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Yes, “Chemtrails” Are For Real

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By William Thomas



When I took the call from Jim Crabtree, managing editor of Environment News Service in December 1998, asking me to look at a video of odd-acting contrails sent from a man named William Wallace living “remote” with his suddenly ailing wife in eastern Washington State, I agreed to check it out. As an ocean sailor, former pilot and member of the U.S. Navy Reserves, I figured I knew a contrail when I saw one…


Little did I know.

When the tape arrived, I put in my girlfriend’s player and pushed play. The jittery tape showed contrails streaming behind a high-flying, multi-engine jet.


About 10 minutes in, we looked at each other and started laughing. “What’s the big deal?” I asked her. “I don’t know,” she replied.  


I reached for the clicker to turn off this time-waster – and stopped with my finger poised. What the… Another jet was in the frame, flying parallel to the first. Passenger jets do not fly in formation! And instead of dissipating like normal condensation trails, these merged, turning a sparkling blue sky into a sullen murky overcast.


Intrigued, I decided to investigate further.


Aerosols-and-Contrail-over-Ontario -Jim Beck photo

Aerosols and contrail over Brampton, Ontario  2002 -Jim Beck 


“MYSTERY CONTRAILS” – January 12, 1999

My first report on this odd phenomenon was carried worldwide by ENS, “Mystery Contrails May Be Modifying Weather” ENS January 12, 1999:


    U.S. Air Force aerial tankers may be causing and seeding clouds to modify the 

    weather. The condensation trails and chemicals spread by these aircraft could be

    what is making some people sick in Tennessee, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New

    York, Nevada, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, Maryland, Oklahoma, Washington state

    and California.


    Tommy Farmer, a former engineering technician with Raytheon Missile Systems, has 

    been tracking patterns of jet contrails phenomena for more than a year. Farmer has

    “positively identified” two of the aircraft most often involved in the aerial spraying

    incidents as a Boeing KC-135 and Boeing KC-10. Both big jets are used by the U.S.

    Air Force for air to air refueling…


    The huge X’s being traced by formations of tanker jets in the sky can be tracked by

    satellite and coordinated with the crossed-beams of ionospheric heaters to heat the

    upper atmosphere – changing its temperature and density and enhancing the

    storm’s effects…


Soon after, a radio producer phoned me and I went on air to be interrogated by an initially skeptical host, Art Bell. When my evidence checked out, I was invited back for many more shows – Bell’s most popular ever, according to Time magazine.


By then, I had introduced “chemtrails” to more than one-million Coast to Coast radio listeners. Little did I guess that this word was about to become a rallying cry for people around the globe, most convinced that something unusual was going on over their heads. Skeptics were equally sure my early reports of “mystery contrails” were a “hoax”.


“Prove it,” they said.


So I did.

Though the information in this article comes from the first decade of my investigation, this early evidence remains the bedrock of my case. Yes, “chemtrails” are real. Geoengineering is already taking place, and has been active for nearly two decades.

Here is what I learned:



Geoengineering over Konstanz, Germany April 22, 2004 -Glenn Boyle


After another 19 years to check out this story, the first question media never asks is: Having spent your lifetime under airliners and their condensation trails without giving either a second glance, why are you staring at the sky now, insisting that these ‘trails are very different?


When I first asked this question, I received more than 1,000 written, emailed phoned replies from everyday folks who found themselves pulling off the highway, or dragging family members to the front windows and pointing to a sky criss-crossed by lingering white plumes.

“It’s just airliners,” the air force insisted, as if none of us had ever seen normal contrails before.


But airliners do not fly grid-formations together, make perfect X’s visible from satellites, or fly head-on passes at each other. Obsessed with making efficient A-B passages along rigidly specified air routes, they do not linger for hours in an area. Nor do scheduled flights suddenly increase for a week, only to vanish for months at a time.




January – August 1999

Clifford Carnicom correlated atmospheric readings by NASA’s Climate Diagnostics Center with 21 days of heavy gridding over Santa Fe, New Mexico. At altitudes where persistent white plumes criss-cross the usually cloudless New Mexico sky, Carnicom found 30% humidity or less – less than half the moisture needed to form contrails.

by Dr. Mike Castle, Polymer Chemist

 Photo by Dr. Mike Castle, polymer chemist 


The first breakthrough pointing toward a possible purpose behind the mystery trails came when environmental consultant Dr. Mike Castle came across a patent filed by Hughes aircraft company in 1991 for the “Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming”.


The patent called for spraying sunlight-reflecting metal oxides, such as aluminum and barium, capable of converting heat trapped by greenhouse gases near the Earth’s surface into far-infrared wavelengths, which then radiate into space. Cautioning that the resulting white skies may be unpopular, the Hughes patent nevertheless suggested that these very tiny metal flakes could be “added to the fuel of jet airliners, so that the particles would be emitted from the jet engine exhaust while the airliner was at its cruising altitude.”


