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Climate Change Solutions



By William Thomas




No matter what they might tell you, people everywhere sense things are totally out of control and are either preoccupied with survival, or diligently pretending otherwise with as many distractions as possible.


Others acknowledge that Earth is losing life-support, but tell themselves a planet in freefall can be “fixed” if we all park our cars and get to work right away.


Unfortunatey, when a mass extinction really gets rolling like this one, there are no “solutions” to cascading climate feedbacks and interlinked species die-offs. As a master under sail with a Pacific circumnavigation in my wake, I’ve found that when the ship hits the fan, denial is not an option and hope is not a plan. 

In the “end”, most passengers will splash through rising waters and return to their cabins. Others will remember they’re crew and head topsides to find there is only one temporary lifeboat for who knows how many critters, a few surviving insects and old trees, and 7.5 billion people. But it’s already in orbit.


More and more of us are pumping and patching. The futility of our efforts is irrelevant. We feel morally compelled to act on behalf of life  always and especially in the faces of those bent on its destruction. I do, anyway, after being instructed to "speak for the voiceless ones" during a vision quest in the Coast Mountains three decades ago.


Like pilots wrestling with the controls after the wings have come off, we’ve got to do what we can because we have to do what we can. What else is worth doing while we await whatever surprises come next?


Whether a CEO of a greenhouse-emission-intensive company, a drone gamer about to deliver hellfire upon a (non-white) family going about their daily chores half-a-world away, a corporate lobbyist sitting down to write another rapacious law for more  congressional cronies to sign, or someone about to turn a key in an ignition… we can each choose right action in whatever daily choices and circumstances we arrange for ourselves that will impact other lives.


Science shows that everything is vibration. Like attracts like. Good deeds lead to other beneficial acts. Everyone knows this. But it’s easy to forget that we are a hu-man “spirit-person” having a briefly embodied experience.




Right action is motivated and advised by that quiet inner voice that is only wrong when doubted, and too-seldom heard or heeded.


Right action is indicated and informed by respect and compassion for life. Compassion comes from empathy. This handy direction-indicator appears whenever we put ourselves in another’s flippers, feathers, scales, skin, bark, roots or hide.  


Most people would rther be heroes than bums. Being nice is built-in. “Helping-reflexes” honed over eons of cooperative evolution run deep  – right up to the invention of agriculture and the imposition of armies, priests and war gods. Only practicing psychos can override sympathetic “mirror neurons”.


Swedish train station, July 2018 -Thorén:hoke

Swedish train station, July 2018 -Thorén/hoke 


Some of us have eagerly grasped our one-way tickets. An increasing number are giving theirs back. Everyone else is doing what they’re doing. Whatever we’ve made of our lives – or our lives have made of us – like fleas on a wasp-stung elephant, at this point we are all along for the ride. No matter how many bottles we recycle or solar power stations we build, the rampaging forces we’ve unleased are going to play out for many, many thousands of years. 

Like the last five times.


Graptolites took about a million year to go extinct, 444 million years ago. -COSMOS

 Graptolites took about 1 million year to go extinct, 444 million years ago. -Cosmos



First, understand that just about everything you’ve been taught and are daily being conditioned to believe is true, isn’t. The way to tell a falsehood is if you have to take an assertion completely on faith.


Second, realize you are asleep. Everyone is. Try to wake up. You can wake up by watching what you are doing. Also, by asking questions and demanding corroboration that makes sense. Also, by sitting still and looking out your eyes.


Third, trying to “understand” the psychosis desecrating and destroying this lone blue oasis in a startlingly hostile infinitude will break your brain. Pathologies have no conscience. “Planetcide" is not supposed to make sense. And if you insist on trying to reason with the fully-militarized corporate-government enslavement and extortion racket, you will become crazier than you are already are. Why argue with an illness? 

Or robots?


Fourth, the robots are here and the computers have won. Even as human automatons avidly ingest network and online “programming” that validates their most cherished prejudices… cold, rote algorithms are increasingly running everyone and everything. Consider how the conveyances, conveniences and continuous necessities you depend on are under the control of failure-prone and hackable triggers, sensors and servos. Then ask: “Am I a hostage?” Also: "Where is all this taking us?” And: "Do I really want to go there? Or even stay here?”


Fifth, writing letters, signing petitions, wielding the most skewering placards, “voting" and shooting your car are all commendable and ultimately worthless activities for the same reason that appealing to love, reason and the CEO’s own offspring mean zeeero to computers following deragenged accounting programs like a train beyond the trestle. From this cold and absurd quarterly calculus of “profit" and “loss”, more  computers are consulted before attack orders are issued to the bombers and the bullldozers. 

Emotional pleas, Exxon Valdez, Deepwater Horizon, Fukushima Dai-Ichi, the Gulf Eco War, Mosul and Aleppo literally do not compute because they are not being factored into this whacky “we win only if everyone loses" formulation. Except, of course, when more clever algorithms spot “opportunities" in the wreckage of all those “externalities”.

I learned this on Salt Spring Island in Oh, Oh Canada when Champion International came all the way from Connecticut to explain to our community why they had come to clearcut Fulford Valley, a place the BC Ministry of Tourism called, “the most beautiful valley in BC.” They had to do it, they told us, because we were “next” on their computers. The ensuing near-riot was followed by a lengthy blockade involving everyone from kids to grandmothers and every business in town.


