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Destroying America To Save It


An American-Canadian’s Perspective

by William Thomas

In this ongoing American struggle to pretend to preside over a crumbling planet, dementia or derangement is not much of a choice. 

Especially when both attributes are also owned and driven by a national media narrative relentlessly promulgating blatant hoaxes and wildly-irrelevant election polls in order to profitably pander to the delusions of what Glenn Greenwald rightly calls a “hyperpartisan Democratic” audience  who wouldn’t know a redneck if they got a sunburn – while ignoring the grim daily realities of uncounted Americans juggling car repairs, Covid employment lockouts, fast-accumulating overdue rent and groceries for their children. (Medical care not an affordable option.) 

Give me a straight-talking, working-class “deplorable” any day over a clueless academic (who can draw a salary working from home), or slithering fork-tongued politician. No offense to snakes.

First among nations in its threats and belligerence, the “Excited States” (as the USA is referred to here in Canada) stands ready to obliterate the world with its trillion-dollar-upgraded “first use” nukes – yet cannot run a free, fair and efficient national election. Unlike Bolivia. Or Brazil. Even with four years to prepare.  


Which is exactly what you’d expect in the Empire of Chaos where confusion, fear and desperation are the requisites of control. 

In an unelected Deep State, the problem is not which billionaire is awarded the final court verdict. The big glitch with this catastrophe-in-progress is the irreparable damage done to the American people and institutions of governance. 

After vote tabulations more egregiously fraudulent than LBJ’s stolen Senatorial race and the Bush-Gore fiasco, even if the astonishing pace of pre-election gunplay does not escalate, the U.S. is now in an ideological civil war fully as divisive and hate-filled as the War Between The States. 

And just like that vicious altercation, the ill-feelings on both sides from this contemporary “secession” of civility, fair-play and common interests will fester for generations.  

Trump did this to himself. By disrupting mail-in voting, inventing “alternative facts”, and lying as often as he draws breath  even if true, his accusations of “voting fraud” are simply not credible to those who hate him, who are many.

With President-Select Biden now the media-crowned King of Capitol Hill, Kamela Harris and the rest of us face interminable years of her lame duck presidency in which the much aggrieved Republicans will be only too eager to leverage their control of the Senate and Supreme Court and exact payback for Trump’s prolonged crucifixion.


Universal health care? Climate action plans? Alternate energy jobs? Recycled trillions from America's Perpetual War Department? Troop pullouts from Syria, Iraq, Africa, South America, South Korea and Japan? Ending murderous sanctions against hundreds of millions of families in Cuba, Syria, Iran, Russia and Venezuela the UN says violates its charter and undermines the right to health in this time of covid? 

Fuggitabout it.    


“Payback” for China and Russia’s outrageous prosperity and non-compliance to Washington’s increasingly reckless dictates? 

You betcha. 

Biden – who never met a war he couldn’t support, a little girl or woman he wouldn't sniff, or a minority he didn't want to see imprisoned – promised. And the temptation to embark on still more failed conquests for geriatric macho credibility and domestic distraction will seem increasingly compelling.

Until somebody bumps somebody and zero-response-time hypersonic missiles start flying. When the first carrier is sunk, fisticuffs will “go nuclear”. And no one will ever again have to worry about an “election” involving less than 5% of Earth’s hominid population. 

Even before all that thawing Arctic methane lets go.


Swing states? My Tennessee forebears fought the North. I was born in Michigan, went to university in Wisconsin, and served in the U.S. Navy Reserves before resiging my commission over the slaughter in Vietnam. So, yep, I’ve got enough skin in this mess to be outraged over the cynical assasination of the country of my birth for crass political ends by ancient relics who will soon croak anyway. 

This is so much bigger than two old men.

In a massively armed and frighteningly ignorant nation addicted to smashing things and killing millions of distant families trapped in its for-profit paranoid projections, Biden was right. When the oligarchs win again in late 2020, “nothing will change.”  

Did self-obsessed Americans really think the chaos we’ve been spreading around the globe since the Gulf of Tonkin scam would not come home? 

The next country the USA invades to impose “American-style                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             democracy” now has even more incentive to resist. Not only in defence of their families and neighborhoods. But to save themselves from… “American-style democracy.”

-William Thomas

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