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The Perfect President




By William Thomas



Don’t look now, but Donald J. Trump is the Perfect President. Incongruous as it may seem, his meteoric rise to the top of America’s gilded political poop-pile is no aberration, represents no sudden rip in the space-time continuum.


No, verily, the Trumpster is the perfect mirror, insistently held up before a nation in denial that would rather blame endless others to avoid looking at itself. 

In providing this service, he reflects the inevitable ascension, ultimate distillation and unadulterated personification of all that’s wrong with the long-simmering white American psyche: ignorant, boorish, belligerent, racist, rude, venal, violent self-obsessed, weapons-worshipping, terrified of its own media-hyped projections, and your new bosom buddy – if you agree that the 7th-ranked USA is "the greatest country in the world." And if you give Washington what it wants. Preferably in cash. 


While most member states of the not-always United Nations try to get along to go along, the American approach to international relations is obstinacy, intimidation, eavesdropping on “foreign” leaders, and more broken promises. When confronted with opportunity or opposition, the default response is to print more greenbacks and buy it, steal it, or blow it up.


Besides a daily predilection for junk food, red meat and brain-rotting soft drinks, the Donald shares other defining characteristics with his fellow frightened and frightening Americans:


    · A fragile, praise-craving, me first! identity defined by personal consumption and the number of daily text messages sent and received.


    · An undiscerning credulity that believes everything it’s told but the truth.


    · Mercurial, half-formed intentions that often end in tragedy for someone else.


    · The need for instant gratification and a matching lack of impulse control, exceeded only by an inability to foresee the consequences of ill-considered actions – and failures to act.


Onboard a space colony being systematically dismantled for parts to feed computer-driven corporate greed, this is a recipe for the extinguishment of all species unable to live and breed in hot, acidic, oxygen-deprived seawater


Are such harsh generalizations fair to the many good-hearted Americans of conscience, who are doing their utmost to counter their unwanted oligarchy's most destructive policies?


Hardly. (Though 38 million Americans didn’t vote for Mirror Man because they disliked what they were seeing.)

Which is why, even when Washington is bombing their families into trauma, diaspora or oblivion, millions of survivors of that flailing empire still insist, “We love Americans and hate your government.”


That free pass may be ending. “Trump makes Bush look like Mary Poppins,” comments the Eurocrat. “We have to accept that around half of American voters are going to continue to support these kind of ‘rogue’ candidates, so the US as a long-term partner is now a very unsafe option.”

Putin may have put his foot down in Ukraine, and we didn’t like it, but he's not trying to destroy the fucking planet,” adds a prominent EU official. “For all our disagreements with the Kremlin, at least they are a consistent bunch. The Americans have just lost the plot.” 

As the image of the Ugly American morphs into Trump’s Grotesque American, he and his crackpot cronies are working 24/7 to impoverish the lives and spirits of anyone who is not like them – specifically, all those who are not rich, white and preferably “merican”.


Bad Idea. There are currently and some 760 million white folks onboard Earth – including around 197 million non-Hispanic white people in the USA. Non-white passengers number 6,748,639,030… and counting, at a combined rate of an additional five births every second.


No wonder the Europeans treated the Donald (no offense to Disney) "like a toddler," according to EU press reports.


Friends in terror -Marwa Osman photo

See Spot Run. See the Donald awkwardly sword-shuffling with his delighted Wahhabis hosts. Not content with openly supporting the efforts of ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists to turn progressive Syria into a Libya-like failed state, Trump and his warmly-welcoming genocidal pals made it clear to everyone that America’s best buddies were “two Middle Eastern states whose records on human rights violations are a stain on the world,” writes veteran UK reporter Finian Cunningham.


Trump-and-Saudi-King-Salman-bin- Abdulaziz-sign-record-weapons-deal-in-Riyadh-palace-May-20, 2017- Mandal-Ngan- AFP

Trump and Saud King Salman bin Abdulaziz sign record weapons mayhem  deal in Riyadh May-20, 2017 -Mandal-Ngan/AFP 

Trump of course, was delighted. He’d just signed off on weapons deals worth $350 billion for Washington’s blood-drenched arms coffers over the next 10 years.



