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Cell Tower Risks - What We Know

A submission by William Thomas for the public discussion regarding the proposed Telus “cellular” transmission tower on Central Road to be convened by the local Islands Trust on January 27, 2017.




by William Thomas


* Wireless texting, screen gazing and chatting dependency are compulsive behaviours shared by a few Hornby Islanders and nearly all of our many visitors. Now deemed essential to continuously reaffirm individual identities, the dopamine released by wireless use is as addictive as cocaine.


*  These and other effects of wireless use are well-documented. The first heavily-suppressed military and government studies began in 1945.


* Modulated (information-carrying) microwave and Radio Frequency emissions are nowhere found in nature. Measurements taken in Toronto by Dr. Andrew Michrowski show background radiation increasing a half-million-times between 1999 and 2005.


*"Adapting" to wireless radiation is as certain as accommodating repeat bullet wounds. Embryos, fetuses, infants and children are especially vulnerable to pulsed wireless signals, which penetrate rapidly-dividing cells in their fast-growing bodies and brains.


* Continuous exposure to low level wireless radiation is detrimental to all living things. British researchers say that very low electromagnetic effects “affect the brain the most.”


* Cellular damage from microwave/RF radiation begins immediately and is cumulative for everyone repeatedly exposed.


*  There is no question that for those who must make themselves available to outside interruptions, disrespect the ones they're with, and depart their present environment 24/7 – wireless is convenient. Cancer is not.


* Citing more than two dozen scientists and doctors from 14 countries, in 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer declared that radiofrequency (RF) and microwave radiation “might cause cancer”.


* Categorizing personal exposure as "possibly carcinogenic to humans," the corporate-wary World Health Organization now lists mobile phone radiation in the same "carcinogenic hazard" category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform.


* Despite intense industry lobbying, these same low- frequency fields have been classified by the U.S. National Institutes of Health and the California Dept. of Health Services as “probable” human carcinogens.


* Damaged hearts are also susceptible. German scientists have found that 35-minutes of cell phone radiation exposure can cause blood pressure in the most vulnerable to rise high enough to cause a stroke.


* Every living being is a saltwater-filled radio antenna. Compromised immunity and related negative health effects from wireless exposure are NOT lessened by anyone's belief that no harm is done.


* While wireless “users” insist nothing negative is happening, microwaves are also clinically associated with accelerated aging, damaged sperm and ovum, and increasing rates of infertility. More than 16% of North American couples are now experiencing infertility – a more than doubling since 1992.


* Wireless also “affects cell growth, derails brain function, provokes cardiac stress [and] contributes to insomnia, warns Dr. Edward Group.


* Lab Rats ‘R’ Us. Industry-coddling Canadian “safety” standards allow for 100 million-times more microwave exposure than the Austrian Medical Association recommends. Microwaves at 1/10th British safety guidelines emit frequencies causing the biggest changes in cell calcium levels.


*  The problem is all this pulsing. When microwaves from a cell tower jackhammer our calcium-powered cells at 2- to 4-billion times per second, delicate electrochemical processes react unpredictably in “non-linear” ways.



micronuclei fragments from EMFs 

* DNA can be shattered. While different in type and origins, the resulting "comet tails" of micronuclei fragments streaming from the exploded nucleus of living cells are identical medical markers for nuclear and microwave radiation damage. 


* Single-strand DNA breaks can be self-repairing. Double-strand breaks of life’s double-helix cannot.


* If cell tower radiations were visible, the resulting electrosmog would blanket entire cities. And islands.


* Cell tower emission strength increases drastically to penetrate rain.


* “There is no safe distance from a cell tower,” says EMF researcher Arthur Firstenberg.


* Delivering expert testimony at a North Carolina Public Hearing, Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent U., Dr. Magda Havas stated: “Humans who live within 4 km of a [cellular] broadcast antenna experience behavioral disorders, cognitive dysfunction, and adverse health effects including leukemia, diabetes, psychoses.”


* This means the strongest radiative effects from the proposed cell tower at the Telus site on Central Road will impact elder housing, the co-op, our elementary school, the Commuity Hall, the Beulah Creek Nursery and Big Trib. These exposures will be amplified inside and near adjacent structures by the continuous operation of un-smart meters affixed to their outside walls. The "bars" on your cellphone can act as an approximate wireless "Geiger counter" indicating levels of personal exposure.


* People constantly exposed to cell tower signals “experienced dizziness, nervousness, chest pain, shortness of breath, numbness and tingling, weakness, and difficulty concentrating,” the Dutch Government reports.


* A survey by Laboratoire De Biochimie-Pharmaclogie among hundreds of French residents living near microwave masts documented nausea, fatigue, memory problems and cardiovascular symptoms.


* Why didn’t the proposed cell tower fly at the fire halls here and on Salt Spring? Is it because the International Association of Fire Fighters declares that wireless towers blasting away 24 hours a day could endanger the lives of fire fighters – and refuses to allow them on their fire halls?


*Do we really want to expose our loved ones to texting visitors still driving at highway speeds?


* Meanwhile, susceptible Hornby residents held hostage to corporate profit risk becoming electro-sensitive, an affliction that could irrevocably disrupt their lives.


Amygdala damaged by EMFs

*  Another pernicious and increasingly widespread result of constant wireless exposure from a pre-natal age is Early Onset Alzheimer’s by age 30-35. Search the "BioInitiative Report" for a compendium of easily comprehensible clinical evidence. Or visit any hospital ward overflowing with dementia patients. What has drastically changed in their environment over the past few decades? 


* “The scope of the looming medical-care disaster is beyond comparison with anything that has been faced during the entire history of humanity,” declares dementia expert Dr. Barry Greenberg in Toronto.


* How many visitors have you seen staring at screens while the eagles and Orcas they ostensibly travel here to see pass by unglimpsed? Instead of bowing to the wireless addiction that is transforming BC's homes, schools and cities into invisible "hot zones" – and now threatens (with this proposed cell tower) to put our children, teens, pregnant moms, elders and chronically ill at constant hazard – why not offer our increasingly precious island as a haven for those seeking at least some respite from this relentlessly risky bombardment?


*  Will our elected representatives have the foresight and courage to uphold our Community Plan prohibiting microwave towers and just say no to this invasive cell tower? Will you?


* B&B operators who insist they must bow to customer demands – rather than advertise and provide a wireless-free holiday – can choose to install wireless routers and cellphone signal boosters to act as powerful "cell towers" in their living spaces. Please respect your neighbours. The omnidirectional cone of maximum danger extends more than 100-meters from each radiating device and easily penetrates walls, floors, glass and ceilings.  


* Thank you for listening. Now please act.

William Thomas is a 16-year Hornby resident and award-winning investigative journalist, who has reported extensively on wireless hazards. Citing earlier US and contemporary European studies and scientific concern, his documented articles and ebook, The ABC's Of Cellphones And Other Hazards Of The Wireless Age" can be downloaded from willthomasonline.net.


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