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If We Just Get Rid Of Putin

Mar 4  0217 PST

Kul-Sharif Mosque in thousand-year-old Kazan


An imaginary dialogue with the author

by William Thomas

“If we just get rid of Putin, everything will be okay.”  

“I thought we had to eliminate Covid and then we could go back to normal.” (bi-national author assuming his American persona) 

“We can’t get rid of Covid. We’re just going to have to learn to live with it.” 

“But authorities we never elected and their network shills whose salaries and scripts come from Pfizer have been insisting for the past two years that these fast-tracked experimental therapies were going to end Covid.”

“The vaccines are working very well. They just don’t stop infection or transmission.”

Australia's New South Wales sees big spike in coronavirus -fbcnews.com.fj

Australia's New South Wales sees big spike in coronavirus -fbcnews.com.fj

“Worse than that. Omicron presents as a heaache and a runny nose for a day. No one should be dying from Omicron. But the first week of January last year, vaxxed Omicron cases across New South Wales spiked 400%. Four times! The fully vaccinated now account for 4 in every 5 of those record-breaking deaths. And 7 in every 10 Covid deaths across Canada. This is happening in all heavily injected countries.” 

“Conspiracy theory.” 

“I doubt whether the NSW and Canadian governments would agree. These are their numbers. Nor would funeral directors. Not since we so shamefully began targeting children with unlicensed toxic GMO garbage they do not need and cannot handle. On Rumble and Bitchute, morticians in the UK and Australia are protesting having to prepare so many bodies of newly vaxxed children for burial. They’re pleading for us to stop killing healthy kids by injection. So is the head of the WHO. But in countries less civilized than Denmark, childcide continues.”

“Stop talking about death.”

“Are you afraid of dying?”

“No. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”

“Woody Allen said that.”

“He was right.”

“But you are going to be there when it happens.”

“That’s a problem.”

“It will soon be illegal to die. How will you comply?”

“By staying in denial.”

“But that will only increase your anxiety, because deep down you know that’s not true.”

“Nothing a couple of six-packs cant cure.”

“Do you think your unacknowledged fear of dying might be the source of everything you’re afraid of?”

“I’m not afraid. I’m just freaked out.”

“If you refuse to make peace with your mortality, how will you avoid croaking?”

Australians line up for jabs -sbs.com

Australians line up for jabs -sbs.com

“Keep taking the injections.”

“How many for how long?

“As many as it takes for as long as it takes.” 

“For as long as it takes to do what?”

“End Covid.”

“But you just said the shots won’t end Covid.”

“That’s another problem.”

“And even if you get rid of Putin, there will still be all those Russians.”

“We’ll have to look at that.”

“I see. And what’s so bad about Russians? Have you been to Russia? Do you know any Russian persons?”

“I’ve seen them on YouTube. I don’t trust them.”

“Why not?”

“They’re impossible to read. They don’t smile when they walk past you on the street.”

“How do you know that?”

“That’s one of the things Americans who live there say they notice.”

“That Russians don’t smile at strangers they will never see again?”


Oh oh. Woman smiling on Moscow street reconfigured for pedestrians-govtech.com

Oh oh. Woman smiling on Moscow street reconfigured for pedestrians-govtech.com

“Maybe it’s better to reserve your warmest expressions for when they're genuine.”

“That’s what the Russians say.”

“In the place where they happen to live.”

“Doesn’t matter. It’s still wrong.”

“So you get to decide what’s right for people in a culture as uknown to you as, well, any other culture.”

“Smiling at people is a friendly thing to do.”

“When I was in Helsinki to brief the International Peace Bureau on the Gulf Eco War, people on the streets didn’t smile either. Of course, it had been overcast for months.”

“Another thing that’s unsettling is Russian women.”

“I knew we’d get there.”

Russian shopper -rt.com

Russian shopper -rt.com

“That’s not what I mean. I’m talking about how, even before going out for a carton of milk, Russian women put on nice clothes and fresh makeup and do their hair.”

“And women who take care of themselves and pay attention to how they look in public upset you? You don’t like attractive, self-confident women who are strong in their femininity? You prefer female persons wearing ripped jeans who begin every sentence with ‘like’?” 

“You know what I mean.”

“I do not know. Unless cancel culture has made you this insecure in your own masculinity.”

“Them’s fightin’ words!”

“I am relieved to hear that.”

“Russians are too happy.”

“Too happy?”

“Do you have to repeat everything I say?”

“You keep surprising me. Now you’re telling me that people who never smile are too happy.”

Russia, Moscow, Temples, Night, Street, Lights, Cities

“It’s their vibe. And how they carry themselves. It comes through on vlogs from their fairytale cities, where they paint their landmarks instead of tearing them down: proud to be Russian, prosperous in the ways that most matter. Did you catch that flash mob when it descended on a big department store?”

“I missed that one.”

