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Times Of Transition

S/He Gender-Dysphoria - -Lucy Nicholson/Reuters


 by William Thomas


The Hopi say we will know we’re in the end times when the perverse is seen as normal, and the normal as perverse.

     How about when the UK Dept. of Health orders that any male who decides “she” is a women be admitted onto all-women hospital wards? 

     Is it “perverse” to sterilize and dose young girls with testosterone and boys with estrogen, before castrating the males and removing young women’s vaginas and breasts?

     Not so long ago, anyone convicted of complicity in such practices would have earned lengthy prison terms. 

    Today, they are well-paid heroes.

My Princess Boy extols the virtues of transvestism. ©  Simon & Schuster

My Princess Boy extols transvestism to those beginning to explore their identiy. -Simon & Schuster

     What about governments promoting any kind of sexuality among young children? In 2020, the UK government will introduce compulsory lessons on homosexuality and transgenderism through primary school books like My Princess Boy (extolling transvestism) and Tango Makes Three (a story about two gay penguins). Age 11 children will discuss “What is the difference between transvestite and trans-sexual?”

     Could such messaging confuse a 6-year-old? 

     How about porn-savvy 11-year olds?  

     Wait. Why are 11-year-olds being given access to porn?

     Who benefits from this? 

     And why is it happening now?



When societies collapse into as-yet-undefined reconfigurations, they tend to get… strange. Everyday norms flip upside-down. The parents of Coy Mathis, a 6-year-old first grade student who was born a boy but “identifies” as a girl, have filed a complaint against the school district after being told their child must stop using the girls' bathroom.

     Women say they are comfortable sharing bathrooms with strange men. What about their rights? When an adult male with a penis declared himself to be “female” and demanded his “right” to use women’s washrooms, Meghan Murphy insanely twittered: “Men are not women. How are transwomen not men?” 

     Twitter called this nine-word reminder of two million years of hominid biology, “hateful conduct” and banned Ms. Murphy.



Iconic-30000-Year-Old-Moms censoredVenus of Willendorf fertility fihure 24,000 BC -S. Zucker for Vienna Museum

Remember when mothers were respected, even revered? As early as 24,000 years ago, figurines of voluptous pregnant moms were in widespread use across Europe, apparently as fertility totems. 

     Today, of course, the most famous of these statuettes – the “Venus of Willendorf” – has been blocked by Facebook as “dangerous pornography”. 

    Unhappliy, such denigration of the life-givers and nuturers essential for our species’ survival has abruptly become widespread. Particularly among U.S. and other banner-waving terrorists supported by Washington’s regimes robotically raping, murdering, maiming and dispossing women and children no different than their own wives, mothers and daughters.  

     All wars eventually come home.

     “My concern for my child, and his confusion over Alex-who-is-now-Alice, is dismissed,” protests a mother of a young boy. “I am not allowed to feel horror by what pediatricians are required to prescribe to children that experience gender dysphoria. I am not allowed to seek a second opinion. 

     “I cannot teach my child that I believe maleness and femaleness to be of divine origin. To teach my sons and daughters that their bodies are unique, biologically miraculous and incredible, is heresy. To tell them that what nature has given them is a scientific manifestation of the transcendent yin and yang that makes up the human experience, goes against the current popular dogma and is criminal,” she continues. 

     “To date no long-term studies have proven the efficacy and safety of the transition affirming protocol. This protocol includes the use of puberty blockers – which are “not proven safe for a healthy, physiologically normal body.”

British Medical Association has updated its official guidelines to say mothers-to-be-should be referred to as 'pregnant people' to avoid alienating transgender people


The British Medical Association suddenly says that pregnant women should not be called "expectant mothers". Instead, they should be called "pregnant people, so as not to upset… somebody.

     Hayden Cross, 20, is legally male. Cross is four months pregnant. And yet... a “large majority” of people who have been pregnant and given birth are women, some misguided doctors still (cautiously) insist.

    Conservative British MP Philip Davies asks, "If you can’t call a pregnant woman an expectant mother, then what is the world coming to?”

    Stay tuned on that one, Phil.


