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#6: Dr. Christiane Northrup

Christiane Northrup MD

Christiane Northrup MD

#6 Dr. Christiane Northrup

For anyone disdaining incentivized propaganda, Dr. Christiane Northrup’s credentials are stellar. As the Wikileaks encyclopedia of online censorship points out, she is an obstetrics and gynecology physician and author who has embraced… “alternative medicine and anti-vaccine conspiracy theories. She has a history of opposing vaccination during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

[Dr.] “Northrup reaches a significant audience through popular books” [including numerous New York Times bestsellers] “and multiple social media platforms… and spreads misinformation about COVID-19.”

Even worse, Dr. Christiane Northrup has appeared on Oprah over 10-times, and as a pre-eminent women’s physician she is eminently qualified to speak for herself. 

Millions Against Medical Mandates has collected… 

“ … thousands and thousands of stories of women having menstrual irregularities.. Things like passing an entire decidual cast. Like the entire inside of the uterus just falling out. And, you know, what would do that, that I've never seen it in my career as an OBGYN? Clots coming out of the vagina of a 16-month-old baby girl. A 6-year-old in the UK bleeding into her underwear after spending the weekend with newly vaccinated grandparents. [11,000 American woman as of June 2020 were reporting drastic menstrual irregularities. A 22 month-old baby passing clots through her vagina. And so on.]

And I don't want to use the word ‘vaccinated’. Newly inoculated, right? 

Something is clearly being transmitted. And if you look at the Pfizer document… on page 67 it actually says - and this is the stuff for [vaccine] study participants, right? - no male should be impregnating a woman for seven weeks, and no female should get pregnant for seven weeks. And they say right on there, because of skin contact or contact with sexual fluids. 

So you have to ask yourself, what do they know that they're not telling us?

Now, we have all these hospitals with virtue signaling doctors who are pregnant showing on their Instagram feed themselves at, let's say 20 weeks pregnant, getting the shot. What’s that?

We're injecting synthetic mRNA in several different ways, one in an adenovirus vector, which gives you the DNA of some other species. [Also included in all Covid “jabs” is fetal tissue from aborted embryos. -WT] 

So then you have to deal with that. 

It is the same playbook that we have been hearing for, well, since 1986 when the vaccine schedule of the CDC tripled because Congress passed an act that said you could put anything in there you want. You're not liable. And so look at Pfizer, look at J&J, look at Merck. They are serial felons, if you look at their history. 

But this is okay, we can inject this. So now here we are, and we have millions of people who stepped up: ‘I'm doing this to protect others’ - even though there's not one shred of evidence that getting this shot protects others. 

We now have whole [vaccinated] nursing homes where everyone's got Covid or at least a positive PCR test, which is not Covid. And we all know that test is baloney

What's going on here? This is where you have to get out your tinfoil hat and say, ‘listen folks, this is a depopulation agenda’. Why else would Pfizer suddenly want to have permission to give the shot to 12 to 15 year olds? What is that window? That's puberty. 

That's puberty. 

We're getting disturbing reports from fertility clinics that the men who've had the shot now have sperm that will not swim. The women who've had the shots have eggs that will not develop into embryos. 

We have now women in small towns, you know… five women will be pregnant in their church and four of them miscarry. And the only thing they have in common is they've been around somebody who had the shot. 

So we're talking about pine needle tea having an antidote to the CoV2 spike protein. It is the spike protein that is in the air, in the urine, in the blood, in the semen, and the sweat of people who've had the shot.

By the way, herd immunity is not a proven concept, unless literally you are a herd. And unless a certain percentage of the herd had actual disease. First of all, a vaccine does not give you normal immunity. It doesn't give you the immunity that you get from actually having the disease [which appears to be lifelong.-WT]

It's just the same old thing. They call it ‘conspiracy theory’. They call it ‘anti-vaxxer’. Nobody's an anti-vaxxer. They're just ex-vaccers.  

We don't have the covid inoculations to prevent the transmission of Covid. We got Covid so that people would get inoculated.

So I think that our only hope here is to not allow yourself to go into fear, even though it's scary as anything. Especially if you're pregnant, especially if you want to preserve your fertility, what I would say is this: Don't get the shot.  LINK

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