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People Just Want To Be Heard



Ignore Them At Your Peril

by William Thomas

That didn’t take long. Even as CNN calls for the “cleansing” of all dissenters, and Pelosi’s posse rushes to impose instant impeachment vengeance, the Bidenites are already talking about “crackdowns” and “domestic terror provisions” and stringent “Internet control.” 

The ventriloquist dummy with a nasty temper attempted to “heal the country” by calling all election protesters “insurrectionists” and “domestic terrorists”. Acting exceptionally presidential, Biden reached for another pail of gasoline, remarking, “no one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol.” 


That’ll work.

The brief and riotous occupation of the White House was America's Reichstag Fire, stoked by Trump’s calls for a “wild” time in DC and incited by known Antifa and BLM organizers – men like Jake Angeli and John Earle Sullivan – to set up Trump and his 80 million voters for a final takedown before the DNC-Big Tech crackdown. Was Black Liberation Movement organizer Matthew Bruce  arrested five-times “for his role in protests and demonstrations since June”  also present?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Whether it’s long-established neighborhood stores and livelihoods put to the torch during a summer of “politicially correct” mayhem and murder, or scandalously vandalizing “the people’s house" last burned to the ground by aggrieved Canadians, mobs + chaos = bad juju. Especially when the cops are stood down and battalions of NFL linebackers dressed like riot police are mostly absent and slow to appear.

After four years of relentless pursuit, calumny and persecution, the old stag was finally brought down. Slavering enemies and virtue-signallers hoping to avoid the coming repression are all piling on after hundreds of Americans with legitimate grievances walked into a trap intended to forever discredit Trump and his supporters. Which is roughly half the country.   


In the end, five people were reported killed. 

At whose hands? And to what ends? Trump supporters are not anti-cop. In towns and cities across America, many of them are cops.


In comparing this epic photo-op to Pearl Harbor and 9/11, Republican Kurt Bardella unintentionally got it right. Both attacks on the U.S. were known in advance and allowed to happen. Just like in the curiously unprotected White House. [Days of Deception by William Thomas]


Meanwhile, the dems have sworn to "liquidate" the GOP, while pledging that the Republican Party will “never win a state or federal election for a generation” – after another anomalous vote spike in Georgia mysteriously handed the state Senate to the Dems, thereby ensuring all three branches of the Federal Government will now be controlled by the Democrats (sic). 


Weird, since Georgia remains a deeply “red state” with all three branches of its government formerly and firmly under elected Republican rule – since 1992! This is the state with the “smoking gun” video showing poll watchers being ushered out – and the count continuing. As ABC and NBC reported. Election officials like Frances Watson, chief investigator for the Georgia secretary of state, say the poll monitors and media simply decided to go home in the middle of the count. But those same poll watchers signed sworn affidavits that they were told to leave because that counting was over for the night. The media was told the same thing.

Of course, Georgia voters were promised Trump's $2,000 stimulus check if they voted Democrat in the Senate run-off...

Arkansas Trump supporter, Richard Bennett, shown with feet up on Pelosi's desk, arrested. -Getty

Arkansas Trump supporter, Richard Bennett, shown with feet up on Pelosi's desk. Now arrested. -Getty


Tellingly, in hours of “insurrection” coverage, only independent reporters asked the “protestors” why the heck hundreds of thousands of them had come to DC. 


Jimmy Dore – among others – is asking why the Pentagon refused Trump's request for the National Guard… why there was hardly any police presence to face of an expected “million person” march on DC… and why the DC cops escorted busloads of Antifa into the capitol. (see video on my homepage)

Was this an attempted coup, uprising, civil war, sedition? Nope, writes Glenn Greenwald: “There was zero chance that the few hundred people who breached the Capitol could overthrow the U.S. Government – the most powerful, armed and militarized entity in the world – nor did they try.”


The violent interruption of vital congressional business by a citizenry fed up with being mocked and ignored did manage to scuttle the only chance Trump fans had of objecting GOP senators blocking electoral votes before they could be cast. After images of a country consuming itself were broadcast worldwide, no senator objected to the election results. 

So that didn’t work.    

Law enforcement officers scuffle with protestors attempting to enter US Capitol. -Jim Bourg:Reuters

Law enforcement officers scuffle with protestors attempting to enter US Capitol. -Jim Bourg/Reuters


Was this a violent protest? Heck no! To use the DNC’s own metric, it was another “mostly peaceful protest” in which five people  including an Air Force veteran and a police offier  mostly peacefully were killed. 

