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COVID-19 Mass Vaccinations - An Untimely Intervention?

Mass COVID-19 vaccinations creating a global catastrophe?



BREAKING (Mar. 19/21, 2021)

As the US tops 115 million “jabs” given and Europe begins re-imposing lockdowns against a “third wave” of COVID-variant infections, U.S. cases are spiking in the leading “vaccination” states: Florida, Michigan, New York, West Virginia, Maine and Montana.

     At least 20% more infectious than other strains, the latest U.S. and international variants are proving resistant to treatments and to the “vaccines”* accompanying their sudden appearance. Though no studies are being undertaken to investigate possible links between these new therapies and emergent COVID viruses, a second generation of jabs is being hurriedly designed for another mass rollout.

*true vaccines confer immunity and block transmission. 

Interview with Geert Vanden Bossche PhD


Original post online March 06, 2021 

My condensed repost: Mar. 18/21 

Updated: Mar. 19/21

SummaryVirologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, explains how injecting virtually everyone with a vaccine that does not prevent transmission, is setting the stage for a global health disaster.

Dr. Bossche: I have been working with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI [The Vaccine Alliance] especially concentrating on vaccines for global health.

     And I’ve also been working with several different companies, vaccine companies developing of course essentially prophylactic vaccines and my main focus of interest has always been, in fact, the design of vaccines. 

     Back then… we had a viral strain, COVID strain, that was circulating… that was not as highly infectious as those that we are seeing right now.

     When a new [or mutated] virus gets into a population, it immediately gets to the folks that have, you know, weak immunity. [Whether caused by aging, pre-existing health conditions or the wrong vaccines.] 

     [The COVID vaccine creators are…] just brilliant people who have been making these vaccines in no time.

     So the weapon in itself is excellent.

     Question is, is this the right weapon for the kind of war that is going on right now? And there my answer is definitely no, because these are prophylactic vaccines and prophylactic vaccines should typically not be administered to people who are exposed to high infectious pressure.

     The virus is everywhere. 

     As we see right now with the number of people who get their first dose, they get the first dose, the antibodies are not fully mature, the titers are maybe not very high. So their immune response is suboptimal, but they are in the midst of this war while they are mounting an immune response, they’re fully attacked by the virus and every single time. 

     Every single time you have an immune response that is suboptimal in the presence of an infection, in the presence of a virus, that infected person, you are at risk for immune escape.

     That means that the virus can escape the immune response. 

     [As all COVID vaccine makers clearly state:] 

     These vaccines do not prevent infection. [transmission]

     Unfortunately, we look no further than the end of our nose in the sense that hospitalization, that’s all what counts, you know, getting people away from the hospital.

     But in the meantime, we are not realizing that we give all the time during this pandemic, by our interventions, the opportunity to escape to the immune, to the immune system.

     These guys [COVID viruses], they only need 10 hours to replicate.

     So, if you think that by making new vaccines, a new vaccine against the new infectious strains, we going to catch up, it’s impossible to catch up. I mean, virus is not going to wait until we have those vaccines ready.

     This thing continues.

     If you do this in the midst of a pandemic, that is an enormous problem.

     These vaccines are excellent, but they are not made for administration to millions of people in the midst, in the heat of a pandemic. 

Interviewer MD Philip McMillan: Equivalent to using either a partial dose of antibiotics in anti-microbial or in a bacterial infection where you then produce super bugs? 

Dr. PhD Bossche: [When antibiotics or vaccines targeting an earlier strain] do not match very well with the bug. That’s not good. 

     We need to have a very good match. Otherwise there could be resistance.

     Do we have a good match with our antibodies? No, at this point in time, we don’t have a good match anymore because we have this kind of like almost heterologous variants… that differs from the original strain. So, the match isn’t very good anymore. And hence we see people are still protected, but they are already shedding the virus.

     If you give people just like one dose, I mean, they are in the process of mounting their antibodies. The antibodies still need to fully mature.

     We are putting them in a suboptimal situation with regard to their immune protection. And on the other end, they are in the midst of the war. They are fully attacked by all, you know, by all these kinds of a highly infectious variants.

     It’s very clear that this is driving immune escape and will ultimately drive resistance to the vaccines.

     We are in the midst of a war, there is a high infectious pressure. So the likelihood that an immune escape immediately finds another living cell, that means another host is very, very high. It’s per definition. It’s the definition almost of a pandemic.