“He seemed unconcerned by the implications from fueling such massive amounts of weaponry to a tinderbox region,” Cunningham commented, guaranteeing an endless supply of industrial-scale slaughter-machinery to a regime currently and cruelly bombing and starving Yemen’s children on behalf of the endlessly war-addicted USA.


Cholera epidemic perpetrated by U.S.-

sponsored Saudis grips Yemen

In case amnesia-challenged Trumpophiles have forgotten, Washington’s Wahhabis buddies from the Kingdom of Saud supplied 15 of the 19 hijackers who attacked the United States on 9/11. But hey, business is business. And in the absence of GOP-allowed large-scale alternatives, massive injections of oil into Uncle Sam’s corporate-congressional-military-entertainment complex remain an essential fix.


All the Saudis are asking in return is for Trump to qaush the 9/11 lawsuit by aggrieved American families.  But you won’t hear that on any U.S. network.


Yemeni woman

Sensing a new alliance with old enemies, Israel is okay with Arabs killing Arabs – especially if the Saudis can be convinced to go after Persians.


Then the American president opened his yap. See Netanyahu bury his face in his hands when informed that Israel is not in the Middle East.


Ignoring the ongoing rape of Gaza to grab its water, and all Palestinian victims of Israel’s U.S.-sponsored apartheid, the president-select neglected to mention his loudest lobby’s appalling human wrongs record.


Instead, he desecrated the ultra-solemn Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem with a gushing, self-aggrandizing yearbook mash note as reported by Heather Digby Parton, a Salon contributor.


Incredibly, standing before a new monument to 9/11, commemorating the “all for one, one for all” NATO defense clause invoked for the first time on Black Tuesday to back the United States, Trump declined to reconfirm America’s reciprocal commitment to the mutual defense of those same allies – a slight, Parton writes, that “has shaken the world.”

Not content with this indelibly-damaging insult, the U.S. president “harangued” the 27 other NATO leaders, Cunningham writes, “to cough up” an additional $119 billion for U.S. weapons makers with “new orders of F-35 fighter jets, Patriot missiles, and Abrams tanks.”




See Merkel, Macron, May and 24 other eminent heads of a no-longer-fraternal “North American” Treaty Org. rolling their eyes as the prez pontificated to an intelligent audience of none. In full view of global teevee, the assembled leaders of countries whose combined GDP eclipses the USA, responded to Trump’s grandstanding insults with grimaces, smirks and undisguised derision.


Anti-NATO-protest-in-Montenegro-April 28, 2017-Reuters

Anti-NATO protest in Montenegro April 28, 2017 -Reuters

The cameras were still rolling when that overweight thug rudely shoved aside Dusko Markovic, prime minister of Montenegro – then puffed out his chest like a new Mussolini, while European leaders looked on aghast.


“It was an astonishingly graceless moment,” Parton observes.


Racism like this campus notice in Arlington,Texas makes no sense since the maternal ancestor of every human being onboard this planet was black

But it played well with Trump’s constituency back home, where webcaster Dave Daubenmire rapturously repeated that viral, prestige-crippling clip. “Look at him!” the Religious Right yahoo yahooed. Claiming that Trump was walking in “the Lord’s authority”, this durak crowed, “He walked to the front and center and they all know it, too, man. He just spanked them all.


Did he mean Donald or Jesus?


Speaking of both, Trump’s Vatican visit also failed to find redemption. The pope wanted to discuss climate and the environment – two seeming requisites for continued life on Earth – with the White House tycoon whose Florida resort and Scottish golf course both face imminent inundation from blow-torched ice-sheets and warming, rising seas.


God’s right-hand man must not have been persuasive, because the devil’s own advocate emerged from their confrontation with a beaming smile, while the pontiff made no attempt to hide his stony glare.


Calling their own exchange on climate change “unsatisfactory,” Merkel termed the political stakes, a central agreement for shaping globalization.


Playing to his role as America’s representative bully after being left with his hand hanging when French President Emmanuel Macron turned first to greet three other leadersTrump retaliated after tried to yank the arm off of newly elected  whose subsequent white-knuckle crushing of Donald’s pudgy hand also went viral. 


Macron explained that his takedown of the Trumpster sent a message “That handshake wasn’t innocent... but a moment of truth,” the Frenchman told the Journal du Dimanche. “That’s how you get respect.”


