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#8 & #9:  Dr. Abir Bhatachhary & Dr. Harvery Risch

#8 & #9 Dr. Abir Bhattachary & Dr. Harvey Risch

June 24, 2021

Abir Bhattachary MD

Abir Bhattachary MD

Dr Abir Bhattachary 


Sydney, Australia 


     It's really odd in that when the J&J vaccine was evaluated for young women, the CDC, paused it, the vaccine. [And then re-authorized it. -WT] 

Here we have a link for young boys, that is solid. I mean, like one in 15,000 [with Adverse Effects] - on that order. And Israel, the rates were even higher of myocarditis - a serious side effect of this vaccine for that group. 

I mean, I think it's worth thinking about whether it's really right to do that. Might I come down on the side of it doesn't make sense, since the risk of Covid is so low in young boys. I think we should just pause. 

Dr. Harvey Risch

Professor of epidemiology at Yale


     There's a backlog from January of evaluating these cases. But they're not found in the VAERS. So there's at least 10-times the number of myocarditis cases -  not 50-times - that have occurred up to now that that the CDC is ignoring in order to make a statement that's contrary to the facts. LINK 


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