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The Book Assange Was Carrying

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by William Thomas

Even as he was shuffled out to a waiting police bus in handcuffs, stooped and grey-bearded after being held captive for seven years in one room, Julian Assange demonstrated his spirit and a reporter's defiance by subverting a clip intended to stun everyone exposed to it into full compliance with their own enslavement. 

He did this by carrying a book. Presumably to read in the cell where he was being taken.

In the midst of an uncertain but certainly unpleasant future, the man who has shown us so much signalled the need for even deeper awareness and alarm by displaying his new book’s cover for the hungry camcorders to slurp up. The book by Gore Vidal is published by The Real News Network. (Check it out.) The cover flashed worldwide: 

History Of The National Security State

Oh boy.

Whenever Gore Vidal writes a book, I marvel and applaud. And put it on my list to check out. When Julian Assange sends me a warning, I pay immediate attention. 

Are the ruthless arrests and renewed detention of Manning and Assange (for dedicating themselves to to helping war criminals and traitors expose their own war crimes and treachery) proof of a gloves-off Insecurity State? 

Or do they - as well as Snowden and other insiders of conscience - somehow “deserve" the full oppression of the state for showing us things we would rather not know? 

Including our own complicity in that state.

Assange’s biggest “crime” is that once he showed us Hillary’s traitorous emails, and that Pentagon war-porn video of American gunship pilots whooping it up as they direct their rockets and radioactive Depleted-Uranium cannon shells into a group of Iraqi civilians (including two Reuters reporters) in Baghdad’s main square - we cannot unknow these revelations.

Or their implications.

Which brings us even more swiftly and uncomfortably to the realization that:

To know and do nothing is the gravest sin of all.

Supporters of whistleblowers march in Santa Monica's seventh annual Fourth of July parade in Santa Monica, California © REUTERS : Jonathan Alcorn

Fourth of July parade in Santa Monica, California -Jonathan Alcorn/Reuters 

Thank you, Julian Assange, for your inspiration. And for the price you will continue to pay to put us on this spot. Seeing you arrested for responsibly releasing information that harmed no one in the field, according to the then Assistant Secretary of Defense, we are forced to ask ourselves: are we so deep into our own SOMA-assisted-denial that we can just shrug off this embassy raid that in broad daylight arrested one of the last journalists worthy of that title? 

And for what? 

For allegedly asking a source (Bradley Manning) if he was able to provide additional documents. This is what journalists do. Real journalists, taught as I was, that news is news and not someone’s opinion. 

Or agenda.

Plus, the United Nations says that being granted asylum in a foreign embassy is a huge deal.

Unmistaken by everyone watching, Assange made his point by being hauled off to a British maximum insecurity prison for exposing war crimes, while those responsible for atrocities prohibited under international law - from Bush and Cheney, Obama and Trump, on down to the kids mashing firing buttons - are granted not only freedom but rewards and accolades. (Remember Vincennes.)

Coming on the heels of spreading online censorship and Washington’s successful intimidation of the International Criminal Court (to back away from bringing charges for U.S. war crimes in Afghanistan), ending press freedom on this blackest of Black Thursdays signals a new Inquisition, where dissenting voices will be ruthlessly supressed without regard to existing laws or human rights. 

The good news is that such outrageous repression is in the open for all to see.

The question remains: 

How creatively will you respond?

William Thomas

April 14, 2019

Sign here to STOP the extradition of Julian Assange to the United States

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-Ben Garrison

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