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Canadian RCMP Welcome Refugees From Somalia


#  Trudeau Mired In The Tar Sands

#  Border Camp Opened For U.S. Refugees

#  USA Losing Immigrant Talent To Canada

#  GMO Salmon “Tested” On Canadians

Air Canada flight 759 (ACA 759) flies just above a United Airlines flight waiting on the taxiway at the San Francisco International Airport on July 7 in this image released by the National Transportation Safety Board. NTSB via AP

#  Air Canada 3-Feet From Record Disaster

Listen to ATC (1 min)

#  Canada Votes ‘No' To Anti-Nazi Resolution

# 1 Year Into Canada’s Assisted Dying Law

#  Happy 18th Birthday, Canada!

#  Trump Asylum Seekers Flooding Canada

#  Climate Hope Blooming In Canada

#  Over 120 Terminally Ill Canadians Choose 

     Euthanasia Since Law Passed

#  Canada Fights Trump On Lumber & Dairy

#  Carbon tax - Vancouver’s Solution

#  Shadier Side Of Justin Trudeau

#  Mass Graves In Canada

#  Will Justin Trudeau Kill The Earth?

#  Almost Half Of Canadians Want Illegal 

    Border Crossers Deported

#  Quebec Does It Better With Co-Ops

#  Euthanasia Legal In Canada - 120 Depart

#  Canada To Legalize Pot In 1018

#  Canada Extends Tar Sands Pipe To Pacific

#  Interent Access Declared A Basic “Right"

#  Canada Is Not What You Think

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