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60 Crazy Minutes With President Elect Donald J.Trump

60 Crazy Minutes With President-Elect Donald J. Trump


The stunning CBS interview with the President-elect on 60 Minutes showcased another side of a Donald so suddenly mellow, measured and accommodating it was terrifying to watch.


Was this thoughtful tycoon who now selected his words like sushi off a tray the same man who mocked a disabled reporter, an American judge of Mexican heritage, and the family of a deceased veteran… who never shied from using his superstar status and intimidating bulk to assault just-met women with unwanted grabs and embraces, tonguing and locker-room vulgarities… and who denounced a serving president as an illegal alien and called the climate change already devastating the states who voted for him a “Chinese hoax”?


The truly frightening answer is, this psycho’s serious. The take-away from Trump's latest reality TV segment is: he wasn’t showboating for votes. All that crazy stuff he’s been spouting for the last year-and-a-half… he meant. 


In our desperate desire to be soothed from the rage and fears unleashed by the man who keeps Adolf Hitler’s propaganda cookbook, My Order by his bedside, it’s too easy to forget that the hallmark of all practicing psychopaths is their chameleon-like ability to radiate charm and normalcy in a voice so quietly sincere and reasonable you have to remind yourself the next president of the United States is discussing on national television the imminent start of his “immigration program” - a program of nationwide ethnic cleansing.


Already, the mass mesmerizer are attempting to sugarcoat a President-Impatiently-Waiting endorsed by the Klu Kliux Klan, Neo-Nazis, nearly half of US voters, and leading White Supremacists. “Don’t be terrified. He’s not that bad,” the pundits palaver - as of they’ve never seen Trump's platform promises


Stay tuned. 

If you dare.

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