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Is Wireless Radiation Inciting Amygdala Anarchy?

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 by William Thomas



From murdered motorists to pummeled protestors, America’s escalating pandemic of police brutality is being aggressively matched in France, South Africa, and other countrywide jurisdictions. Not to mention all those violent U.S.-backed demonstrators and street gangs in my former residence of Hong Kong,

Why so much lethal rage? Why is one of the possibly biggest causal factors being ignored?

Dr. Barrie Trower was commissioned by the Police Federation of England and Wales to confirm the safety their TETRA radar and radio transmitters. His thumbs down identified the specific pulse frequency well-proven to cause neurological damage.


Dr. Trower found that among police and fire departments using 4G for more than 18 months, all saw increases in violent behaviour, illness, miscarriages, still-births and brain tumours among their employees.

Recognized symptoms of neurological derangement from TETRA pulsed frequency include irrational and uncontrollable aggressive behaviour.



Located deep within your ever-watchful brain, these twin almond-shaped mood minders remember every trauma. And use your past responses as knee-jerk default settings.

While “News From Your Amygdala” could save your life when confronted with a semi coming head-on in the wrong lane, being played like a puppet can raise havoc with attempts to deal with unpleasant daily encounters.

So what does your built-in alarm and response centre have to do with cellphones?


Not to be confused with the IEDs deployed against occupying American troops, analogous Intermittent Explosive Disorder threatens to unhinge us all.

Neuro-sleuths have found significant statistical links between aggressive behaviour and severe amygdala atrophy. Indeed, IED is now associated with lesions on the left or both-sides of the amygdala, along with “low IQ and high scores in depression and anxiety.” [Brain Feb/00]

Medical investigators have also found that patients suffering Borderline Personality Disorder are handicapped by amygdalae shrunken by nearly one-quarter, as well as a 13% smaller hippocampal volume. This, they insist, strongly suggests “that alterations in the hippocampus and amygdala are associated with BPD.” [Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging Apr/03]

Now, neuroimaging confirms that “the areas associated with aggressive and/or violent behavioral histories, particularly impulsive acts” are located in the hippocampus and amygdala.” [Trauma, Violence & Abuse/05]



Using MRI imaging, brain detectives looking at lesions in the hippocampus and amygdala – as well as shrunken amygdalae – have also found “a strong link between aggression and high levels of depression and anxiety.”

Physical and sexual abuse during childhood can also cut permanent grooves into traumatized amygdalae. Or cause them to shrink in horror. But while childhood trauma and abuse are implicated in “a small percentage of cases,” the most common cause of lesions and shrinkage in the amygdala and associated hippocampus remains “unknown” by a science that steadfastly refuses to consider microwave Radio Frequency and millimetre radiations. [Mental Health Research Assoc.]


amygdala hippocampus


Without your hippocampus, you lack the context provided by memory to make sense of your life. Not to mention trying to get through a day when family members are complete strangers and streets change shape and location as you wander through them trying to find your way home.

4G and 5G frequencies pulsing at many billions of back-and-forth cycles every second can snap double-strand DNA like swizzle sticks. Synapses between neurons are also deleted, and those connections permanently lost.

This cumulative degradation is especially serious in the hippocampus, where all memories are stored. You can always tell a long-time habituated wireless phone "user" by how often they forget appointments, errands, names, or what they had for lunch.

Because their wireless-damaged brains are already out to lunch.

Whatever you do, you want to keep your pea-size hippo on campus and fully functioning. Because without memory, you cannot experience your own existence.

Amygdala lesion



Are your remaining intact temporal lobes thinking what I’m thinking?

When I first heard about this new amygdala and hippocampus research from a medical researcher in Arizona, I flashed on photographs showing brain lesions from cellphones and related radiation.

What if EMF-emitting technology is a major contributor to brain damage manifesting as low IQ, constant anxiety, “fundamental” intolerance – and resulting impulsive aggressive behavior and explosive violence?

Joint research conducted by three university medical schools (Harvard, Washington and Freiberg) have found damaged amygdala responsible for disorders characterized by a pervasive inability to self-regulate “impulses, interpersonal relationships and self-image.”

These unregulated “impulses” include aggression. Indeed, clinical signs of BPD include emotional dysfunction, “impulsive aggression, repeated self-injury, and chronic suicidal tendencies.” [Lancet July-Aug/04]

When fear kicks in, reason shuts down, the adrenals go into deleterious overdrive… and attention to the present moment vanishes.

Yet, corroborating clinical citations showing how wireless electrosmog burns lesions in the amygdala of every exposed creature continue to be ignored by an industry intent on ushering in super-damaging, superfast 5G connections… for the fast-emerging IoAR (Internet of Autonomous Robots). 