While highly abrasive in larger sizes, a former Alcoa aluminum engineer told this reporter that aluminum in the 10-micron sizes called for in the Hughes patent would simply polish jet turbine blades without harming them. (A human hair is about 100 microns across). The engineer added that this “very fine, talcum-like” aluminum powder would appear as a “pure white plume” in the sky.

Victoria, BC August 15 2010

 Victoria, BC  Aug. 15, 2010 -Will Thomas photo


BYE, BYE NOW – December 8, 2000

Then came a message left on an answering machine in British Columbia’s capitol on December 8, 2000. At the Victoria International Airport, Environment Manager Terry Stewart was responding to a call the previous day from a local resident demanding to know why intense aerial activity left lingering X’s, circles and grid-like plumes over the British Columbia capitol on the previous two days:


“Mark, it’s Terry Stewart, Victoria Airport Authority. Just calling you back from your comment. From what I gather, it’s a military exercise; U.S. and Canadian air force exercise that’s goin’ on. They wouldn’t give me any specifics on it. Hope that helps your interest. Very odd. Thanks a lot. Bye-bye now.” 


Playing this tape on Coast to Coast demolished the “airliner” hoax.


When I followed up with a widely-viewed 30-second commercial for cable TV, the local Canadian Air Force commander was forced to issue a public denial. But I knew a former Canadian Forces jet pilot, who knew a military controller at Canadian Forces Base – who (oops!) confirmed regular overflights by U.S. Air Force tankers.


Ghent, Belgium

Ghent, Belgium


GOVERNMENT / EXPERT REVIEW IPCC-WGIII TAR SOD discussed geoengineering – deliberate, large-scale manipulations of Earth’s geophysical processes. Edward Teller’s computers at Lawrence Livermore national Atom Bomb Labs believe showed that 10 million tons of sunlight-reflecting chemicals spread in the atmosphere “would be sufficient to increase the albedo of the Earth by about 1%.”


But Ken Caldeira, the atmospheric scientist who ran the simulation, told me he worried about “heath effects” from all that particulate fallout. Most of all, he feared the program would “destroy the ozone layer”.



For four months into the winter of 2000, Mark Steadham’s Houston Sky Plume Study meticulously recorded every plane he observed in those Texas capitol skies. Using FAA Flight Explorer, he confirmed whether the aircraft he was viewing was a “heavy” commercial airliner or USAF tanker.


“Most contrails observed were in the 5-20 second range,” Steadham summarized. Fully 80% of confirmed contrails persisted for 30 seconds or less. All of the highly persistent ‘trails were left by military aircraft. And it was too warm and dry at their altitudes for normal condensation to occur.


Steadman’s research showed the average duration of a commercial jet contrail is 15 seconds. Average duration of KC-135 and the KC-10 “non-contrails” at comparable flight altitudes was 6.25 hours.

Geoengineering over Houston 2000

As Chemtrails Confirmed pointed out:


According to the FAA large military aircraft usually transit commercial airspace around 30,000 feet to ensure safe separation from airliners flying at 35,000 to 39,000 feet.


The Air Force confirms that its tankers do not fly at contrail forming altitudes in order to reduce hook-up times for fuel hungry fighters.


So military tanker jets should leave far fewer contrails in lower, warmer air than higher-flying commercial airliners. But Steadham’s study found just the opposite!



01:00 pm ~4-8 hrs.               (military)

01:00 pm 10 seconds             (commercial)




8:50 am  20 seconds              (commercial)

09:00 am ~4-8 hrs.               (military)

09:20 am ~2 1/2 minutes       (commercial)

09:40 am ~4-8 hrs.               (military)



Better ignore that, too. “Debunking” photographs of unusual plumes and patterns left behind big, high-flying jets is always more fun. In a 2016 “study” published by the New Scientist, 77 scientists from the U. of California, Irvine and the Carnegie Institute talked to contrails experts and gazed at pictures on so-called “chemtrails conspiracy” websites, before determining that these were “just planes flying around.


Yep, jest good ol’ usual air traffic, as any klutz can see. Unless mebbe it’s “delayed Christmas traffic,” as the FAA told an ailing Michigan caller… in the spring of 1999.


And just as many air traffic controllers feared, widespread respiratory distress and worse – necessitating visits to a doctor or mass ER admissions – frequently accompanied heavy “laydowns” of 10-micron particles, whose microscopic size the EPA terms, “an extreme human health hazard.” 



“DEEP SKY” – March 12, 2001

Brendt had contacted ATC on that March 12 morning in 2001, after she and her partner Lou Aubuchont (former U.S. Navy intelligence courier) were startled by multiple heavy jets leaving lingering plumes in rural Maine skies normally devoid of commercial air traffic. 


“It looked like an invasion,” Lou recalled. After Brendt had left a message for her boss at WLKZ in Gilford, NH, he called back to say the staff had gone outside and counted a total of 370 crisscrossing jets in a matter of hours.


