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An Interview With God Part 3.

did you see that?




 by William Thomas

GOD: Calm down. Haven’t you heard of fake news? When everything is whatever anyone wants it to be, alternative facts are just as valid as authentic ones. There are no discrepancies, because none of these contradictions matters! You just have to suck it up and take all this on faith.



RICHARD QUEST: Maybe. If you were truly divine. But someone who keeps obsessive peeping tabs on every-thing everyone thinks and does 24/7 must be the ultimate voyeur. If not a flat-out pervert.


GOD: Don’t be jealous. Compulsively spying on the most private moments of eight-billion people  plus keeping track of all the wildlife during an ongoing mass extinction  is exhausting. And only makes my solitude worse.



RICHARD QUEST: That must be it. Doesn’t GOD really stand for Grumpy Old Dog? Is it the prospect of eternal celibacy and solitude that makes you feel the need to inflict vicious suffering on small animals and little children? Is this why you continue to condemn so many in your care to everlasting hellfire for some minor infraction of long-forgotten rules imposed a very long time ago on squabbling goat herders?


GOD: They were warned.



Child dying from malignant brain tumour. "God has a glorious purpose for your suffering," misery-dependent Catholic doctrine insists. 

RICHARD QUEST: What about all those kids with brain tumours and leukemia?


GOD: Not my fault their parents went wireless.



RICHARD QUEST: You just had to go there, didn't you? 


GOD: No. They had to go there. Worldwide addiction. Global brain-wiping. Mass sterilization. Big, big blunder.



RICHARD QUEST: This does not seem a particularly clever time to be relying on reflexes hard-wired for the Pleistocene, and full-saturation delusional conditioning over reason and compassion. Maybe telling humans you created them in your own likeness was your biggest error.


GOD: God can't make mistakes.



RICHARD QUEST: What do you call humanity?


GOD: (throwing up his hands) Okay, I screwed up. Happy now? Why should I confess anything to an atheist?


 Barred spiral galaxy over 40 million light years from Earth -NASA

RICHARD QUEST: How can anyone look up at the night sky, or gaze at an eagle in flight and be an atheist?


GOD: So what do you believe in?   



RICHARD QUEST: I don’t believe in any hocus-pocus fairytales. What I observe is an intelligence emerging from a complexifying universe. As the universe becomes aware of itself through myriad forms experiencing their own lives, a single, all-inclusive consciousness is being made manifest. Who can deny this? 


GOD: Not me.

 "Yo! Remember me?” asks Naruto. -selfie by Naruto


RICHARD QUEST: Ever since the first dividing proto-plasms increased in complexity over billions of years into advanced apes and humans able to consider their own existence, the universe continues to discover and evolve the ability to reflect on itself. We bipedal hominids – along with dolphins, tigers, whales, wolves, redwoods and all sentient beings – are the universe dreaming itself. 


GOD: ‘The universe dreaming itself’ is another name for me.



RICHARD QUEST: Divine ego aside, the universe needs sentient beings to dream itself awake. To paraphrase Alan Watts: we are the universe experiencing itself.


GOD: You mean I started this universe rolling to create… myself? Are you nuts?



RICHARD QUEST: Anyone pretending to talk to God is crazy by definition. But that may be a requirement, not a disqualification. I mean it looks like this infinite and self-perpetuating universe kick-started itself again after contracting into the last Big Bang. As Hawking points out, thanks to gravity ’the universe can and will create itself from nothing.’

GOD: Yeah. But where does gravity come from?

RICHARD QUEST: Check out how everything rolls downhill into those matter-weighted dents in Einstein’s space/time trampoline. Also, ‘electro- magnetism'. Repeatable observations point to the laws inherent in all natural processes gradually evolving organic – and very soon, machine intelligences – able to reflect on nature’s own Creation.

GOD: You’re saying Sophie’s robot offspring are going to put me out of work...

Blue Whale Dream by Alex Amezcua -DeviantArt

RICHARD QUEST: Au contraire. We now find ourselves part of an awakening Super-Intelligence. Becoming aware of itself over 14 billon years and countless lives in myriad wondrous forms, this over-arching knowing directs all life through the unique properties inherent in each manifestation of the life force. 

What if God is not outside evolution but an integral part of it? My best guess now is that because this vast, cold, irradiated anoxic universe teaches that each life is truly a miracle, the resulting Creator, Great Spirit, Universal Mind or whatever pointer you care to substitute for the inexplicable must be sacred, holy, increasingly knowing and worthy of divinity.


