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From The Voiceless Ones


Optical sensor of an HPWREN tower triggered by eagles. -emraware,com



We are the voiceless ones most impacted by wireless networks. Who will speak for us at your public and private gatherings that are determining our fate?


We who mourn the loss of partner or offspring along the road, path or shore marvel at the willingness of some of you to solicit wireless technologies proven to cause harm without first considering your extended community.


No matter how eagerly a few may seek to inflict “full-saturation” wireless connectivity on all life here, please be assured that no eagle’s nest, chicken coop, bee hive or deer “hide” needs to access the internet. We want nothing to do with technology dogs instinctively shy away from at home.


We’ve seen the studies.


In March 2014, the Director of the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance of the U.S. Dept. of Interior sent a letter to the Dept. of Commerce expressing concern that cell tower radiation has had negative impacts “on the health of migratory birds and other wildlife.” 


The letter slammed the outdated radiation standards set by the FCC, whose dangerously outdated standards “do not protect living organisms from the adverse effects of exposure to microwave towers.”


Safety Code 6 cited by Telus is an exact replica of these FCC “standards”.


We further observe that the Fish and Wildlife Service is officially worried about migratory birds – “including eagles” – from running into towers and guy-wires in poor visibility, as well as from exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by those towers. [Our emphasis.]


“Everyone benefits,” the developers always say. Never adding, we’ve noticed, “especially us.”


In fact and in practice, this proposed microwave tower offers many hazards and zero upside for any furred or feathered resident of this island. Nor any plant nor tree.


Meanwhile, cellular communication tower studies carried out by humans in Europe over the past 17 years have looked closely at birds, amphibians and other small animals exposed to microwave communication towers. They have found adverse impacts “on nesting and roosting wild birds and other wildlife,” lead scientist Alfonso Balmori reports.


In 2005, he further confirmed “strong negative correlations between levels of tower-emitted microwave radiation and bird breeding, nesting, and roosting in the vicinity of electromagnetic fields”.


These correlations include “nest and site abandonment, plumage deterioration, locomotion problems, reduced survivorship, and death.”


Balmori also found that when close to encroaching microwave towers, young birds die and mated couples frequently fight while constructing their nests. Sticks fall unused. The nest languishes and is eventually abandoned without sheltering any young.


The Spanish scientist did not observe these symptoms prior to the construction and operation of these cell towers.


We bring to your attention how steep declines in bird populations worldwide exactly mirror the exponential expansion of wireless networks.


Us insects are concerned about studies showing a 60% decline in our reproductive ability caused only after six minutes of microwave exposure per day for four to five days.


Amphibians are also shown to be highly susceptible to microwave radiation. Speaking for ourselves, we would rather not mourn the passing of the frogs, nor have to consider what their abrupt departure would portend.


If wild lives matter to you, please do not do this. No matter what tricks and treats are held out to you by corporate consultants promising nirvana and a new kitchen sink, the critters flying past your window and running through your kitchen – whose codes you often comprehend – urge you not to pull this particular gift horse inside your moat.


You know what happened to Troy.



Thank you for paying attention,


Will Thomas on behalf of the Voiceless Ones



“RESIST MUCH, OBEY LITTLE”   发件人     William Thomas 2023