Flashmob in Russia singing beautifull Russian folk song, Smuglyanka Moldavanka (Smugly)

“The clip starts with nondescript, everyday individuals infiltrating a shopping center, singly and in pairs. Nobody takes any notice as they disperse through the aisles, pretending to examine the merchandise on offer. They’ve all got their phones out as they scan for each other in the crowd. The leader nods. And sends a text.”

“You’re scaring me. These sound like very organized folks on a mission.”

“Oh, they are. They are. Maybe a dozen conspirators slowly converge, like tributaries forming a flood.”

Shoppers check out flash mob


“The first guy starts out so quietly he might be singing to himself.”

“Singing. In Russian. Right in the store!”

“Two more guys start accompanying him, a cappella. Before anyone knows what’s happening, the singers are coming through the store belting out a song so heartbreakingly plangent, even not understanding the words you’re drawn in.”


“Shoppers straighten like startled deer. Some poke their companions. As people look up, smiles break across their faces like ripples on a beach.”


“As the flash mob moves through the emporium, onlookers aim their phones and start singing along. Some even join the procession! It’s an old song. But clearly popular, because just about everybody knows the lyrics.”

“That’s… amazing.” 

Flash mob leader with woman he invited to join them

(voice breaks) Sorry. If anyone in this country dared try that, they’d be either mocked, told to shut up, or arrested. How many Americans even know the words to traditional American folksongs?”

“So you envy a people with an abiding sense of their history, who share an identity so vital and accessible they’re prepared without notice to express it in song in a department store.”

“When I saw that video I started to cry.”

“But they’re Russians.”

“I know.”


We need to nuke Nevsky Prospect (main street) immediately -asergeev.com

“It’s too bad they’re so evil. All the politicians and news anchors say so. Even the left hates Putin and anyone who supports Russia’s right to defend their borders. 

“Just like Kennedy did in Cuba. He invaded that country, too. Or tried to. How much time do you think the average Russian spends obsessing about you and plotting you harm?” 

“People who aren’t like us are dangerous. We have to get rid of them.”

“Like exterminating the Jews?”

“This is different.”

“How is it different?”

“Because they’re not Jews! Well, some Russians are. But it’s not the same. Besides, only Jewish people are allowed to mention the Holocaust.”

“Then how are we going to avoid what we’re already allowing to happen again — this time, with the disabling death shots the unmasked elite aren’t taking? 

“You're asking too many inappropriate questions. You can get in trouble for that.”

“How are you going to ‘get rid of’ the people in Russia? There are even more Russians in your head than real Russians. So you will never be rid of them.”

“We’ll hit them with the nuclear rockets we’re going to install on our encroaching NATO borders.” 

“Good luck with that. And the Chinese, too?”

“Especially the Chinese.”

China's Population Tops 1.4 Billion -yicaiglobal.com

China's Population Tops 1.4 Billion -yicaiglobal.com.

“There are a lot of them.”

“Billions. And they want to take over the United States.”

“Why would China want to burden itself with a failed state that big?”

“Because they need our room out West.”

“You mean the drought-stricken western states.”

“They’ll bring their own water.”

“Beijing will never let them bring water out of the country. They're running out, too.”

“You’re so negative.” 

“So the Chinese want to come here because their numbers are exploding.”

“Now you’re getting it.”

China's ageing population problem worsens -scmp.com

China's ageing population problem worsens -scmp.com

“Even though their population is aging so quickly, Beijing is worried that soon there won’t be enough factory workers. Or robots to take care of the elderly. Or new babies.”

“Where’s all the babies?”

“Many Chinese married couples are choosing not to replace themselves, because taking care of two children for 35 years is too expensive and too demanding. Besides, they’re telling pollsters they are either too busy or too disinterested to have sex.”

“Ive been told that myself.”

“Maybe she was trying to convey a different message.” 

Weve done our share. Let somebody else make kids.”  

“Lucky you. More and more couples can’t make babies when they try. Because of all the wireless smog, womb-wrecking jabs and estrogen-mimicking chemicals in their drinking water. Plus the stress of being surveilled, tracked and rated on a privileges scorecard. Just like here. With our own declining birth rates, individual QR codes, and new digital ID’s masquerading as scannable health cards.”

“Think of the convenience. Especially when we all get implants and go live in Zuckerberg’s cartoon Metaverse.”

“I won’t mention how your biometric login device, digital passport and digital currency can be deleted if an algorithm catches you expressing an opinion contrary to the ‘We know best’ narrative.”

“Never mind. Have you seen those state parades in China? Their army is gigantic. And their jets and battleships are nearly as cool as ours.”

“Military porn never shows the calamitous aftermath of war on civilians, who bear 90% of its casualties. Everyone cheering all that ‘cool’ killing tech forgets what it does and where it’s aimed. I’ve walked the miles-long junkyard of burned-out and perforated cars, taxis and school buses the Kuwaitis called the Highway to Hell. Canadian pilots led the slaughter of 10,000 fleeing Palestinian guest workers and terrified barefoot Iraqi conscripts. Take it from me. You do not want to go there.”

