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Aerial view of the Pentagon. © AFP : AFP


#  US Has No Afghanistan Strategy  -Pentagon

#  Overthrowing Governments -U.S. Master


#  Privatizing Mass Murder In Afghanistan

#  At War In Iraq For 27 Years!

#  McCain Calls For More Killing In


#  Veterans' Suicides Surge To 20+/Day

#  U.S. Navy Attacks Gulf Of Alaska Again

USS Gerald R. Ford

#  U.S. Navy’s Costliest Carrier Is A Lemon

DDG 1000, U.S. Navy's Zumwalt Class of multi-mission guided missile destroyer © Reuters

# Costliest USN Destroyer An “Unmitigated



# USN Littoral Combat Ships “Staggeringly 

    Overpriced And Chronically Unreliable

F-35B fighter jet © US AIR FORCE : Reuters

#  “Unsafe” F-35 Is “A National Disaster"

#  UK Pays £150bn for "Appallingly Bad’ F-35 

#  Pentagon Loses $6.5 Trillion

#  “Advisers" And U.S. Bombing In Yemen

#  U.S. Special Forces In 137 nations

#  US Miitary Occupying Africa

#  The U.S. War In Africa

#  US Pushing For War & Climate Extinction

#  U.S. Patriot Missiles On Russian Border

#  U.S. On Collision Course With Russia

 U.S. Seeking Nuclear Confrontation -Orlov

     (Listen to his - as always excellent - interview here.)

#  U.S. Committed To War With Russia

#  Let’s Have A War With Iran!

#  USA Eager To Attack Iran

#  U.S. “Annhilation Tactics” Target Families

More 'saved' dead people in Mousl -Felipe Dana:AP

Mosul -Felipe Dana/AP

#  “Liberated” Means “Destroyed

 "Our Cities In Ruins

#  Rape Of Yemen 

#  Rape Of Mosul

#  Endless US Intervention Worth Blowback?

#  Pentagon Declares US Empire “Collapsing

#  USA Hard-Wired For War, Aggression?

#  Rogue State USA

#  USA Starting New Nuclear Arms Race

#  War As Foreign Policy

#  US Media Censors Hersh Syria Truths

#  America's Risky Worldwide Killing Spree 

#  Civilian Death Toll Over 600 As USA 

     Ramps Up Urban Airstrikes

#  Mass U.S. Killing Of Civilians... Yawn

#  Who’s Dangerous?

#  USA Is World’s Biggest Terrorist

#  Deadly Insanity Of Latest Afghan Surge

#  US Special Forces In 137 Nations

#  US To Continue Africa Wars ‘For Decades'

350,000 refugees attempted to cross Mediterranean this year; about 4,700 lost their lives -Marina Militaire Reuters

#  US Interventions Producing Refugees

 USA Dropped 26,171 Bombs In 2015

#  Do You Know Where Your Bombs Are

     Falling? -USA Bombs 7 Countries In 1 Day

#  ‘Americans Are On Our Side’: Al-Nusra

     Commander Says US Arming Jihadists

# US Talked To ISIS Before Syrian Airstrike 

#  US Backing ISIS -Iran Defence Minister

 USA Sides With ISIS Against Iran

US Spares ISIS Oil Production In Syria

#  US Protects ISIS

#  U.S. Providing Air Cover To ISIS

#  USA Continuing To Support ISIS

#  U.S. Continues Targeting Anti-ISIS Forces

#  U.S. Says Syria al-Qaeda Not Terrorists

Iraqi child, killed in an air strike Mar 2017 Aris Messinis:AFP

Iraqi child killed in air strike Mar 2017 -Aris Messinis/AFP

#  USA Kills 1 Million People In Iraq

first of the new MC4700 AF&F super-fuzes for the W76-1 were completed at the Kansas City Plant in 2007. Delivery of the W76-1:Mk4A warhead to the Navy began in 2009.

New nuclear warhead super-fuzes for enhanced U.S. first strike capabilities.

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