Did these “domestic terrorists”  Trumpsters and Antifa alike  break the law? Yes. The worst kind. Federal law. During a period of super-illegal “insurrection”. 


But when a pigeon couldn’t land on the White House lawn without triggering a full SWAT response, after a massive police presence faced off against BLM/Soros supporters in DC last summer, just how exactly did such a motley crew of reportedly “polite” and unorganized trespassers gain access to the freaking White House – where they initially encountered relaxed capitol cops and a uniformed tour guide carrying a radio. 

Then came chaos and panic in the Senate chambers. Facial recognition imagery, subsequent arrests, and accounts from eyewitnesses who booed and attempted to physically restrain Antifa from smashing White House windows indicate that a rally with no intention of “storming the White House” was hijacked  initially by two unidentified men taunting the unauthorized lawn party through bull horns. 

If that’s what actually went down, it worked. Google, Twitter and Facebook are pulling up the social network drawbridges  though one day after Twitter banned the president “due to the risk of further incitement of violence,” the social media company let “Hang Mike Pence” trend on its platform. A nationwide alert for “Trump sympathizers” is already underway. And Trump's final crucifixion is being arranged with unseemly haste to forestall any possible resurrection.   

(see The Saker's excellent intelligence analysis and eyewitness account)


Lectern Man, Adam Johnson busted in Florida -Win McNamee:Getty

Lectern Man, Adam Johnson busted in Florida -Win McNamee/Getty


Meanwhile, when BLM, Antifa, and others happily torched U.S. cities for three months – Pelosi, Cuomo, the DNC and the corporate media cheered them on. Just as they inflamed violent Hong Kong protests, and cheered on civil unrest in Iran, Egypt and Syria during the “Arab Spring”.


Now, suddenly, when American citizens similarly march on the White House demanding to be heard… “people power” and the “voices of democracy” are horrible, terrible, scary, unhinged, stamp-them-out-forever, baaad. Let's never ever discuss Democrat complicity in more than 1 million civilian lives so profitably murdered – with millions more children forever traumatized and families displaced – in the teeming, drought-beset Middle East. Nothing to see here… 

Though impossible to prove in a court of law, Pelosi’s Articles of Impeachment will soon charge Trump with “Inciting Insurrection”. This move is guaranteed to unite the country. For sure.

In this starkly revealed class war, the oligarchs are freaking out as their worst nightmares of a rabble uprising manifested in their senatorial faces. The Bidenites know they must quash this rebellion. “This is urgent. This is an emergency of the highest magnitude!” Pelosi fairly shrieked. “Our Democracy” – dragged through four excruciating years of proven-false allegations, false alarms, hoaxes, and countermanded Presidential orders for military withdrawals and false alarms – “is at risk!” 

Does she mean by a demonstrably fraudulent election? No, no. Not that. “Yesterday the President of the United States incited an armed insurrection against 'merca.” Damn! How could this veteran reporter have missed an “armed insurrection” in the nation’s capitol?

What the Bidenites have not grasped is that the only way out of this decades-in-the-making flat, inverted spin is open, civil dialogue between all parties. This includes a free and transparent independent commission examing every aspect of the 2020 vote. And all documented complaints brought forward by the president’s legal team.

As for Joe and his president-in-waiting (who dropped out of the primaries after garnerng zero votes), anyone grabbing the wheel of this Ship of State will be taking the helm of a steeply-listing Titanic with decks awash. 2020 was just a warm-up for what’s coming. What happens when food shortages and climate weirding intersect with a collapsing U.S. economy as the dollar’s supremacy ends?



* After being convicted of no crimes, after 8 years of confinement indoors, non-U.S. citizen Julian Assange will remain in prison for allegedly violating US laws while living abroad. Doesn’t matter whose prison, as long as he finally dies there. Journalistic freedoms, his wife and two children be damned.


* With the Biden junta duly and questionably installed, lawful opposition, organizing, dissent, discussion, counter narratives and similarly “harmful activities” will vanish from “antisocial” media and civil discourse. The President of the United States has already been blocked from addressing the “Land of the Free” by the Tech Lords. Now that they’ve helped steal the U.S. election, what will Google, Twitter, and Facebook do next? Their green-lighted response is already happening.

