (always the hardest to defeat), or drowning cities and an oxygen-depleted dead zone spreading across 70% of this slowly submerging planet.

Still, while the rest of us anxiously await whatever comes next, reality-averse fantasists bluster and bully and pretend that yet more magical weapons will somehow ward off all the Bad Things they attract and preempt and set in motion. Never mind all the high-tech swords that bend like liquorice in their gung-ho warriors' hands. 

We’d better start seriously calling all of them on that.

The characters named in this story are my own invention. I’ve taken other literary liberties, such as compressing time and moving Ford’s deployment date up from 2022. And the incident at sea off China’s Spratley Islands is (so far) fiction. But… all of the weapons malfunctions, prices quoted, system limitations and failures described in this “ fictional-documentary-narrative" are taken from evaluation reports, U.S. military and other expert sources  and have actually occurred, inflight and underway

Additionally, much of dialogue in this three-part story is quoted verbatim from the original speakers. -William Thomas

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