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My Letter To FishLab 

My Letter To FishLab 


Re: “The State Of Our Oceans (It’s Not Looking Good!)


Thank you for this important article.


Kindly stop perpetuating 2 dangerous myths:


1. This planet has one (1) ocean. All "separate" seas and "oceans" are interconnected in a single body of saltwater covering most of a planet that would be better and more accurately referred to as OCEANIA. I know this first-hand because I have 40,000 sea miles in my trimaran's wake.


2. This is not "our" ocean to abuse, exploit, kill or "save". (This is not "our" planet, either.) We are one species among millions, not “owners” or “managers” of an intricately interacting geosphere we are just beginning to glimpse, while utterly unable to manage ourselves. (Or at least the corporate elites that rule us for their short-lived profits and control.)


We are custodians of our own actions. For good or ill, we are responsible for the consequences of our individual choices. As the current mass extinction gathers momentum, we will be held accountable.)


In regards to the foundering space colony we call Earth, we are crewmembers – not passengers. It is up to each of us to inform ourselves through articles such as this – and to act. Because the worse sin of all is to know of intolerable injustices ashore and offshore and do nothing.


William Thomas

Author: Scorched Earth, Chemtrails Confirmed, Bringing The War Home, All FallDown: The Politics Of Terror And Mass Persuasion, Days Of Deception: Ground Zero And Beyond

Sept. 7, 2018

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