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alligator-Florida gar Marina Scarr

Alligator gobbles Florida gar -Marina Scarr


See also:

Extinction Watch

# Russian Law Prohibits Mistreating Animals

#  Sea Creatures 6 Miles Down Soaked In 

     Toxic Chemicals

#  How Many Animals Killed Each Year?

 proposed border structure, by disrupting breeding and migratory patterns, could drive animals like ocelots to extinction. (Photo- Dagget2:flickr:cc)

Border wall will take ocelots to extinction. - Dagget2/flickr/cc

#  U.S. Targets Ocelots, Other Wildlife

#  Japan Declares All-Out War On Whales

#  U.S. Steps Up War On Dolphins, Whales

#  Why Dogs Are Getting Cancer

#  Japan Whalers Kill 122 Pregnant Minkes

#  Factory Farms Are Not Animal Spas

#  Stop Racing Greyhounds Torture Now

#  Penguins Crash From 40,000 To… 2

# Be Nice To Animals - You’re One

Beagle awaits torture and death: 100 million animals tortured and killed by US Govt. every year. -White Coat Waste Project

#  Animals Are People, Too

#  Angry Humpback Smashes Fishboat

#  Those Turkeys!

beluga-whale-waving-smiling-at-little-girl Valencia Spain Marco Balzani

Beluga greets girl in Valencia, Spain -MarcoBalzani

#  Japan Continues Slaughtering Whales

#  Captive Killer Whales Are Suffering

#  We Live Here, Too!

House Republicans on Friday voted to strip federal protections from gray wolves. (Photo- John and Karen Hollingsworth:USFWS)

Republicans to strip federal protections from gray wolves. -John & Karen Hollingsworth/USFWS

#  A Voice For The Wild

#  Life Of Pi Animal Trainer Beats Siberian

     Tiger Cub - Says He Enjoys It Like "Vice"

#  Sentience Is Everywhere

#  Monkey Winning Selfie Copyright Lawsuit 

Naruto is a crested macaque selfie -Naruto photo

Naruto is a crested macaque from Sulawesi - selfie by Naruto 

#  Fear For Right Whales’ Demise

#  Don’t Be Chicken, Defend Animal Rights

#  989 Million Cows Are Killing Us

#  Orca's Days Are Numbered

baby-chameleons-branching-out Igor Siwanowicz

baby chameleons -Igor Siwanowicz

#  Animals To Humans - Be Quiet!

#  Chimpanzees Have Legal Rights -Argentina

#  Chimps About To Be Legal Persons In USA

Jet Ski Bear

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