This ruling, backed by the full weight of the Brutish medical establishment "will confuse people about the vital role of mothers in bringing up their children,” protests Michael Nazir-Ali, former Bishop of Rochester. “Mothers relate to their children in different ways than fathers."  

     Women’s campaigner Laura Perrins also attacked the bizarre BMA guidelines as “anti-science, anti-women and anti-mother. As every doctor knows only females can have children. To say otherwise is offensive and dangerous... and is an example of the majority of women being insulted for a tiny minority of people.”


     Incoming college students, many living away from home for the first time, are told on Orientation Day that gender is a smorgasbord – not a biological trait. Being male and female is a “choice”. 

     A boon to some (for now), and a disaster for many, the downsides of attempting to graft on and integrate quiet different mental, physical and emotional traits into long, fulfilling lives are never mentioned on Indoctrination Day. 

     “Nonexistent”, birth gender usually wins out in the end. While the Chelsea Mannings of this emerging brave new world exhibit courage and commitment in “coming home” to the selves they are certain they are, the initial euphoria does not always last. 

     “I transitioned to female beginning in my late teens,” says a man who was sure he wanted to be a woman. “But it wasn’t right for me; I feel only discontent now in the female role. I was told that my transgender feelings were permanent, immutable, physically deep-seated in my brain and could never change, and that the only way I would ever find peace was to become female. The problem is, I don’t have those feelings anymore. I have no doubts – I want to be male!”    

 First baby in the world to have a genderless ID card ...


For the first time on planet Earth, a human infant has been issued a genderless ID card. Here in British Columbia, authorities have given Searyl Atli Doty a health card designating sex as “U” for “undetermined”. Apparently, after “its” home birth no one checked under the hood. 

     Confusing the number of Searyls “he" actually bore, the wonderfully-named male-identifying mom, Kori Doty says, “It is up to Searyl to decide how they identify, when they are old enough to develop their own gender identity.”

     At age 3? 6? 12? 

     What happens to Searyl in the intervening years until s/he or it decides?

     Does this sentence even make sense? 

     What about baby Searyl's life sentence? 

What have I done?


Puberty blockers are “being used to conduct an uncontrolled experiment on our children (generally ages 3 to 12) where every risk to bone density, for cancer, and mental health is disregarded,” warns beleaugured United Families International.

What have I done?

     “The FDA has not approved hormone blockers for use in transgender children – not even for experimental use,” reminds de-transitioned Walt Heyer. “A search for one hormone blocker, Lupron, shows that people are reporting serious long-term, debilitating side effects from having used the drug. Why would anyone inject these drugs into children?”

 2:06                                                                             prevarication + pushback = polarization      


Assaulting a child’s mental, emotional and spiritual well-being is no longer unconsionable. Direct physical torture begins with surgical gender reversal.

     Better make that, “gender reassignment” surgery. Boon to some, a disaster for many, sex-change procedures result in irreversible sterilization.

     Sense another agenda here?

     Those who go ahead with surgery often find that being trans is not much fun. “I’m just a guy who’s really in touch with my feminine side,” says Max. “I can’t believe what I’ve done to my life. And now I have no choice but to take hormones forever. I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m losing my mind.”

     Max transitioned at 17. In his mid-twenties, he had surgery. “I was young to make such a decision,” he says today. “I’ve sunken into such a deep regret. I don’t even feel transgender anymore. I feel like I was brainwashed by the transgender agenda."

     He adds that he would “do anything” to have his penis back.

Trans-Space Alien, Jareth Nebula -Derek Dishman photo


"Essentially, society is being forced to affirm a clear, physical, biological falsehood," cautions the American College of Pediatricians. Stating that gender dysphoria (confusion) is a "psychological condition", their report notes that up 95% of children who believe they are trapped in the wrong body will grow into embracing their birth sex.

     If these children are not given hormone intervention treatment and conditioned to believe that wanting to be tomboys or try on their sister’s dresses justifies turning their sexuality inside-out. 


"The treatment of GD in childhood with hormones effectively amounts to mass experimentation on, and sterilization of, youth who are cognitively incapable of providing informed consent," declares the American College of Pediatricians, referring to the newly designated Gender Dysphoria or “confusion".

     The ACP contends that the act of "conditioning children into believing that a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse."