France 24 News called the “Verdict on French President Macron’s first international test: A+.”


How does it feel to be the most mocked man on this crowded planet? And what does it mean when he happens to be the President of the United States?


Drought, USA -nisd.net

While Europe moves massively to job-creating solar energy, Trump’s threat to withdraw the USA from the international climate accords – even as methane-powered Abrupt Cimate Shift and its inconvenient mass extinctions gather unstoppable momentum – did not play well. The bogus billionaire gave no coherent reason for doing so.


Most likely, because there isn’t one.


But “it was his display of overwhelming ignorance that left his supposed allies shaken,” Digby Parton concluded.


Not stirred.



Teeing off -Christian Miles Studio

Also widely reported “over there” was Trump Belgium’s prime minister, Charles Michel, that “his view of the European Union was largely based on how long it took him to get permits for his golf courses.”


Now that’s statesmanship!

                                 Not welcome in Brussels 

Speaking for the gluttonously wasteful and whiny alternative reality that spawned him, Trump sees his ruthlessly victimizing country as the world’s biggest victim. As Cunningham observes, Trump’s egocentric view of the world as being always a ‘bad deal for America’ ensured that there was no substantial agreement on issues of international trade, climate change, terrorism, and immigration.


The reality-averse American leader did not hesitate to lecture a baffled European Union official, "The Germans are bad, very bad. Look at the millions of cars that they're selling in the USA. Horrible. We're gonna stop that."


WTF the official must’ve wondered? Does this crazy American want BMW to pull its biggest factory from Spartanburg, South Carolina? Mercedes-Benz to shutter its huge plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Volksie to abandon its big American-employing facility in the city of my McCallie alma mater, Chattanooga, Tennessee?


Unashamedly trying to cut fresh deals with those “very bad” Germans, Chancellor Angela Merkel told Trump seven-times that the EU trades as a bloc – not as individual countries. It was like trying to communicate with a disoriented visitor from Betelgeuse. He still didn’t get it.


“The times in which we could rely fully on others – they are somewhat over,” the German slash EU leader warned the world: “This is what I experienced in the last few days. We have to know that we must fight for our future on our own, for our destiny as Europeans.”


The New York Times called Trump’s dissing of allies who had paid in blood, landmark legislation and treasure for American freedoms and prosperity, “a potentially seismic shift in trans-Atlantic relations.”


There is no “potential” about it. As Parton noted, the resulting loss of trust is “going to be almost impossible” to restore.


Better delete that qualifier, too.


For their part, the European news media called the president’s unpresidential behavior “boorish” and “rude” – to quote their politest pronouncements.


Tillerson's NZ welcome

As U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrived in Wellington, New Zealand on June 6th, his motorcade was greeted by throngs of angry Kiwis extending their middle fingers. "I've never seen so many people flip the bird at an American motorcade as I saw today," said a New York Times reporter traveling in the press pool.


“Whether over his dismissal of human rights concerns, the withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement… or the latest insults and lies hurled at the mayor of London in the wake of a violent attack in the city – the global populace seems increasingly ready to offer Trump their middle fingers,” observed Jon Queally for Common Dreams.


“We are not cowed, we are not reeling, and we are supremely unimpressed by anyone who seeks to divide us at times of tragedy,” commented Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett in the Guardian. “I want Trump followed everywhere he goes with… a crowd of raised middle fingers.


Back home, the oblivious U.S. president unleashed a flurry of posts. “Just returned from Europe” he tweeted like that frantic bird. “Trip was a great success for America. Hard work but big results!”


Ivo H. Daalder, former U.S. envoy to NATO, would certainly concur that the “results” were huge. What else could anyone call the United States abdicating its 70-year role of global leadership.

 350,000-refugees- attempted-Mediterranean-crossing-this-year-about-4,700-lost- their-lives-Marina- Militaire:Reuters

350,000 refugees attempted to cross the Mediterranean this year; about  4,700 lost their lives -Marina Militaire/Reuters

“This seems to be the end of an era, one in which the United States led and Europe followed,” Daalder told the New York Times. “Today, the United States is heading into a direction on key issues that seems diametrically opposite of where Europe is heading. Merkel’s comments are an acknowledgment of that new reality.”


