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Geoengineering “Chemtrails” The Ultimate Rorschach?

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By William Thomas



When I broke the story of those mysterious lines in North American skies for the worldwide Environment News Service in December 1997, and then went on to introduce the shorthand tag, “chemtrails” in a series of Coast to Coast radio shows with Art Bell beginning in January the following year, I never imagined that this phenomenon would continue to “grow legs” over the next two decades, resulting in five-million four-hundred-ten-thousand Google hits for “chemtrails” on September 6, 2017.


As the “Father of Chemtrails” I also could not have anticipated how this blatant program to reflect incoming sunlight and slow the rate of global heating would be used to “explain” just about every malady and malfunction known to humankind, while promoting everything from space aliens to a dating website.


An award-winning, practicing professional journalist since 1967, I spent the following decade researching a story vilified by the corporate “mainscream” media – even as it was being verified by government aviation officials in both the USA and Canada. [See my “Best Evidence” sidebar.]


chemtrails crisscross



Photoshop fakers were soon adding nozzles to the wings of airliners. And to my chagrin, actual photos of misidentified military C-130 fuselage spray tanks for coca crop eradication in Central America are still being posted as “proof” of high-flying geoengineering jets.  


chemtrails Photshopped fake

Photshopped NASA photo

While it may be too much to expect obsolete journalistic rigor from websites treating the wildest speculation as “facts”, nearly two decades of Internet hysteria continues to poison a topic even more contentious than UFO’s. Mashup both scenarios and we find that an 18- year-old “Astral Traveller Confirms Chemplanes Utilize UFO Technologies”.


Who knew that “the chemtrail program is extra-terrestrial” intended to “maintain control over the Earth”? Soon we’re hearing from no less an authority than someone or something named Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone that “the chemplanes can make the trip” to their moonbase “in a blink.”


At this cringe-point, I start to shrink beneath my desk.




Personal embarrassment does not begin to describe the dismay I feel today at how the very program launched primarily to combat climate change is now being used to justify climate change denial.


Which brings us to Harvey.   


Hurricane Irma destruction on the Dutch Caribbean island of Sint Maarten. © Gerben Van Es : AFP

Hurricane Irma slams Saint Maarten -Gerben Van Es/AFP


This unprecedented hurricane – along with even more powerful Irma stomping Barbuda before targeting a climate-denying president’s resorts less than two weeks later – are indelible textbook examples of how a warming world is amplifying naturally-occurring hurricanes into mega-monster storms.

Outerbands of Hurricane Irma each Miami  Sept 9, 2017 -Joe Raedle Getty:AFP

Irma’s outer windbands coming ashore at Miami Sept 9, 2017 -Joe Raedle Getty/AFP.

While ISIS hails this “Soldier of Allah”, don’t forget hurricanes Jose and Katia, trailing right behind in a Twlight Zone trifecta:

Hurricanes Irma, Joes (trailng) and Katia  -US Navy:Global Look Press

Hurricanes Irma, Jose (trailng) and Katia in Atantic -US Navy/Global Look 


But instead of learning the lessons of the looming climate shift threat, what do we see online? “Hurricane Harvey was fastidiously manufactured and directed at Texas... This meteorological fact is now self-evident.”


Where did all that rain come from? Was Harvey supercharged by anything we might be doing? Could Harvey’s duration and intensity over South Texas have anything to do with a fractured jet stream, resulting in “stuck” weather patterns across the USA? Or abnormally hot Gulf water? Or a record-warming atmosphere holding much more water vapor?


Of course not! Going online we learn instead that Harvey was artificially manufactured and deliberately steered over Texas because the Lone Star state has been “at the forefront of the anti-illegal immigration movement” blocking border-jumping “Wahhabi jihadists”.


And because “Texas has been ground zero for the ‘War on Drugs’.” And because “Texas has led the country against” the “LGBTQ agenda.” Plus, to increase oil prices!


Hurricane Harvey off Texaa coast  Aug 25, 2017 -International Space Station:NASA

Hurricane Harvey off Texaa coast  Aug 25, 2017 

-International Space Station/NASA

But Harvey was not only retribution air-shipped by “the globalists” to mess with Texans. Dave Daubenmire is quick to remind us that this hurricane “is divine punishment on Houston for abortion and for recently having a lesbian mayor.” (Certainly not karma collection for millions of murdered, maimed and displaced families across the Middle East.)


Even worse, “the ruse of ‘global climate change’ has actually been contrived using geoengineering techniques.” Along with an often-scapegoated sun (which science shows is actually lessening global heating), Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2.


