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Smartphone “Users” Found With Identically-Deformed Anatomies!

Smartphones damage skulls (arrow)





By William Thomas


Don’t look now, but a misshapen human variant is showing up in medical x-rays that reveal in disturbing detail a ‘Dowager’s Hump”-like skeletal condition previously seen in some occupations and diseases. If you happen to be run by your smartphone, this new lifestyle spinal-warping just might belong to you.

     Already renowned for walking off cliffs and into traffic – as well as for doggedly texting behind the wheel until finally killing someone – surviving Screen Zombies can now be recognized by their Star Wars-like identifying “extra bone structure” buttressing an abused tendon or ligament never designed to look down at screens so often and so long.

     That’s right. Habitual screenheads are growing their own anatomical adaptation to their induced addiction. According to the Journal of Anatomy, which described this phenomenon in 2016, today’s 18-to-30-year-olds are developing a stalagmite-like bone spur at the back of their skulls, caused by so much staring down at their keypads and palm screens.

     It’s called “an external occipital protuberance,” reports Tyler Durden. “A lump on the back of the head believed to be caused by the body reacting to smartphone use by growing new bone layers on the back of the skull.”

     David Shahar, a health scientist at the University of The Sunshine Coast in Australia, says the proliferation of handheld technologies from first grasping hands into wireless-challenged adulthood could explain his findings among millennials.

     Calling this weird bone spur, "text neck," Shahar underlines how hard this vertically-favoured stalk must work to hold a canted 10-pound head still while its owner constantly peers down at smartphones and tablets and who-knows-what.

     All this screen time (do your own math!) forces the body to build more anchors for ligaments and tendons on the back of the skull to support that weight, bowed in relentless rituals the putative person in charge cannot resist.

     “How’s your enthesophyte?” could become the new coded greeting between millennial screenheads – a verbal fist-bump acknowledging their tribal lump.

     So add “deformed” to the downside of worldwide wireless addiction – which already includes the inability to evaluate and correlate written, verbal and visual information (or remember appointments and errands). Among early “users,” addative brain damage from each exposure is resulting in Early Alzheimer’s by age 30. Or even younger. (See overflowing dementia wards threatening national bankruptcy.)

Deformed Sperm Cell -Getty Images

Deformed sperm epidemic could be ultimate (irreversible) “birth control"

Another consequence of wireless mania – and this may be the primary point of this experiment, intended or not – birth rates in wireless-saturated nations are nosediving. Among other social factors, it’s long been shown that virtually continuous exposure to piggybacking, full-spectrum electrosmog at home, in school and the workplace – whether using a wireless device or just being in a transmitter’s invisible fielddeforms sperm cells. And kills them outright.

     As a result, “wired” populations are beginning to shove birth rates off adjacent cliffs called “can’t be bothered” and “can’t”. 

     A sane person could conclude the price for the “convenience” of being subject to interruption, harassment, tracking, profiling and remote video monitoring every minute of every day and night is rather steep.

     If not terminal.

     But how many people are acting rational these last days?

Frightening rise of the phone zombies -The Border Mail

     Turns out, every iPhone, Android and Smartphone “owner” is owned, in turn, by any hacker, corporation or insecurity agency accessing your location, purchases and conversations by activating your phonecam – even if it’s turned off.      

     “It’s the middle of the night. Do you know who your iPhone is talking to?” asks Geoffrey Fowler for the Washington Post, after he found “a dozen marketing companies, research firms and other personal data guzzlers” getting regular reports from his iPhone (not made by Huewei).

     Some company called Amplitude got his phone number, email and exact location just before midnight. At four in the morning, “Appboy” obtained a digital fingerprint of Fowler’s phone. Just before six-thirty, “a tracker called Demdex received a way to identify my phone and sent back a list of other trackers to pair up with. And all night long, there was some startling behavior by a household name: Yelp. It was receiving a message that included my IP address – once every five minutes.”

     He’s saying that people think they “own” the devices they paid for, when in fact it they are the ones being owned – on and offline.

     Only lobotomized sheep act like this.

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