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How To Tell A Shithole Country

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By William Thomas



The Prez is right. Nobody wants anything to do with a shithole country. Or the losers who govern it. But what exactly is a country whose chief attributes exceed the grossest privy? How can you tell?


Here are some handy guidelines:

Trump Hotel, Washington, DC -by multimedia artist Robin Bell

1. Bad smell. A truly shithole country stinks from all the corruption, lies, cheating, lawbreaking, drug dealing, double-crossing, misogyny, masochism, ignorance, contempt, delusion and righteousness pervading the land. Along with the growing desperation, fear, illness, misery and addiction among the discarded 99%.

North Carolina residents want to know about Dupont -natural.news

North Carolina residents want to know about Dupont -natural.news

2. Bad water. With fracking chemicals, oil train spills, radioactive leaks, flushed pharmaceuticals and industrial wastes available 24/7 right out of the tap, just pouring a glass of water in a country whose municipal water supplies are rated “carcinogenic” is a form of R-----n roulette. With all chambers loaded.




3. Hunger. In the most morally bankrupt country on Earth, "one in five children will go to bed hungry tonight.” With 13 million impoverished kids ,the USA leads the world in child poverty, where the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty reports some of the most extreme inequality anywhere in the world.

Opioid top-up


4. Bad health care. With life-expectancy falling, and opioid, suicides and wireless addictions skyrocketing, to retain its uncontested lead in infant mortalities and lack of affordable health care among developed nations, the world’s top shithole country must keep slashing social and medical assistance. And buy more weapons.


U.S. Urban renewal in Mosul

People live here. But bankers call this “urban renewal” in Mosul, Iraq

5. Rampant militarism. The biggest “tell” is that most money in a shithole country goes to the military and its corporate bankers. Militaristic worship, myths, costumes and priorities consume the national psyche. Generals committing civilian atrocities like the brutal razing of Mosul receive medals and promotions.   


Police Shoot Black Man Walter Scott 8 Times

Police shoot Walter Scott 8-times

6. Gunfire. A conspicuous corollary is that shithole nations are awash in weaponry. Violence is a national cult. Gunplay is random, deadly and nearly continuous. With cities treated by racist police as free-fire zones, and at least 235 civilians shot every day, cutting off another driver in the parking lot could get you seriously killed.  


Why is Duterte so friendly with Trump?

U.S. President enjoys the company of Philippines strongman Duterte 

-Athit Perawibgmetha/AFP

7. Corruption. The head of the “best” shithole country leads the way by using his office to hire deliriously unqualified family member, rent hotel rooms to visiting thugs and dignitaries, and cut real estate deals – while profiting from oil concessionstax breaks, regulatory cutbacks and personnel access

police-officer-voilent-arrest-student  oPt

Policeman assaults young female student in classroom -viral video

8. Collective insanity. Everyone in a shithole country is convinced that theirs is the best country in the whole world! Certain they are uniquely blessed by their personal god, debt-enslaved drones are so used to the stench of national decay they call it perfume, never noticing bulging prisons – or what’s on their shoes.


Kids risk frostbite in Baltimore classrooms-aaronmaybin Instagram

Kids risk frostbite in Baltimore classrooms -Aaron Maybin/Instagram

9. Sucky education. A clueless citizenry is ensured through a constant barrage of heavily censored, jingoistic “programming" and broke schools feeding junk lunches and spurious indoctrination to parka-huddled children shivering in below-freezing winter classrooms. Another kid is arrested for burping.  


National Security Ops Center -wiki

"National security" spying center -wiki

10. Constant surveillance. Heavily outnumbered by an increasingly disgruntled populace, the ruling elite of the world’s deepest shithole relies on police intimidation and the unwarranted, warrantless monitoring of all phone calls, emails and web searches. Plus, random ID checks, blood sampling and public pat-downs. 


Bridge collapse shines light on aging infrastructure-Clarion Ledger

"Bridge collapse shines light on aging infrastructure" -Clarion Ledger

11. National insolvency. With taxes for the wealthy nearly eliminated and national spending skewed towards trillion-dollar weapons and lost wars, social safety nets for the ever-growing destitute vanish. The national debt will double as more money must be borrowed to pay for previously borrowed money. Until the music stops.


Visit Shithole Zambia -Zambia Tourism

Ministry of Zambia Tourism ad

Who'd prefer their country to Trump's US? Norwegians would ... thetribunepost.com


USA! USA! USA! is 13th in the Quality of Life Index published by the Economist

Lamenting the never-ending influx of desperate refugees from “shithole countries” like U.S.-raped Haiti, USA-tortured El Salvador, and America-droned Africa, the Donald wishes that the USA could attract “more [white] people from places like Norway” – a place that has enacted many of the policies the Trumpster despises and is rapidly dismantling.


“No one from Norway wants to come to this shithole country. They have healthcare for all, family leave, free education and real gun control,” tweets American Michael J. McDonald.


“Why would people from Norway want to immigrate here? They have actual health care, and longer life expectancy,” chimes in Stephen King‏ beneath a flock of concurring blue checkmarks.


“Of course people from #Norway would love to move to a country where people are far more likely to be shot, live in poverty, get no healthcare because they’re poor, get no paid parental leave or subsidized daycare and see fewer women in political power,” adds Christian Christensen.


“My parents both came from Norway, god rest their souls. If they were alive today, they would know better. They'd have stayed in Norway, or maybe have chosen a less SHITHOLE country. Like Zimbabwe,” wishes Brian Hjelle.

Actually, weapons-poor Norwegians do enjoy free healthcare and education through university – along with paid maternity leave, paid medical leave, short work weeks and extended paid vacations. Norway also leads the world in electric car sales. No wonder Norwegians were found to be “the happiest people on Earth” in 2017.

National Day in Oslo, Norway May 17, 2016. Terje Pedersen © : Reuters

National Day in Oslo, Norway May 17, 2016. -Terje Pedersen/Reuters

Memo to USA: Your projections are showing. 


The world is watching…

-Kasha Malasha/Shutterstock

shithole discard -kasha malasha : Shutterstock


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