In fact, NASA scientists have found that carbon dioxide – not geoengineering aerosols – remains "the chief control knob governing Earth’s temperature." But, of course, they’re part of the conspiracy, too.


Never mind. August 26 brought the next big reveal: “Weather Terrorists Engineer Hurricane Harvey For Maximum Destruction”.


Reading on, we “learn” that “hurricane Harvey was being targeted with microwave RF… superheating various areas near its center [and] disrupting the convective process in the storm” – which would have turned off the elevator for its fuel supply, causing Harvey to fizzle and collapse.


Despite this contradiction, “this storm was allowed to move into Texas unimpeded.”


Wait. I thought it was steered there.


Turns out, it was! As Climate Central explains, “what dictates the motion of a storm is actually the surrounding air masses. Technically the steering winds. In the case of Sandy this was a combination of a high and low pressure pair over the north Atlantic, and the Jet Stream.” Amplified by our own heedless emissions.


Those killjoys at Metabunk also can’t refrain from mentioning how surrounding wind systems control the trajectory of the storm. 

residential area, Garland/Rowlett, Texas after EF4 tornado



What if we are the biggest “Weather Terrorists”? What if our coal-fired power plants, jammed roadways, fleets of cargo ships, 30,000/day airline flights, chemical-smothered farms and unregulated military emissions are the biggest geoengineers?


But who wants to take personal or corporate responsibility for our own complicity in dizzily-multiplying extreme weather events?


Never mind. For two-and-a-half years this hyperventilating YouTube channel has issued daily reports “showing how weather manipulation in the form of satellite-based microwave and/or laser transmitters are used to generate on-demand high pressure to steer and/or super-heat and kill large storms and hurricanes.”


A good trick since lasers are scattered by atmospheric dust, microwaves have zero effect on barometric pressure, and the continuous heating required to generate and sustain vast high-pressure systems are produced only by the sun.


Never mind. On August 28: “Tropical Storm Harvey Cornered w/High Pressure; Historic Rain Totals; Houston Underwater!


Sound the buzzer! Get the prize! Harvey was stalled in place by high pressure speedbumps supplied by the jet stream looping far south of its pre-warming position.


But reading on, we’re next informed that those pesky “microwave transmitters” forced “descending air into weather systems to either generate blockades or to destroy supercells.”



HAARP array in Gakona, Alaska

What exactly was the mechanism that transferred “microwave” heat to Harvey’s storm cells? Couldn’t be the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program because this ionospheric heater transmits between 2.7 and 10 MHz, generating only HF, LF and VLF frequencies. Sorry. No microwaves.


And as HAARP’s inventor Bernard Eastland pointed out in an email to me, in order to heat and influence the surrounding air mass HAARP’s Radio Frequency transmissions must target frequency-sized polymers introduced into storm systems. [Chemtrails Confirmed by William Thomas]


Pop Quiz: How many polymers would it take to continuously seed a superstorm spanning the Gulf?


Never mind. The Internet insists that Hurricane Harvey was a WEATHER WARFARE EVENT fueled by three water-vapor-forming “Cooling Towers” as a “pretext” for “more geoengineered weather disasters” so that FEMA can “impose martial law and imprison the population.”


Proof? Evidence? Is there martial law in Houston, where residents (like members of my family) are actually helping each other?




In this era of nothing matters and anything goes, just because something isn’t happening doesn’t mean it isn’t happening!


Clicking gingerly onto State of The Nation, we run head-on into Bush Senior’s New World Order, the budding One World Government, and a “Global Carbon Control Matrix”.


Strangely enough, European countries are already making the switch away from carbon-burning because a planet otherwise on track for a 4C temperature rise in the near-term will no longer support any civilization dependent on food and water. And because renewable energy is, in many countries, already cheaper than nuclear and coal-fired power plants.


Never mind. “They want you to believe that this is an overarching planetary climate pattern directly caused by human activity, specifically anthropogenic CO2 generation.”



But aren’t ‘they’ the ones disputing overwhelming consensual climate science with billion-dollar disinformation campaigns to derail clean energy and shore-up the eroding Oil Mafia monopoly?




Actually, as Dr. Richard Alley puts it, “If you were to ask how much of the warming that we see recently has been caused by our greenhouse gasses, it’s a little more than all of it.” 




But don’t fret. TRUMP STOPS CHEMTRAILS by “executive order”. Thank the climate devas! We can all go back to sleep.


But not before discovering on this same website: “Solar Eclipse was Simply a Test: TURNING OFF THE SUN.”