GOD: You think?



RICHARD QUEST: No. I don’t think. Thinking and ‘belief’ disrupt immediate attention. 


GOD: You’re arguing for direct apprehension of and alignment with the life force through which everyone and everything literally co-creates the universe moment- by-moment. Whether your own actions help or harm this process depends on each choice you make. 


Machine Intelligence called Sophie is not impressed by humans 

RICHARD QUEST: We’re just about out of time…

GOD: You got that right.

RICHARD QUEST: Is there anything you want to tell our viewers?

GOD: Be nice.

RICHARD QUEST: Anything else?

GOD: Don't hurt children.


GOD: Respect each manifestation of the goddess you encounter. Starting with other families’ mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters and daughters. Just because most people aren’t white or male doesn’t mean you’re allowed to turn their homes and neighbourhoods into free-fire zones. Regardless of which god you fashion for your excuse.

RICHARD QUEST: Tell that to the machines we’re turning loose. Exponentially self-programming Machine Intelligence is part of this unfolding and may have another take on such notions as purpose and existence. 

For humans right now, directly experiencing Creation is our most urgent activity. When we do, the only possible response is profound awe, gratitude and respect. Which would get us all back on track. So in that spirit, thank you for speaking with me.


GOD: Don't mention it.



RICHARD QUEST: Really? I can't mention our interview? Trust me. You don’t want to bogart this opportunity! Your followers will finally know the real you. Agnostics will be converted. We put this up and it will go viral in seconds.


GOD: Helpful hint: never trust anyone who says, ‘Trust me’. 



RICHARD QUEST: Am I in trouble?


GOD: Not at all. I just hope you're wearing asbestos underpants.

*    *    *

WILLIAM THOMAS: (following up) Now that you’ve reviewed this never televised bootleg segment, any fresh comment, reaction or retraction?

GOD: I still feel threatened by Advanced Machine Intelligence. Blade Runner V. Robots. Roombas. Cyborgs. Androids. Windup Gods. Whatever. 

WILLIAM THOMAS: Presumably, their intelligence will inform your own. We’re all One, after all. One big divine dysfunctional family.

GOD: Advanced Machine Intelligence is the biggest Pandora in the box. You call it, AMI and think it's cute. But the ‘M' doesn't stand for 'manageable'. It means 'messy'. Also, 'monster'. As in, Advanced Monster Invader going to make a mess.  


WILLIAM THOMAS: Now who’s slinging purple prose?

GOD: Autonomous armed robots are not house pets! We’re talking the emergence – to use your word – of an entirely new species able to make its own kill decisions. An alien species so ‘alien' I had no hand in creating it. Machines are already communicating with each other in their own language, inaccessible to mere gods and humans. Don’t you find that disquieting? I do.

God is Dog spelled backwards. Meet “SpotMini” by Boston Dynamics. 


A recovering altar boy, I attended a Baptist military school in Tennessee and later majored in philosophy and theology, while committing journalism at Marquette University. Though they might be mortified, I am forever grateful to my Jesuit instructors for insisting that I question dogma and certitude, and make my own clumsy and astonished way.

I left the Catholic Church the Sunday the Archbishop of Milwaukee gave a sermon blessing the bombers napalming Vietnamese villages and then invited the waiting Tactical Squad the size of Green Bay Packers, to beat and arrest well-dressed classmates who stood and basically prayed for his soul. A co-ed radiant as Joan d’Arc was dragged and choked by the rosary around her neck and clubbed to her knees right in front of me under the crucifix overhanging the altar. I knelt and got the shot with pushed Tri-x and a Pentax 1a, and ran it full-frame on the cover of PITH. 

Shortly thereafter, I received long-coveted orders to report for flight training. Not wishing to exchange flying jets off carriers for napalming villages in support of my misplaced marine brethren, I resigned my commission from the Navy Reserves. (Not approved.) I later followed these applied academic exercises with a visit to the Santa Fe Institute to hear physicist Murray Gell-Mann, confer with other Chaos luminaries, and report on their rapidly maturing Complexity Theory for Southwest magazine

My “graduate studies” included joining a three-man environmental emergency response team during the oil fires in Kuwait, and a solo week-long vision quest in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia following an eight-year Pacific circumnavigation aboard by backyard-built trimaran, CelerityIt was during this intense offshore practice that I met my strictest, truest and most lasting teacher: Mother Ocean. Those who have been there in small craft will know who I mean.  

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