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Are Gender-Bending Chemicals Triggering Gender Confusion? 

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“The development of gender, with all its physical and behavioral aspects, depends upon both estrogens and androgens in both males and females; it is the balance of these chemicals, in combination, that produces normal differentiation and development.” -Peter Montague



by William Thomas


     Why is this overnight pandemic of gender confusion happening now? Is socially-encouraged “gender dysphoria” at least in part the culmination of decades of exposure to gender-bending chemicals?

     “Today, pediatricians and parents are taught to be hypersensitive about toddlers’ changing ideas on gender. Schools across the western world are teaching children that gender is a choice. Universities and colleges have asked students to choose a pronoun to match their identity. Some cities are punishing people who refuse to participate in this gender confusion mania. With this normalization and glorification of gender dysphoria, there is no wonder children are confused,” writes Diane Robertson. “Has anyone asked about environmental factors?”

     She’s talking about the deluge of industrial-strength plastic-softeners, pesticides, herbicides, fracking chemicals, household cleaners and birth control pills accumulating around the same homes, schools and universities encouraging gender confusion among the most vulnerable.

     None of these chemicals have undergone testing. All act synergistically, amplifying each other’s effects. All are known disruptors of the hormone-secreting glands that regulate every bodily function involved “in all phases of development, metabolism, and behavior,” Robertson writes.

     Diane Roberstonn is referring, in part, to 30 out of 37 widely-used and approved pesticides known to block or mimic male hormones.

     As well as hormone disrupting tsunamis released into wombs and young endocrine systems from vinyl flooring, detergents, automotive plastics, soaps and shampoos, deodorants, perfumes, hair sprays, plastic bags, food packaging – and too much more. [photo from thegreeneyereport.blogspot.com]

     In drying rivers around the world, an increasing number of male fish are showing up with eggs where their testes should be. Are these fish gender confused?

     Are our kids?

     “Chemical influence is undoubtedly part of the cause of the increase in children with gender dysphoria,” Robertson remarks. “A barrage of gender bender media, education, and government regulation are also having an immense influence on young children and their parents.

     “Given the high suicide rate associated with gender identity disorders, as well as the modern practice of body mutation and a lifetime of synthetic hormones (one of the causes of the intersex fish) wise parents will shield their children from the propaganda, glorification, normalization, and chemicals that have an influence on how their children perceive their gender.”


Meanwhile, estrogen-mimicking chemicals are distorting the biology of embryos in the wombEven chemicals that do not mimic estrogens can derail sexual differentiation and development by messing with male hormones called androgens.

     “Persistent DDT contamination and Vinclozolin are powerful anti-androgens,” Robertson warns. “The breakdown byproducts of Vinclozolin are 100-times more powerful than Vinclozolin itself.”

     So where are the health studies? To check every 2-chemical combination among the most common 500 industrial chemicals would require 124,749 different experiments; 3-chemical combinations would necessitate 20.7 million experiments.

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Industrial chemicals that mimic sex hormones – called  xeno-estrogens – “may be responsible for a massive decrease in male sperm counts and semen quality since 1940,” Lancet reports. Male infertility among couples “has increased in recent years from about 10% to 25%.” 

     Just add proven-sterilizing wireless radiation.

     Untested chemical pollutants “remain in the environment for generations, and even small amounts of such contaminants can lead to the accumulation of considerable quantities in animal and human tissues,” Lancet added. “It is the mother's lifetime exposure that determines the fetal dose, not just her exposure during pregnancy.”

     “Sexual differentiation in the womb is determined by the Y chromosome, which sets in motion male development. Absence of the Y chromosome sets in motion female development. All further gender-defining steps are controlled by hormones – estrogens in females, androgens in males,” writes long-time health reporter Peter Montague.

     “Continuing physical and behavioral aspects of sex development depend on the balance of estrogens and androgens in both females and males, which produce their respective differentiation and development. Unless derailed by industrial chemicals, including prescribed puberty blockers.”

     Today, our children and uncounted wild lives – from frogs to Orcas – are the experiment.

     And the results are not looking good.

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