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German politicians have attempted to legislate the BDS movement in support of Palestinian rights out of existence. Anne Paq ActiveStills

68th year of the Nabka in Germany, May 15, 2016. The ‘Catastrophe’ refers to dispossession of more than 700,000 Palestinians in 1948

Please Boycott the following companies, products and events by keeping your wallet in your pocket.

Take Action Now: Every withheld ‘Dollar of Conscience’ counts.

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People protest against the merger of Germany's Bayer with US seeds and agrochemicals company Monsanto © Wolfgang Rattay : Reuters

People protest merger of Germany's Bayer with US Monsanto -Wolfgang Rattay/Reuters


#  Do Boycott & Divestment Work?

#  Coke Advertises, “Greeting Death"

#  World’s Top 5 “Most Evil” Corporations

#  Japan Declares All-Out War On Whales

#  Canadians Respond To Trump Insults With


#  Over 400 Cities Protest Monsanto GMOs

#  Boycott Israel Now! We Are All BDS

#  Meet The World’s "Most Evil" Corps.

#  Boycott Facebook, Google, Twitter Now

#  DuPont Hid Severe Teflon Poisons From

     Public For Decades

#  Starbucks' Dirty Secret

#  Boycott These 3 Body-Shaming


#  Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper Sued Over

     Misleading Diet Soda Ads

#  Another Billion Plastic Coke Bottles

#  McDonald’s Continues To Deforest Amazon

#  Tyson Tied To Record Ocean Dead Zone

#  No Flood Relief In Dickinson, Texas If You

     Boycott Israel

#  Tokyo 2020 Olympics Pillaging Rainforests

#  3 Mega-Mergers Threaten Water, Food, 


#  McDonald’s Chicken Torture Horrors

#  Boycott Junk Food Imperialism

#  Pink Floyd Founder On Boycott, 

     Divestment, Sanctions

#  Coca-Cola Sucks Wells Dry In Chiapis

#  Boycott Hellman’s War On Healthy

    Food Alternatives

# USA Begging For World Sanctions 

# Dump Nike!

Killing Wild Lives For Palm Oil

#  Pepsi, McDonalds, Nestle, Kellogs Driving

     Elephants To Extinction For Palm Oil

#  100 Companies - 71% Of Global Emissions

#  Israel’s Apartheid Regime -UN

#  Israel Ignores Its Bloody Wars

#  How Israel Controls U.S. News, Policies

#  Palestinians Call For Pizza Hut Boycott

#  Help Slay The Tyson Foods Monster

#  Nestle Water Grabs Threatening Local 


#  BP Spill Caused $17.2 Billion Damage

#  Corporate Backers Of Hate

#  Corporations Controlling This Planet

#  Big Banks Funding Oil Tar Pipelines

#  These Brands Destroying Critical Elephant 


#  Coca-Cola Opposes Efforts to Reduce 

     Plastic Waste

 Coca-Cola Sponsors Cruelty To Animals


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