Columbia Plateau - Columbia Land Trust columbialandtrust.org

 Columbia Plateau Land Trust -columbialandtrust.org    


If we are to leave anything for those who come after us to work with, we must defend ares of land big enough to support as many species as possible. The best way to protect land is to subvert capital by buying chunks of it and locking them in land trusts that cannot be “developed” or broken up. (I made a documentary about this.) 

Dudley Neighbors Incorporated community land trust leases a 1.5-acre farm and a 10,000-square-foot greenhouse. -Jesse Costa WBUR

The Dudley Neighbors Incorporated community land trust in Boston has set aside land for housing and neighbourhood cultivation. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Even if we are all doomed to go extinct "next week or next month", as Guy McPherson insisted in 2016, we owe it to the young ones now arriving in nests and burrows, fields and hosital beds, open water and fast-running streams to do whatever we can in the next consumption choice we make to leave room for all these unborn. There’s no getting around this  without incurring some serious karma. What we know cannot be unlearned. And knowing without acting is the biggest sin of all. 


Even as the cliff edge recedes in our mirrors, what must societies serious about ecojustice and not mashing the extinction pedal through the floorboards do


Glad you asked, Wile E. 


turn around



1. Abolish the private Federal Reserve and Central Banks.


2. Return the sole power to print money and collect taxes to central governments, 

    where it lawfully belongs. Then review those taxes and what they’re buying.


3. Cancel debts (at $141 trillion corporate, personal and government debt will never be

    repaid). Abandon debt-based economies that transfer wealth to the wealthy.


4. Arrest the heads of the most reckless corporate-governments for crimes against

    communities, two-legged or otherwise.


5. Practice the Precautionary Principle in re-evaluating technologies like wireless,

    nuclear, plastics and pesticides, and before approving new tech.


6. Revoke its charter and dissolve any corporation acting against community health

    and emotional well-being, as required by the Corporate Act.


7.  Make all speculation by banks illegal.


8.  Transfer all Big Oil subsidies to clean energy providers.


9.  The best Defence is respect for life. Dismantle animal concentration camps. Jail war

     and disaster profiteers. Re-invest weapons expenditures in social programs, with an

     emphasis on children’s and women’s rights and education. Financially compensation

     all moms commensurate with other service occupations entailing similar diligence,

     round-the-clock hours and responsibilities. (They’re aren’t any, so extrapolate.) 

     End weapons sales to frightened citizenry and an out-of-control military – they’ve 

     already got too many. Issue whiffle-bats, instead. (Less crazy than slaughtering

     families in thier homes and maiming and traumatizing millions of children since My

     Lai, while “rubbliziing” entire cities and neighbourhoods for finanacial “movement”, 

     strategic outposts and resource access.) Cancel these live-fire exercises. Opt

     instead for negotiation, arbitration, cooperation and timely responses to legitimate

     grievances. The people I have interacted with in conlict areas – including

     Palestinians, “renegades” and “terrorists” defending themselves and ancestral ways

      – just want to be heard. They prefer peace and respond well to demonstrations of

     good faith. For those who refuse to play nicely with others, cut off all funds,

     especially dollars. Close any bank anywhere that knowingly handles illicit cash. 


10. To ensure world safety from catastrophic malice or more stupid accidents, shutter

      all nuclear plants more than 20 years old and all coastal nuclear reactors on a  

      priority basis. Then decommission all remaining “nukes” – powerplants and bombs 

      – as rapidly as possible.


Add your own insights.    


Too hard? Failure to achieve these reforms expeditiously will render all attempts at applying the brakes mere band-aids stuck onto afterburners. Without adhesive.

bye-bye, wile e



We can and must uninvent our worst mistake and biggest con by abandoning capitalism and a debt-rigged system that allows 8 men to own the same wealth as 3.6 billion people

When in doubt, choose the most empathetic and life-enhancing course, with an eye to the next 10 generations of wild and human lives. Just in case there are any.


Whatever happens, none of us gets out of here alive. Since people and nations tend to attract the energy they put out, what matters in the meantime is everyone showing big hearts and “good bones” (an old Chinese phrase for integrity) in thoughts, intentions and deeds. 

This can be challenging! It helps to celebrate each personal and “Earth team” victory. And to know that tipping points tip both ways.

RememberNothing is separate. 

Recall:        Nearly every species that ever made their home here is extinct. And the

                  survivors are in trouble now. Life is mostly a self-limiting experiment.

                  Whatever the trigger, planets get into snits. Extinction happens. Don’t get

                  over it because this time around, it’s our life-support that's failing. The 

                  other thing wrong with extinction is that it’s forever. 

Repent:       Our crime and culpability is not in "forcing” a borrowed planet past self-

                   regulating thesholds, but in allowing this to continue once we knew.



Rejoice:       Happily, it is never too late to do the right thing every time. I was going

                   to add, “as much as possible" but we’re out of wriggle room.




Thank you.

I am not a robot.


I will not turn away.

I am as free as I dare to be.

Now make it so.









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