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screenshot from a Google Map shows points at which radioactive cesium was detected in the Pacific Ocean, following the Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011. (Our Radioactive Ocean)

Points where radioactive cesium was detected in the Pacific following the 2011 meltdowns. -Google Maps/Our Radioactive Ocean

Hot tuna                                                                                          2:31

“Safe" west coast? Ask the starfish.                                                   3:44

"Radiation effects" this extreme? Or are these persistent die-offs being caused by a vast, persistent toxic algae bloom in a dying ocean off the California coast? Independent monitoring is not finding high radiation levels there. But tide pools are… empty.

Fukushima area in 2016                                                                  17:43

Feb. 2017: 160 Tons of Melted Fuel Rods Escaped Containment Vessel  9:00

"Safe to return... in 2013." Upbeat Japanese government video.        40:00

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