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Happy 18th Birthday, Canada!

Happy Birthday! -Gregory Shamus/Getty


 (Also 35th - 150th 14,000th)


Today, the complete and only slightly confused nation of Canada as she’s known and beloved by so many – including the indigenous-governed territory of Nunavut – is a precocious 18 years old!


The country whose Constitution was repatriated from not-so-jolly olde England by Prime Minister Trudeau #1 (ending the Queen’s right of approval over amendments to Canada’s charter) – is a feisty 35-years-old! 


(I celebrated this iteration of Canada’s 1st birthday by hoisting a bedsheet-size Maple Leaf ensign from Celerity’s spreaders in Tonga Vava’u – much to the amazement and consternation onboard the American yachts there.)


by West coast cartoonist Graham Harrop

Just four provinces, about one-third of present-day Canada, merged to form the Dominion of Canada (disenfranchising Canada's original inhabitants, while remaining part of the British Commonwealth) – a full 150 years ago.


Scooping the U.S. birthday by three full days, Canada celebrates the founding today of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick – and the Dominion they formed.

(First Nations are not celebrating.)

Wooden tool from 1st N. American settlement off Vancouver Island  

What about Canada's very first birthday? Confirming the oral traditions of the Heiltsuk people, recent finds of spears, fishing hooks and fire-making tools on the present-day island of Triquet off northern Vancouver Island confirm the home of North America’s first paleo-seafaring people – 14,000 years ago.

On behalf of all B.C. paddlers and ex-pat American (and other) refugees like myself: 

Thank YouCanada!

    Immigrants fleeing the U.S. are welcomed into Quebec, Canada 

    Mar 20/17 -Christinne Muschi / Reuters


by West coast cartoonist Graham Harrop

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