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My Voltbike Mariner Adventure Continues

New “Electrified” Series:




by William Thomas


Two “electrified”  fatbikes -Will Thomas photo 



Date: May 27, 2017


Elevation Gain: 1,000 feet 

Trail Route: easy approach, challenging initial climb, narrow traverse of canyon rim to summit, brutal descent

Trail Conditions: rough, steep, twisty mountain single-track over loose dirt, rocks and exposed tree roots

Bikes (type): Voltbike Mariner folding fatbikes (aka: “goatbikes”)


Bike Problems: zero


Best Bike Feature: power-assisted "walk mode" for steepest, roughest sections   


Location: Undisclosed (for your safety)


Ride Distance: 10 km


Time En Route (with summit and lunch stops): 3.5 hours

Battery Used up/down mountain (each bike): 1 bar of 5


Riders:  King Anderson (musician, radio DJ, 75 years old)  

Will Thomas (heart attack survivor, author/journalist, 68 years old)


Notes: Oops! We ended up on one of the most “Advanced” trails on the mountain - the one we most wanted to avoid!




Pair of Voltbike Mariners reach the Summit: Tibetan prayer flags are totally appropriate! -Will Thomas photo       



Up and over -Will Thomas photo 



Three deadfalls blocked the route back down. There was no going back! 


This first downed tree was the highest obstacle, with no way around. 


But no problem with two riders to help hoist each 54-pound Voltbike “up and over”. (King is saying “Grrrr” - or words to that effect.)


We managed to dodge around the second organic blockade. 


The third required another “buddy lift”. We were well-practiced by then!


Reaction from valley resident who stopped his truck to inquire if we were “all right” as we emerged back onto the lower road: “You came down on those things?”

Reply: Loud laughter (after high fives). King: “Yes."


Recommendation: When tackling demanding terrain, always travel with a friend on another Mariner Voltbike!


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