Also, that “Fake Chemtrail Planes” are really Holographic Shapeshifters Hiding UFOs (!!!) These, it turns out, are “fake, sometimes invisible, shapeshifting ‘planes’ cloaked to hide UFOs as they spray chemicals.”


Is Planet X Biblical?

Nibiru cloaked with Chemtrails



John Legend Almost Broke Up with Chrissy Teigen Years Ago, But She Said 'No'



Blac Chyna Shows Off Curves in Miami with Boyfriend Mechie


Pardon me for asking, but who are John Legend, Chrissy, Chyna and Mechie? And what do Chyna’s “curves,” delightful as they undoubtedly are, have to do with Solar Radiation Management?




Why not? Awake Dating bills itself as the first online dating site for “conspiracy theorists”. The list of “truthers” seeking simpatico schmoozing with other “awoken” ones ranges from Illuminati, Underground Bases and Freemasonry fans to Population Control, Mind Control, Flat Earthers, Hollow Earthers, Planet X’ers, and – you guessed it – “Chemtrail theorists”.




Can we find any sanity over at Geoengineering Watch?  After asking if “power plant cooling towers are really being covertly used to supply the moisture” for a weather system that “dropped over 25 TRILLION gallons of water in Texas and Louisiana,” my friend Dane Wigington goes on to remark: “Deluges and catastrophic floods are increasing all over the globe, what are the primary factors?”


Dane’s answer: More evaporation from a warming planet and warming seas (which climate engineering is making worse overall, not better).” 


[Latest Houston rain update: Slurped from Gulf waters nearly hot enough to cook fish, an estimated 35 trillion gallons of rainwater formed enough standing lakes to refuel Harvey in place.]


By screwing with storm fronts and rainfall patterns, and constantly whacking the global climate system like a tethered piñata, Chaos Theory teaches that geoengineering aerosols can only be making our short- and long-term weather “worse overall”.


But when it comes to “global dimming” and atmospheric warming, as climate scientist David Travis discovered beneath unusually “bright blue and clear” skies in the three days following 9/11, when all airliners were grounded over the USA – the abrupt cessation of water-vapor contrails resulted in a sudden temperature jump of just over 1C. Even as aerial geoengineering continued.


“From a climate perspective that is huge,” Travis told the BBC. The fact that temperatures warmed that quickly with the removal from the skies of airliner contrails (and many “chemtrails”) demonstrates the cooling effects of all sunlight-scattering aerosols.


But all this sun-dimming is not braking the runaway global warming train. Year-after-year, temperatures exceed the “hottest year on record.”


Landing through Tornadoes at Sochi -RT

landing at Sochi, Sept. 2017 -RT


Lunacy like the examples above may (or may not!) provoke knee-slapping glee. But trivializing well-documented evidence of ongoing geoengineering enables profitable petroleum pollution to turn the interacting world ocean and atmosphere into engines of our demise. Unless you happen to live happily on the ocean seafloor dining on sulfur vents.


If you happen to be an air-breather incapable of living underwater in places like Miami and Shanghai, twisting the original intent behind the late Edward Teller’s planetary “sunscreen” into blaming climate change on geoengineering only worsens this in-our-faces threat by flipping the scientific consensus on Anthropogenic Climate Disruption into Anthropogenic Climate Denial.


hot John Vizcaino : Reuters

-John Vizcaino/Reuters


Even if black is now white, up is down, and reflecting daytime sunlight somehow increases solar heating, tanker aircraft laying down mirror-like aluminum oxide plumes every minute of every day could not begin to approach the heat-trapping effects of the estimated 10 billion tons of carbon released into Earth’s atmosphere every year from burning old dinosaur bones and chainsawing the last dwindling forests.


"Our climate system is in early stages of abrupt climate change," warns Professor Paul Beckwith, who studies abrupt climate shifts in the paleoclimatology record.


Sept 6/17 carbon-warped ridge-trough pattern increases likelihood of “stuck” extreme weather events from polar warming by human-caused climate change. -Earth Nullschool

"What happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic," Beckwith goes on to explain. "The rapidly warming Arctic relative to the rest of the planet (5 to 8 times the average global temperature rise) is decreasing the temperature gradient between the Arctic and the equator" – dislocating the jet stream.



Calling the Arctic “the Achilles heel in our climate system," he points out, "as the methane concentrations increase in the Arctic from the large warming rates there in both the atmosphere and ocean, the jet streams will be greatly disrupted even more than now."


Unfortunately for the reality-averse, physical laws don’t care what anyone “believes”.


"Physics,” Beckwith adds, “dictates that this will continue to increase the frequency, severity and duration of extreme weather events like torrential rains leading to widespread flooding in some regions and droughts in other regions.”