     We don’t understand that prophylactic vaccines should not be used in the midst of an epidemic. And we don’t understand exactly what the virus is, do we. So we go to a war and we don’t know our enemy. We don’t understand the strategy of our enemy. And we don’t know how our weapon works. 

     Problem is that we induce a long-lived antibody response. 

     [This information…] it’s all published.

     These long-lived antibodies, which have high specificity, of course, for the virus. They out-compete our natural antibodies. 

     And that is a huge problem because… these natural antibodies, they provide you with broad protection.

     This protection is, yes, it is variant nonspecific. Doesn’t matter what variant you get. It doesn’t even matter what type of coronavirus is coming in. They will protect you. Unless, of course, you suppress this level of innate immunity, or it is… out-competed by long lived specific antibodies. And so it’s not like, okay, you know, you missed it. Okay, let’s try again. No, you did some harm. 

     Immunizing somebody is installing a new software on your computer. Don’t forget. I mean, these antibodies, they will be recalled every single time you’re encountering a coronavirus, right? I mean, you cannot just erase this. So, this is very serious. This is very serious.

     What we are talking about right now, the epidemic or the pandemic problem of having a population that is at no point during the pandemic and to large extent, due to our intervention, has not a strong immune response.

     It’s a global problem of, you know, making this virus increasingly infectious because we live it all the time, a chance and opportunity to escape an immune system and to drive this.

     So, to wake this up, you know, up to a level where the virus is so infectious, that we can even no longer control it… these highly infectious strains, some people think, Oh, the virus is going to calm down and it will insert a number of mutations, you know, just to be gentle and kind with us. That’s not going to happen. 

     It is detrimental both on a population level, as on an individual level. 

     I think the population level… we are increasingly facing highly infectious strains that already right now, we cannot control because basically what we are doing is that we are turning – when we vaccinate somebody, we are turning this person in a potential asymptomatic carrier that is shedding the virus… reality will prove it.

     You are at the same time losing the most precious part of your immune system that you could ever imagine.

     And that is your innate immune system, because the innate antibodies, the natural antibodies, the secretary IGMs will be out-competed by these antigen-specific antibodies for binding to the virus. And that will be long lived. That is a long-lived suppression.

     And you lose every protection against any viral variant or coronavirus variant… you are left just with no single immune response with your, you know, it’s none, your immunity has become nil.

     It’s all gone. The antibodies don’t work anymore. And your innate immunity has been completely bypassed and this while highly infectious strains are circulating.

     We are going to pay a huge price for this. 

     We have been turning it into an artificial pandemic.

     Who can explain where all of a sudden, all these highly infectious strains come from? Nobody can explain this.

     I can explain it… we have not been seeing this during previous pandemics, during natural pandemics. We have not been seeing it. Because at every single time, the immunity was low enough so that the virus didn’t need to escape. So back at the end of the pandemic, when things calmed down and it was herd immunity, it was still the same virus circulating.

  What we are now doing is that we are really chasing this virus and it becomes all, you know, increasingly infectious. And I mean, this is just a situation that is completely, completely, completely out of control.

     We are now getting plenty of asymptomatic shedders [of these rapidly evolving vaccine-triggered variants.] 

     I see all these top scientists looking at this curve, at its waves. Like somebody else is looking at the currency rates at the stock market. All they can say is, Oh, it goes up, it’s stabilizing. It may go down, may go up, et cetera. I mean, that is not science. They don’t have any clue.

     They don’t even know whether the curve is gonna go up exponentially or whether it’s gonna go down or whatever. They’re completely lost. And that is extremely scary. 

     You have to analyze. You have to, but you know, these people are not listening. That is the problem.

     At this point, it’s so irrelevant, you know, whether you’re a pro-vaxxer or an anti-vaxxer… it is about the science. It’s about humanity, right?

     Let’s not lose our time now with criticizing people or, I mean, anti-vaxxer, okay...

     You know, we like to stigmatize because if you stigmatize people, you don’t need to bother about them anymore.

     Oh, this guy’s an anti-vaxxer… that is a discussion that is completely irrelevant at this point.

     It is about humanity. And, of course ,I’m passionate. Of course, I mean, it’s about your children. It’s your family. It’s my family. It’s everyone. 

     I put everything at stake because I’ve done my homework. And this is simply a moral obligation. A moral obligation.


