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Stories Broken By William Thomas

Checking The Take

Checking the take after interview with NHK (Japan) film crew

Stories Broken By William Thomas


A Sampler


* Impacts of BC pulp mill pollution (resulted in BC Environment Ministry crackdown)


* Actual power levels and mission of the HAARP transmitters in Gakona, Alaska (from a classified document leaked to WT)


* Gulf War Illness (resulted in better veterans’ care)


* Chemical-biological attacks on coalition forces during Desert Shield as described by eyewitnesses and U.S. Marines combat logs. (Bringing The War Home)


* Two U.S. detonations of tactical nuclear weapons in Afghanistan & a third low-yield “demonstration” in the desert outside Basra, Iraq. (Classified – resulted in official protest by Government of Iran.)*


* Israel’s 2 U.S.-aborted nuclear attacks on Teheran. (Classified – resulted in emergency meeting of the Knesset and a “thank you” from world intelligence communities and the Vatican)*


* The US military’s use of ultrasonic weapons in Iraq. (Classified – resulted in questions raised in British Parliament and the floor of Congress)*


* Aerial geoengineering over North America and beyond – based on lab tests, thousands of documented sightings, and three taped interviews with Air Traffic Control manager for U.S. Eastern seaboard.* (Chemtrails Confirmed)


Days of Deception

1st book pubished on 9/11 (Dec 2001)

Follow-up book on 9/11 (2006) 

* How Chinese-manufactured microchips jeopardize U.S. communications and weapons systems worldwide. (confirmed by high-level investigation ordered by Joint Chiefs of Staff)*


* How a computer hack into Minot AFB resulted in nuclear cruise missiles being uploaded onto a B-52 and flown across the USA before being recalled.*


*From both high-level and “grunt-level” sources in the U.S.                                                        military and intelligence communities.


William Thomas Vancouver 911 Truth Conference June2007 Anji Smith-1

William Thomas addresses 911 

Truth Conference, Vancouver 

June 2007 -Anji Smith photo

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