* The USA will now go fully “woke”, with rigidly-enforced “diversity” discrimination largely replacing competence and merit. And the terms “father,” “mother,” “daughter,” “son,”  “woman” and “man” will no longer ber permitted in the U.S. Congress. (See Tulsi Gabbard’s clip on my homepage.)


* Meanwhile, across the land, food lines have become the new abnormal as millions of desperate Americans begin lining up at 2 AM in food lines up to 2 miles long. In New Orleans, Donna Duerr waits to pick up donated food. Her pipefitter husband is laid off and, after two recent surgeries, she’s unable to work. “She also has two grown children who’ve moved home since the pandemic began,” reports Sharon Cohen. Echoing the plight of tens of millions of Americans in the most heavily-indebted rich country on this planet, Duerr, 56 says, “I either pay bills or get food.”

* Another $1 trillion for surveillance and U.S. Warmaking Inc.? No problem. We’ll just conjure those funds with a few pressed computer keys. 

And so on…



Rednecks and other denim-collar workers awash in nostalgia and the bitter lees of wrecked hopes matter, too. Deer Hunting With jesus, Hillbilly Elegy and Detroit ought to be required reading for every member of Congress. And presidents who can read.

After four insane years of the Russiagate hoax, the Syria chemical attacks/White Helmets hoax, a farcical attempt at impeachment that ignored actual grounds for Trump’s impeachment, and unrelenting media, Deep State and intelligence community attacks on the – like him or not – President of the United States… the coup is complete.


Yup. I am calling out a Deep State slash corporate media coup in Washington that will have disastrous consequence for America and Americans in the coming year and years.


And no, I am NOT a supporter of a president who completely mishandled Covid, recently pardoned mercenary mass-killers, drone-murdered even more civilians than Obama, traded America's financial future for calamitous Wall Street 0-interest stock buyback money-printing, racked up the biggest US trade deficit yet, handed trillions of dollars to war and weapons makers (while repeatedly stiffing his increasingly desperate and scorned constituents) – and has worked tirelessly to ramp up poisonous pollution and climate chaos at the behest of the unelected oligarchy he represents. Not to mention what he did to Puerto Rico.

Following the extensively documented war crimes of both Bushes and Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama, anyone who still doubts that “psycopath” is not a job requirement for the U.S. presidency can check Trump’s last-ditch killing spree. After a seven-year pause in federal executions, nine have taken place so far this year. Another four legal murders by lethal injection are on tap before he leaves office this month. Covid is rampant on Death Row. And according to a stricken eyewitness, the last two prisoners put to death took more than 20 minutes to die, their bodies hideously convulsing as they attempted to breath without paralyzed lungs. The Democrats, of course, eagerly helped to put this death apparatus in place.

Which is also why I AM with the “deplorables” in all countries to be recognized and heard.


U.S. foreign wars go largely unremarked at home - but not elsewhere. -Mohammed Hamoud:Getty

USA! USA! smashing up entire countries goes largely unremarked at home. But not elsewhere. -Mohammed Hamoud/Getty


Has anyone cheering Trump's departure bothered to look at the legislative records of Biden and his president-in-waiting? Or the nightmarish return of the neocons? Or the policies they’ve pledged to bring in? Never mind the cops ushering hundreds of curious, upset and duplicitous trespassers into the rotunda (here, let us remove these barricades for you while we reconstitute our thin lines) – the real Trojan Horse is about to roll into the White House. And America's living rooms. 

When your political representatives and the courts constantly ignore you and persist in breaking the laws of nature and legislature, the ony resort is to get in their faces - in a nonviolent manner (including speech). As someone who during the Clayoquot protests is proud to have briefly joined other British Columbians in occupying the BC Parliament building (not the legislative chamber and with zero violence and zero property damage) to demand accountability from a frivolous premiere and his political cronies beholden to logging corporations and other fiscal sponsors – it is not yesterday's “mostly peaceful” protestors who are the problem.


It's the knee-jerk repressive response to their legitimate complaints. Even if they are wrong.

And especially if they’re right.


As the only reporter allowed to record video inside the native encampment at Gustafson Lake, I asked “renegade” leader Wolverine and his followers on tape what their armed defense was really about. Over several days, I learned that whether in Palestine or other occupied lands – people with grievances just want to be heard. 


We don't have to agree with them. They just want to be heard


Silly me. 


I thought finding our places aboard this foundering lifeboat zipping through the freezing, irradiated vacuum of Deep Space is all about justice and respect. 


William Thomas

Jan. 7-10, 2021 




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