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Happy 18th Birthday, Canada!

Happy Birthday! -Gregory Shamus/Getty


 (Also 35th - 150th 14,000th)


Today, the complete and only slightly confused nation of Canada as she’s known and beloved by so many – including the indigenous-governed territory of Nunavut – is a precocious 18 years old!


The country whose Constitution was repatriated from not-so-jolly olde England by Prime Minister Trudeau #1 (ending the Queen’s right of approval over amendments to Canada’s charter) – is a feisty 35-years-old! 


(I celebrated this iteration of Canada’s 1st birthday by hoisting a bedsheet-size Maple Leaf ensign from Celerity’s spreaders in Tonga Vava’u – much to the amazement and consternation onboard the American yachts there.)


by West coast cartoonist Graham Harrop

Just four provinces, about one-third of present-day Canada, merged to form the Dominion of Canada (disenfranchising Canada's original inhabitants, while remaining part of the British Commonwealth) – a full 150 years ago.


Scooping the U.S. birthday by three full days, Canada celebrates the founding today of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick – and the Dominion they formed.

(First Nations are not celebrating.)

wooden tool dating back to the 1st N. American Ice Age settlement off Vancouver Island -Angela Dyck photo

Wooden tool from 1st N. American settlement off Vancouver Island  -Angela Dyck

What about Canada's very first birthday? Confirming the oral traditions of the Heiltsuk people, recent finds of spears, fishing hooks and fire-making tools on the present-day island of Triquet off northern Vancouver Island confirm the home of North America’s first paleo-seafaring people – 14,000 years ago.

On behalf of all B.C. paddlers and ex-pat American (and other) refugees like myself: 

Thank YouCanada!

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers assist a child from a family that claimed to be from Sudan as they walk across the U.S.-Canada border into Hemmingford, Canada, from Champlain in New York. REUTERS:Christinne Muschi

Immigrants fleeing the U.S. are welcomed into Quebec, Canada -Christinne Muschi/Reuters


by West coast cartoonist Graham Harrop

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