But drowning south Texas, Florida and much of Asia pales next to what’s coming if climate change continues to be blamed on “chemtrails”. Further acceleration of these processes is very likely to lead to “abrupt climate change,” Beckwith reminds us, resulting in a global temperature average that will be 5 or 6 degrees Celsius warmer within one to two decades – “as has occurred many times in the past."


Say WHAT?? Did this deep-past climate expert just predict civilization-ending temperatures in one or two decades if the methane bomb goes off?

Siberian tundra burning

Siberian tundra burning near the Baird Mountains


Turns out, an estimated 1,850 billion metric tons of frozen methane is starting to thaw from Arctic tundra. As much as 10-times more methane hydrates are also stirring on the fast-warming Arctic Ocean seafloor. (We more clever than wise hominids have created ongoing climate mayhem after releasing 240 billion tons of carbon since the Industrial Revolution began.)


Thing is, on a 100-year timescale, methane is 23 times as powerful as CO2 per molecule. And 105 times more potent when it comes to heating the Arctic for the first 20-years, releasing still more methane in a runaway feedback loop.


We do not want to go there. Because it looks like massive methane releases led to the “slate-wiping” extinction of approximately 95% of all species on Earth 250 million years ago.


"The Great Dying" was triggered by at least 3 million cubic-kilometers of lava erupting from a region called the Siberian Traps, layering a 4-kilometer-thick stack of congealed lava over 4-million-square-mies of Earth. Related air pollution spiked world temperatures at least 6C. This, in turn, melted vast frozen methane deposits, forcing atmospheric temperatures to “skyrocket” even further. [The Ends Of The World]


Even though our current emission totals are smaller, it’s the rate at which CO2 levels exceed the ability of the world ocean and biosphere to absorb them that matters most.


And we are taking that dubious prize. As geochronologists Seth Burgess and Samuel Bowring warn, “The conclusion is stark: we are outgassing carbon dioxide at the same (or greater) rate” as those prehistoric Siberian Traps, “whose overall effects killed most of life on Earth at the end of the Permian.”


Heating  -NOAA

 global temperatures

Arctic sea-ice: less ice = faster warming


In 2013, Natalia Shakhova, a scientist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, reported that the submerged East Siberian Arctic Shelf was venting at least 17 million tons of methane into the atmosphere each year.


So was the Arctic tundra.


The following year, her seagoing research partner, Professor Igor Semiletov observed 500 abnormal fields of methane emissions bubbling the Arctic sea like seltzer.


Siberian tundra burning

Siberian tundra burning

In 2016, scientists on Belvy Island discovered methane pouring out of the thawing permafrost at roughly 200 times normal. These releases coincided with a massive summer heatwave 7-8C above-normal across Siberia, along with massive wildfires and temperatures in the long Arctic winter darkness 20C above “normal”.


Shakhova warns that a 50-gigaton methane "burp" from beneath the fast-warming East Siberian sea is "highly possible at any time."


Burgess and Samuel Bowring conclude, “If anyone can think of a better incentive to clean our act up than that” – and stop blaming climate change on geoengineering – “let's hear it.”




Never mind implacable geophysics. Over at Chemtrails News, Mike Adams sticks another pin in the climate deniers’ favorite voodoo doll, sneering: “Al Gore believes hurricanes are created by Man” abetted by “his quack science Church of Climatology.”


elderly woman who wished to remain unidentified drinks after she was brought by firefighters to the Saint Antoine hospital in Paris during a 2003 heatwave. - Franck Prevel:AP

hospitlilized elderly survivor of 2003 Paris heatwave - Franck Prevel/AP

The same “quackery” we can only assume that is blow-torching the polar ice sheets, sending worldwide temperatures to lethal levels, raising sea-levels, intensifying storms, and triggering record-breaking floods and droughts across the globe.


Oh, and turning the ocean covering most of this planet into a 328-million cubic-mile basin of vinegar that will soon be incapable of supporting life. Including our outraged descendents and the offspring of all currently surviving species.


Remember them? 


Socrates was right, some 2,500 years ago, when he implored everyone to question everything. Demanding proof is not the same as the current popular injunction to believe whatever you want to believe.


Guess what? The irrefutable realities of ongoing geoengineering in the skies overhead, torrential rain “weather bombs”, climate chaos, and what scientists are now calling “biological annihilation” don’t care what anyone “believes”.


Jesus, as they say, wept.


So does this “old man” of chemtrails.


See my Geoengineering "Chemtrails” Best Evidence

aerosol suppression


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