Phoenix lab test barium May1 2008-rense.com June 14 2008

Phoenix lab test for barium  May1, 2008 (slim graphs show toxic limits)

HR 2977 TO BAN CHEMTRAILS – October 2001

Introduced into Congress by Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich, Space Preservation Act HR2977 called for the peaceful uses of space, and a ban on “exotic weapons”.


Section 7 sought specifically to prohibit “chemtrails”.

Columbus Alive
asked Kucinich why he would introduce a bill banning so-called chemtrails when the U.S. government was routinely denying their existence.


“The truth is there’s an entire program in the Department of Defense, Vision for 2020 that’s developing these weapons,” Kucinich responded. As head of the Armed Services Oversight Committee, he was well acquainted with chemtrail projects.

Dennis Kucinich -Washington Post


HR 3616 OMITS CHEMTRAILS – January 24, 2002

Replacement bill HR3616 was subsequently passed by congress. “The references to chemtrails and the other types of weapons were quietly eliminated,” reported the Akron Beacon Journal.


That same day, Columbus Alive reported Bob Fitrakis added: “Sources close to Kucinich’s new bill, HR 3616, which has been endorsed by some 254 community groups throughout the nation, say the term ‘chemtrail’ was dropped because Kucinich… could not get the Union of Concerned Scientists or the Federation of American Scientists to sign on.”


 Weather Modification As A Force Multiplier -USAF 


JAMES DICKIE & ATC – June 16, 2002

When plants and trees began dying in Edmonton, Alberta in the spring of 2002, Dave Dickie’s city landscape company sent samples for testing. And Dickie kept looking up.


Dickie often visited friends in Air Traffic Control to watch KC-135s spraying over Edmonton. On Father’s Day, 2002, he and a group of young boys watched “Petro 011” and “Petro 012” making circuits in “commanded airspace” from which all other aircraft were excluded. Flying out of Alaska, the big four-engine jets were leaving chemtrails.


“The signature is significant,” commented a radar operator. Clearly visible on his scope, trail extended for miles behind a KC-135. In contrast, a Japan Airlines flight left no trail.


Going outside, Dickie and several controllers easily located the KC-135 leaving its “signature” white plume. The JAL airliner at a similar flight level left no contrail at all. “We see these guys up here a lot,” the radar techs told Dickie.


Barium rain runoff into Delaware intake for NY City watersupply  Aug. 2012 -TV news cameraman’s name withheld


EDMONTON LAB TEST – November 14-23, 2002 

The soil analysis submitted by Dave Dickie’s World Landscapes company came back with a high EC rating 4-7 (highly toxic). City specifications call for a reading no higher than 1.


A follow-up lab test of snow samples collected in a sterilized container confirmed elevated levels of aluminum and barium. Norwest Labs lab report #336566 found:


q  aluminum levels: 0.148 milligrams/litre

q  barium levels: 0.006 milligrams/litre


Matching the Hughes patent.


“It is the scientific opinion of the lab that the aluminum content of the sample is high and unusual,” NorWest Labs reported.




Two Lawrence Livermore scientists at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base told Columbus Alive they were conducting two aerial spraying experiments:


·      One project sprays sunlight-reflective aluminum oxide to slow global   warming.

·      The other spreads barium to bounce radar and radio beams over the horizon.


chemtrails - justinwrites.files.wordpress.com

Geoengineering aerosols present an extreme health hazard - justinwrites.files/wordpress


Download my book: Chemtrails Confirmed  

 Why Geoengineering Isn't Working

Part 1: Unfair Fight

Why Geoengineering Isn't Working

Part 2: Geoengineers Vs. The World

For up-to the-minute geoengineering reporting, visit Dane Wigington’s website. In one telling encounter, a NOAA scientist told Dane during a face-to-face conversation: “We know the climate engineering is going on, and we are alarmed as hell. We don’t know what to do as we have no first amendment protection because we are government scientists.  


At least two air force tanker pilots and one crew chief independently and informally confirmed their geoengineering missions. For obvious reasons, they declined to go on record.

More detailed emails regarding “Operation Cloverleaf” from self-described insiders had their flying jargon right, but could not be confirmed. (In one case, I asked for and did not receive a squadron ballcap as proof of a purported pilot's story. Too bad as his detailed account of weather front flying sounded accurate to this former pilot’s ears.)

And so it goes on. According to U.S. scientists, the second biggest experiment in human history is about to “begin”.

The biggest experiment, of course, is global heating itself. 

And as activists and individual consumers, we can do something about this immediately. 

Meanwhile, lawsuits to stop the geoengineers’ two-decades of sky thefts are pending.

Look up. 

Look out.

And ask yourself: If my government’s been doing this without telling me, what other crimes are they perpetrating? 

As the Hopi say, in this Time of Great Purification, no lies will remain hidden.

And as Aldous Huxley reminds us: "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."

chemtrails-sailing -whitewraithe.files.wordpress.com

Geoengineering regatta -whitewraithe.files/wordpress 

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