 Floodwaters drown highways 44, 141 in St. Louis county, state of “Misery" 

Not to mention opposing this planet’s future. Just one day after pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, the “climate change is a hoax” president  declared Missouri a disaster area because of flooding – the latest in more than $15 billion in unnatural disasters afflicting that state over the past decade.


Still, Donald J. Trump remains the world’s best hope for taking down a rogue nation seen in poll after worldwide poll as the #1 terrorist threat. (The USA

has just been named the 114th least peaceful county in the world.) 


As an Imperial Roman Trump named Caligula demonstrated, an empire that relies solely on ever-more costly force of arms to retain its deluded dominance, instead of offering moral leadership that others want to emulate – is heading for epic fail.


While putting the planet on notice that America’s Captain Ahab sees profitable white whales everywhere to be either defunded, ignored or bombed, President Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the United States, writes Chauncey DeVaga, a politics staff writer for Salon.


Big-Trouble-Kris- Krüg-photo

Big trouble -Kris Krüg photo

DeVaga got that right. 

Scripted by his similarly unhinged puppet-masters, America’s human wrecking-ball has managed to amplify his destructive force by choosing heads of environmental protection, education, energy, injustice and war-making departments who are long-ardent foes of pollution regulations, public schools, clean energy, social justice and co-operative diplomacy. If the intention is to shipwreck the planet and sink your own country, this is a terrific (rhymes with “horrific”) team. 


1-in-5-US-children- on-food-stamps-living-in-poverty

1 in 5 U.S. children on food stamps living in poverty

You can tell a lot about a country by how it treats its people. As well as viciously snatching more than $4 trillion from health, education, environmental protection, Social Security disability payments, women’s well-being, health care, school lunch programs and food stamps for millions more newly impoverished fellow Americans…



Navy’s troubled Littoral Combat Ship

… to hand it to the wealthy (Robin Hood in reverse), and blow it on more wonder weapons that don’t work, like the trouble-prone F-35 “Flying Turkey” and the navy’s new Littoral Combat Ships whose main batteries won’t fire if the seas get bumpy. 

Not to mention those nifty new ineffectual but nevertheless dangerously destabilizing anti-missile missiles and, of course, a trillion or so (who’s counting?) on precision nukes – which is like holding a blunderbuss to your own head and threatening uncooperative foes: “If I become too frightened of the enemies I’m creating, I will pull the trigger!”


In addition to vacuuming all this money from the general economy where it would do the most good, the GOP’s intended jettisoning of an estimated $5 trillion in present tax revenue over 10 years to make the most obscenely rich even wealthier should finish off a super power already on borrowed time.


And not much of that, if America’s top presidential sociopath gets his way.


“Budget deficits under the Trump plan could easily surpass $2 trillion a year,” figures F. William Engdahl, a strategic risk consultant and best-selling author on oil and geopolitics. As Federal debt goes from just under $3 trillion when Trump was sworn in, to “well beyond $20 trillion at ‘normal’ interest levels, interest rate on debt is expected to approach “$1 trillion.”


That’s per year.


Hastening America’s decline under Trump, “traditional buyers of US Government debt in the form of Treasury bonds and bills, namely China, Japan, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia” are selling their holdings while they’re still worth something.


Which brings us to Digby’s good news.


The winner of the 2014 Hillman Prize for Opinion and Analysis Journalism predicts that “many countries in this world” that depended on American arms and “a predictable American foreign policy” are going to look for other arrangements now. Asian countries will look to China. Europeans will look to Germany or Russia…New spheres of influence will emerge.




Thank you, Donald. You are the man.

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June-snow-in-Moscow–just-as-Trump-pulls-US-out-of-Paris-climate-deal -Grigory Sysoev:Sputnik

June 2017 snow in Moscow just as Trump pulls U.S. out of Paris climate deal -Grigory Sysoev/Sputnik

Trump-To-World-Drop Dead-Daily News

Earth To Trump - Fuck you!

"Earth to Trump Fuck You!" -Berliner Kurier

Make our planet great again - Pres. Macron, a real leader (English)  1:21

Martin Schulz will be running against Angel Merkel in German elections next September


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