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Is God Queer?

Rainbow Ark of Love to liberate humanity carries no couples capable of procreative sex


by William Thomas

If you can’t tell your own gender just by looking, take heart. Even God is sexually confused. After squelching the power and mystery of Catholic ritual with hootenanny masses in 1992, the “infallible” Pope John Paul II went on to decree: “God is neither man nor woman: he is God.”

     Did you catch the pontiff’s perplexity? Today, that pope would be arrested and tortured by the PC Inquisition for “misgendering” the most powerful Sky God since Thor and Zeus.

     He is God, indeed.

     What happened to Her? You know. The universal Goddess worshipped by the great Minoan civilization for nearly 2,000 years! (What? You weren’t told about history’s longest outbreak of peace and gender equality?)

     Now, having just escaped yet another American attempt to unleash Armageddon (this time, to “enforce” a treaty already long in compliance when the U.S. president ripped it up), Swarthmore College Prof. Gwynn Kessler is rocking the fundament with his full-credit course:

"Queering God: Feminist and Queer Theology"

     Yep, you read that right: God is Queer!

     Who knew? In his viral-trending slam poem, Elliot Darrow insists that God is really gay. The 20-year-old drama student, who is straight and does not currently attend any church, said he “never heard” his personal savior say, “No homo.”

     In fact, (he points out in his poem)

     Jesus had two dads and a surrogate mother

     That never had sex with either of them

     Maybe Mary was a lesbian.

And maybe Jesus – like Horus, Osiris, Marduk, Mithras and more than a dozen crucified savior prototypes – never physically existed either, but was intended as yet another powerfully mythic story for accessing the transcendent that we neglect at our peril.


Kinky Catholic sex called exorcism -© Jose Manuel Ribeiro : Reuters

Kinky Catholic exorcism -Jose Manuel Ribeiro/Reuters


Elizabeth Dias calls Darrow’s, “God Is Gay” poem, “a dynamic work of gay liberation theology.

     All of which might come as extreme news to bible believers, whose Holy Book, it now turns out, must be extensively revised. Better make that, “turned upside-down,” writes Robert Bridge, to serve the latest political agendas.

     “There could come a point when the modifications are so great that the original product is no longer recognizable,” Bridge goes on to warn. “That’s when society could experience a crash of Babel-esque proportions, which might have been avoided had the proper amount of public debate been allowed.”

God Is Gay - Tinyteens Pics


If we must turn society “upside down” to accommodate a plethora of imaginary “genders”, what about ending discrimination against very real and long-wronged African Americans, who make up more than 12% of the U.S. population?

     Where is the outcry over ICE-besieged Hispanic people, who comprise 18 out of every 100 Americans?

     What about the rights of organic women, who make up more than half of the U.S. populace?

     About 4.5% of Americans "identify as LGBT etc.,” points out James Howard Kunstler.

     Why can none of this be questioned?

     And what if God takes offense at being called, “gender queer”?

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