     This organization of pediatricians also “recommends an immediate cessation of these interventions, as well as an end to promoting gender ideology via school curricula and legislative policies. Healthcare, school curricula and legislation must remain anchored to physical reality.

     People who identify as 'feeling like the opposite sex' or 'somewhere in between' or some other category do not comprise a third sex. They remain biological men or biological women," observes the ACP report. "From a purely scientific standpoint, human beings possess a biologically determined sex and innate sex differences. Sex change is objectively impossible."

     But people are still lining up. 



Tavistock Institute


There is Big Money to be made in confusing impressionable young persons into ongoing medical procedures that threaten their health and future well-being. More than 40 “gender clinics” in the USA alone promote and provide the use of puberty suppression and cross-sex hormones for young children.

     In the UK, 53 “charities and pressure groups are dedicated to promoting transgenderism. Many receive public funds. Handouts include around $100,000 (£50,000) handed to Sheffield Hallam U. for studying “discriminatory” toilet signs.

     While pedestrian crosswalks in Tavistock London's Trafalgar Square flash gay, lesbian and transgender symbols, students are campaigning for sanitary towel bins to be placed in men’s bathrooms.

    Better catch up with the new lingo. Or risk becoming a handmaid’s tale. “Chestfeeding” is the “correct” term for breastfeeding, so as not to offend people who didn’t come with the requisite equipment. Or had their breasts removed to “change” their gender.    

     For any midwife still flumoxed by all this fulmination, birth-facilitators in the USA are now directed to use the term, front-hole instead of vagina.

    Welcome to dysphoric PC dystopia: 


Chemical Concern gmandchemicalindustry9



Act as if nothing is separate from ourselves.


Hopi Chief Dan Evehema makes a Plea thetaohermitspeaks.blogspot.com

 Hopi Chief Dan Evehema makes a plea -thetaohermitspeaks.blogspot.com


Pointing to the prophecy carved into the sacred Third Mesa in northeastern Arizona, the late Dan Katchongva of the Sun Clan (1865-1972) foretold “gradual corruption and confusion among the leaders and the people all over the world.

     “According to many native traditions, the world for the last 4,000 or so years has been stuck in the male energy side. The male energy is thinking from the brain. It is a management from the top down. It is more aggressive. It does not use intuition or feelings from the heart to inform its actions. It is a different kind of energy than female energy. Female energy is healing, nurturing, loving, caring, touching, sharing.”

     At age 105, Chief Dan Evehema warned, “All over the world there are now many signs that nature is no longer in balance. Floods, drought, earthquakes, and great storms are occurring and causing much suffering. Now we must look upon each other as brothers and sisters. There is no more time for divisions between people. These divisions will not be our salvation.”

     As humanity enters yet another time of painful “Purification", re-integrating female and male energies and perspectives is key to our spiritual and temporal survival. And as the ever-opportunistic .001% know, facilitating the fragmentation of contentious, social-media-driven identity tribes will ensure our serfdom, slavery and all-inclusive doom.

     “The world has run out of love. This is the real crisis,” Thomas Banyacya told the UN General assembly. Prayer, meditation and ceremonies can help us regain our spirituality, this Hopi emissary advised. "The first step towards this healing is to stop the hate and turn it into love. And it will transform everything."


Writer’s Notes:

Many years ago I was privileged to attend an open meeting with an emissary of the Hopi Nation. He told us he was sent to pass the word from the elders. Our instructions were to do the same when the occasion was appropriate. The Hopi spokesman's parting advice: “Save the seeds.” 

     Creation constantly messes up. And some of us – at least emotionally and psycologically  wander into the wrong bodies before birth. Until her parents respectfully intervened, my fiancée in Shikoku told me she had been on her way to being born in Iran when she unexpectedly found herself exiting a womb in Japan! Though uncommonly Japanese, who one memorable night accessed a vanishing tradition to show me the secrets of kimono, I believed her. With lovely skin dark as any Persian’s, a deep affinity for her misplaced culture, and fierce determination to one day travel to Iran, how could I not? 

     More recently, I co-campaigned for political office with a transgender person. He won. I didn’t. I quickly realized that the voters had made the right political choice (which had nothing to do with gender). 

William Thomas


Good luck inside


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