Proteins belong in your stomach, not your brain. At Sweden’s Lund University, Prof. Leif Salford’s team has shown that microwave radiation allows albumin proteins to leak into brain tissue after two-minutes on any wireless phone opens the blood-brain barrier.

The result: 

“Nerve damage in the form of damaged nerve cells in the cerebral cortex and in the hippocampus, the memory center of the brain,” Science Daily reports. “Albumin leakage occurs directly after radiation, while the nerve damage occurs only later, after four to eight weeks.” [ScienceDaily Dec 5/08]

Rat brains exposed to cellphone microwaves exhibit “severe” damage to nerve cells in the cortex (reasoning), hippocampus (memory) and brain stem ganglia (switchboard for nerve connections).

Exposed rats have an “astonishing number of dead neuron cells, actually suffering holes in their brains from the damage,” Salford said. Lund U. scientists concluded that after mere decades of daily use, cell- phone users will suffer drastic negative brain effects – “probably in middle age” – including the Early Onset Alzheimer’s now showing up in 30-year-olds. [wired.com Jan 31/03]

How many people do you know who regularly use cellphones and cordless phones and have increasing trouble remembering appointments, directions, and simple errands? These are signs of blood-brain leakage and hiccupping hippocampi that could also assault your amygdala.

And lead to autism in kids.



“Cellphone radiation changes the shape of brain proteins, causing them to clump together and form pathological protein fibrils like those found in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease patients,” Microwave News reiterated in 2003.

Ditto MS and premature aging, reported Electronics Australia back in 2000.

Additionally, medications normally unable to penetrate the blood-brain-barrier can also get through during a wireless call, degrading neurons for up to five hours after a single exposure. [British Library Net Sept14/03]

Neurons are “smart” nerve cells in the brain, heart and stomach that talk to each other. This nonstop gossip is essential to keeping complex living networks functioning properly.

Wireless disrupts these calcium-mediated electro-chemical channels. Which is why wireless-altered brains can lead to “a lack of concentration, memory loss, inability to learn and aggressive behaviour,” warns Dr. Gerald Hyland. “My advice would be to avoid mobiles.” [Mirror Dec 26/01]


amygdala lesions


Nearly two decades ago, Japanese professor of neurobiology, Toshiyuki Sawaguchi, said bluntly: "Young people today are becoming stupid." [rense.com Feb 5/01]

“A whole generation of teenagers faces premature senility in the prime of their lives due to the use of mobile phones and new wireless technology,” declared RFSafe.com.

“A literacy study conducted in 2005 on 19,000 young Americans is sobering,” chimed in the Washington Post. “Only one in three American college grads can read a complex book and extrapolate from it… An overwhelming majority of college students are unable to understand arguments in a newspaper editorial or to comprehend a simple comparison table.”

Wilfully blind to the proliferation of wireless transmitters surrounding them, baffled scientists “could not understand why” this is happening. “Education standards cannot account for plummeting comprehension in adults, as well as high school students.” [Washington Post Dec 25/05]


대중문화, 아는만큼 보인다  muuungworld.tistory.com

JIHEISHO (gee-hey-isho)

At first, the Japanese press called these severely socially-impaired youth, jiheisho – autistic.

“What was curious was that it appeared to have a sudden onset coinciding temporally with a major expansion of cellphone service nationwide,” wrote one  observer.

Dr. Ryoichi Ogawa, a physician in the beautiful old temple city of Kobe, linked Japan’s epidemic of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with "reduced cerebral blood flow” from electromagnetic waves.

His subjects held a cellular phone to their left ear for barely enough time to complete the connection and Komban-wa salutation. After 30-seconds, blood flow dropped by half in the brains of every person.

“Perhaps putting a mobile phone repeatedly to your head is something that might not be good in the long term,” Salford suggests. [Daily Mail Nov6/99; BBC Feb 5/03]


Generation A-Z (Addicted & Zapped)


In a country that fetishizes violence, hate and fear – while racing to embrace even more damaging 5G – fried amygdalae and hunted hippocampi are very bad news. Because while serotonin-suppressing “anti-depressants” are implicated in a depressing number of mass-shootings, sleep-depriving (serotonin-inhibiting) electromagnetic waves continue to receive a free pass.

Problem is, besides spiking aggression and suicides, anyone without a functioning amygdala is incapable of responding to screams for help, shocking imagery, or other urgent encounters. [brainleadersandlearners.com]

In many case, this can now be correctly called, Wireless-Induced Apathy.

Another name for a spreading zombie-like lack of response is autism. Folks with wireless-shrunken amygdalae will not look into your eyes, or be able to assess your emotional state. [narsad.org Jan 6/09]

What if decades of the 4G wireless plague was merely the warm-up for the 5G escalation of the Early Onset Alzheimer’s already overflowing dedicated hospital wards?

What if 5G – a patented pesticide, points out Dr. Martin Pall – brain damages us all?

Just asking…

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