The argument for being injected. But not all variants are addressed and treatments may be driving mutations.                                    7:01

MD McMillan: Wow. Wow… you are in the business of developing vaccines and helping societies protect against infections through the use of vaccines, and in this circumstance, you are saying, hold it, we’re doing the wrong thing here. It’s very difficult to not listen to that. That’s the truth.


Dr. PhD Bossche: This is human behavior. If you’re, you know, having panic, we do something and we try to make ourselves believe that it is the right thing to do, until there is complete chaos and there is a complete disaster.

     But I can tell you, I’m not putting my career, my reputation at stake. I would not do this when I would not be 200% convinced. And it’s not about me, not about me at all. It’s about humanity. People don’t understand what is currently going on.  

# # #

Despite France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Romania, Thailand, Democratic Republic of Congo, Spain and Indonesia banning the not so “great” AstraZaneca due to its side-effects and ineffectiveness against the South African variant, Canada is speeding up its AstraZeneca rollout as rapidly spreading mutations “take hold”. As Health Canada explains, “The advantages outweigh the disadvantages.” What “advantages” does this variant-shy therapy convey? What other “disadvantages” are incurred besides blood clots, “a few” deaths, and that it doesn’t work against the latest strains?

Just to make sure I have this right:

*  Persons taking both “jabs” (or the latest single-injection) must continue wearing their masks and avoiding other hominids in public. At least into next summer.

*  Despite or perhaps because of a gathering tsunami of COVID cocktails, more lockdowns may be coming.

*  Anyone taking the first shot is more susceptible to COVID and its offspring until after taking the second “jab”, which will produce antibodies against the strain it was designed for. And “hopefully” other mutations, as well. 

*  But you’ll need periodic boosters to ward off the virulent new variants as they appear.       

The “animal testing” required to license new vaccines is finally taking place on a global scale. And we are the ferrets. Why is anyone who has willingly undergone a lifetime of vaccinations suddenly an “anti-vaxxer” for wanting to wait to see how all this shakes out? Especially when early indicators are causing many Europeans and others (incuding front-line health workers) to back off from these fast-tracked miracle cures. (here  here  here here) Is a “which” hunt already beginning against initial refuseniks?

Is anyone following the money, honey? [bombshell video report here] Or Fauci’s involvement with the Wuhan lab’s gain-of-function SARS experiments? Or “vaccine criminal” Bill Gates’ lack of medical training and credentials? Or that COVID-vaccine developer's record of vaccine mayhem in Africa and India?

Just asking.




Demonstrating the maximum infection danger between the two innoculations.                                                                                     1:54 

  (Mar. 17, 2021)  Variants “taking hold” in Western Canada as vaccine rollout continues.                                                                      1:31 

 (Mar. 18, 2021)  Vaccines “race against time” to combat emerging variants likely caused by vaccines.                                                2:34 

 (Mar. 16, 2021)  Some Ontarians said to be “protected by part of 1 shot” from latest variant.  “Hope” is not a recognized therapy.       2:29

(Mar. 15, 2021)  “Yes, we should fear the variants.” But COVID “vaccines” are not intended to prevent transmission.                          5:51 

(Feb. 22, 2021)  COVID vaccine “boosters” driving variants and more boosters... forever?                                                                   5:53 

(Jan. 22, 2021)  Brazilian COVID variant choosing younger hosts - currently defying Astra Zeneca vaccine                                       3:34  

 (Mar. 17, 2021) This variant is deadlier and more contagious.                                                                                                               6:23           

Interview Video & Transcript

What if Dr. Bossche is right?

If his micro and macro insights are accurate, these hurry-up COVID vaccines could turn out ot be super-spreaders. We’ll know soon enough. Given the exponential replication of this artificially-stressed virus, virtually everyone everywhere could be confronting an even more virulent, perhaps “uncontrollable”  pandemic starting… now?

“This is not a vaccine.” Legally licensed vaccines “must stimulate the immunity within the person receiving it, and also disrupt transmission. And that is not what this is…”

South Africa Halts Vaccine Rollout As AstraZeneca Jab Ineffective At Combating Mutant COVID

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry emphasizes being “vaccinated” does not mean transmission will be stopped. “You can have transmission even when people are fully vaccinated.”     

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines suffer a two-fold drop in efficacy in neutralizing the UK variant, and up to an 8.5-fold drop in neutralizing the South African mutation.

“Pathogenic priming” could leave those vaccinated susceptible to more severe reinfection. Particularly in elders.

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