“Where? Canada?”

“Especially Canada. Trudeau the Lesser has become intoxicated on all the power Parliament is letting him grab. I spent an afternoon with Pierre Trudeau when I was sent to Habitat to photograph Margaret, little Justin and the Prime Minister for the Vancouver Sun. A very impressive individual. Whip-smart, courteous and fast on his feet when strongly challenged by a First Nations lawyer who respected his answers. I can’t believe Justin is his son.”

"I’ll let that one go." 

Beijing at Night -mersolluo.com

“Youre more afraid of Xi Jinping, who is brokering a peace agreement in Minsk right now because the Chinese President is the only negotiator the Ukranians trust.” 

“Beijing or bust! Better to do unto others before they do it to you.” 

“You really think the Chinese are going to invade the United States?”

“Any day.”

“How will they get their army over here?”

“On boats.”

“That’s a lot of sampans.”

“And planes.”

“How many Chinese soldiers with all their guns and dictionaries and bags of rice can fit onto a plane?”

“They don’t need to bring rice. They can buy it here.”

“So they can carry more bullets, instead.”


“And we’re just going to let them spend hours and weeks crossing the Pacific Ocean and not shoot them down and sink their ships? Or ask them to go back home and apply for proper visas.”

“It will be a surprise attack. The traitors in Washington are helping Beijing take over.”

Real Family Values -americanprogress.org


“But the Chinese are already here. You see them everywhere. Going to university. Buying real estate with our Walmart money. Eating at Chinese restaurants. Taking selfies where our monuments used to be. Many Chinese people, with whom we’re genetically related, actually live here. They even pay taxes. Are you going to drop atomic bombs on every Chinatown?”

“Maybe we’ll just deport them.”

“For being Chinese.”


“Do they have a choice?

“Doesn’t matter. They’re still Chinese.”

“Their culture is 40,000 years old. Their Hundred Schools of Thought began 23 centuries ago and flourished for 800 years. And you think they have nothing to offer?”

“They’re not like us.”

“Thank Kuan Yin for that! I didn’t live in Hong Kong, or become the first Westerner to enter Swatow in three decades because I don’t delight in diversity. What about all the Russians who think they can just go about their day?”


“They’re going to fire back. Aren’t you worried about radioactive black rain from all those burning forests and cities and corpses sending a thick black cloud across the northern hemisphere? How will any survivors grow crops in poisoned soil with no sunlight for two years?”

“That probably won’t happen.”

“How can it not happen? Too many crazy people want it to happen. They think Mahdi or Jesus or Trump will ‘return’ on a mushroom cloud.”

“Let’s not talk about it.”

“Even with everyone’s nearly autonomous nuclear weapons currently on hair-trigger alert? People get angry when I bring this up. It freaks them out. It should. Don’t you think blowing up this planet because Voldemort Putin Is Bad might be, I don’t know — self-defeating?”


“Vladimir. Voldemort. What’s the difference?”


“How many atomic bombs do you figure it will take to kill all the people in Russia so you don’t have to be afraid of the ones in your head anymore?”

“I don’t know. A lot.”

“And you’re okay with that. Murdering all those children with their wide trusting eyes. Do you love your children?”

“Of course I love my kids. What do you think I am?”

“We’re establishing that.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You tell me.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


(Getting angry) “Just say it.”



“I’m saying that you’re saying you love your kids. And, I’m guessing, your wife and kin. But you’re okay with terrorizing, decapitating, disemboweling and frying someone someplace on this planet — as I’m speaking. Don’t you think that’s somewhat hypocritical? Not to mention grotesque and karmically risky?”

“Define hypocritical.”

“Inconsistent. Dishonest. Two-faced. Maybe delusional?”

“Go shovel coal in hell!”

“You seem very angry.”

“I am very angry!”

“What are you angry about?”

“I don’t know. Everything!”

“You’re angry because you don’t like it when things you assumed were unchanging become unrecognizable and no longer go your way. And people speaking gibberish you can’t understand, with perspectives and priorities better suited to their own lives, don’t want to repeat our mistakes just because we tell them they’re doing it wrong.”

“Of course.”

“And you would feel much safer if everyone who refuses to speak English and be American dies from flash burns, flying shards of glass and hideous radiation poisoning?”

“Well, not if we have to experience that, too.”

(laughs) “Now we’re making progress.”

“You’re just trying to trick me.”

“How am I trying to trick you?”

“By turning my words around and making me confused.”

“By mirroring what you’re saying.”

“Yeah. That.”

“Would you prefer that I elucidate what you are not saying?”

“See! There you go again.”

“Sorry. Did you ever study logic? Or examine your emotions? Do you think you are a rational person?”

“You’re asking if I’m sane?”

“Do you think arrogance, ignorance and intolerance are helpful?”

“What I think is that I am a delusional racist homophobic paranoid lunatic.”


Touché, dude.”

“Good one.”


“You’re welcome.”

Fashionable Russian Women -tripsavvy.com



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