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 Brace For Financial Impact 

Updated Mar 9

High gas prices are displayed at a Mobil station across the street from the Beverly Center on March 7, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. © Mario Tama : Getty Images

Mobil station on March 7, 2022 in Los Angeles -Mario Tama/Getty


US, Europe Committing Financial Suicide As Their Citizenry Cheers

Op Ed

by William Thomas

A world financial catastrophe is blowing up over a country that Ukrainian-flag-draped American virtue-signallers so stubbornly ignored, while arming fanatical “Ukronazi” forces over the eight years following Vicky Nuland's bloody Maidan coup. The subsequent vicious shelling of the Donbass by the infamous Azov Battalion butchered as many as 20,000 ethnic Russian Ukranian citizens. 

Even more destabilizing than Western desires to goad Russia into a mega-propagandized PR disaster, is the prompt meltdown of the US, UK and EU leadership and their hysteria-driven scramble “to punish Russia” by destroying themselves. The resulting knee-jerk, self-harming moves are already inflicting considerable and lasting damage to the world’s financial circulatory systems. And these cascading consequence are worsening by the hour. 

As Alexander Mercouris explains in the video below, illegally freezing the assets of a G20 central bank has put all central bankers on notice that Washington could “pull a Trudeau” on them at any time and freeze their accounts, too. As a result, world trade is convulsing, with no big bank willing to risk financing vital flows of goods to and from Russia. 

At the same time, major US companies heavily invested in Russia over decades are pulling out in a “patriotic” rush, apparently intended to back Kiev's gangster regime and American-built bioweapons labs. Not only will their own profit margins and ability to access strategic manufacturing materials get hammered, the loss of Western financing and expertise will force the Russian people into becoming even more self-reliant on their own tech and vast resources. 

The really bitter divorce is Russia from the West. Will Americans never learn that when taking an axe to repeated offers of cooperation and tightly interwoven finance and supply chains, an exceptionally self-absorbed nation, rejecting all counsel and insistent on going it alone, will inevitably bring down the global house around everyone's ears? 

Going to zero. World’s largest shipping companies suspend bookings to and from Russian suppliers -topstocksforecast.com

As Washington and Germany’s stunningly ill-considered countermoves bite hard, five of the world’s six biggest shipping lines have ceased shipping goods to and from Russia. This is huge news. And it is already impacting you.

It’s nearly planting time! Turns out the world largely depends on Russia and Ukraine’s wheat and corn, while also heavily relying on Belarus’ potash and urea required to make fertilizers. Plus the neon gas needed to make semiconductors — all now curtailed because an administration headed by a dementia patient is really being run by neocons driven blind by their visceral hatred of Vladimir Putin for blocking their systematic looting of Russia following the Yeltsin era. 

Worldwide “unrest” is brewing as already scare supplies of fertilizer are priced beyond the reach of Africa, the Global South, and many American farmers. Thanks to US sanctions on Belarus, the collapse of an already crippled semiconductor industry is only going to add to the pain. 

And Russia has yet to fully respond with trade embargoes of its own.  


Never mind. That’ll teach 'em to respond to an existential threat on their border, after Washington and Kiev tore up the Minsk accords they both signed and threatened to aim nuclear missiles at Moscow, 10-minutes’ flight time away. 

One unanticipated glitch is that Putin cooly takes his opponent’s measure long before engaging. After issuing many clearly enunciated “red line” warnings — and seeing them not only ignored but tested — a jujitsu black belt acts decisively. And never bluffs. 

And that’s another problem. Because the reality-based Russians have remained at least 20 steps ahead of Western governments in their detailed preparations. Unlike the West, Moscow’s contingency planning can rely upon a unified populace and vast oil, gold and grain reserves. Being cut off from Western markets is already prompting Russian suppliers to redirected their exports of oil and grains to the emerging markets of Greater Eurasia, where extensive inter-nation trade and non-aggression treaties have already been signed

Whom do you think is going to suffer more?

So Long -kissmekwik.co.uk

The violent disarming and “denazification” of the former Tsarist and Soviet Ukraine is seeing an East-West apartheid gathering unstoppable momentum. Goodby globalism! Bye-bye US military hegemony, conclusively revealed to the world as a tissuepaper tiger. Within 6-12 months, goodbye Euro. And NATO, which is started to splinter. And adios to the dollar as the world reserve currency, as the USA “economy” revs up supersonic money printing and tottering unpayable debt. 

Fed-up attempting to initiate dialogue with its Western “partners”, Russia is pivoting east. Where will the West turn as spiralling inflation segues into a Depression deeper than any previous cratering? No rescue can be forthcoming over so many hastily burned and dynamited bridges of mutually beneficial trade and (too much) Russian good will.        [poster -Kissmekwik.co.uk]

“I should not have waited so long,” Putin said on the first day of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

Now Washington and NATO are discussing cutting off all Russian oil imports on which their nations depend. Talk about sawing off the branch you’re barely dangling from! Beijing will be delighted to purchase this windfall, further deepening ties with Moscow. And once those contracts are signed, there will be no return of Russian “back gold” to American shores and that empty German pipeline.

Meanwhile, after refusing to back US-led UN condemnation of Russia for invoking Article 51, part 7 of the UN Charter condoning legitimate self-defense, India is moving to strengthen the ruble in its trade with Russia. This is huge. As Andrei Martyanove also points out, even France, after declaring war on itself at Washington’s behest, is muttering about maybe leaving its corporations in Russian a while longer... 


Great moves guys and gals in London, Washington, Ottawa, Germany and the already fracturing NATO block! Did I mention your rapidly-unraveling Covid narratives... and the anger these revelations are generating? This is beginning to look more like a systems crash than a great reset.          

William Thomas Mar 6-7, 2022

               Worldwide Inflation Surges -Mercouris.                 44:26

World Must Prepare For Skyrocketing Food-Prices And Food-Shortage

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Russia and Ukraine together produce nearly one-quarter of the world’s wheat, feeding billions of people in the form of bread, pasta and packaged foods. With major shipping lines cutting ties to Russia and the UK banning shipments from Russia, the global food supply is now permanently disrupted.

Some Key Information:

  • Nearly half of the world’s container ships will no longer sail to and from Russia, from food and metals to clothing and electronics. This has lasting implications for food supplies.
  • All shipments of agricultural commodities from Ukraine have been halted. 
  • Grain trade from Russia has also come to a halt,
  • Ports [will] not allow Russian ships to unload their goods.
  • If the conflict lasts longer… wheat will have to be rationed.  -Rio Times Mar 2, 2022

                           EU Declares Food Crisis -IceAgeFarmer                        14:20

System Collapse... the Duran Locals  (sign up for free; play as you work)                             3:28:07



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