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5 GEE!!! Part II The 5th Genocide


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5 GEE!!!




5G really stands for the 5th Genocide. (Genocide occurs when 10% of a country’s population is dead.) The "Big 5” Extinction Wipe-Outs currently in-progress include:


·      Worldwide wireless 

·      Pervasive nuclear radioactive contamination

·      Catastrophic climate shift

·      Monsanto’s glyphosates in world food supply

·      Genetically-modified Frankenfoods in world food supply


The latest corporate boost to our homegrown Sixth Great Extinction will goose the piggybacking/amplifying tendencies of overlapping wireless grids that are already:

1. Snapping the rungs of DNA, leading to cancers and immune destruction.

2. Wiping young brains, starting in the womb and achieving Early Alzheimer’s  

    disabilities within three decades. 

3. Irradiating every uterus and testicle in range, right down to the proverbial and 

    rapidly departing birdies and bees, resulting in pervasive infertility.


Oops, there I go again.

I mean here we go again.


Skyrocketing autism, Early Onset Alzheimer’s, and childhood cancer rates aside… does a zeroed-out birthrate qualify as species-limiting?


From 1973 to 2011, sperm counts in the western world have plummeted by more than half. As this population implosion trend continues, three years after American women first switched on their iPhones, pregnancies nosedived. Now, at a time when the CDC reports U.S. birth rates at an all-time record low, 5G will be warping wombs from Tasmania to Timbuktu.


Even as it embraces 5G, South Korea has already spent more than $131 billion encouraging its population to reproduce. And in China, the one-child policy has been replaced by roadblocks to abortion and divorce, and a proposal to tax young couples for having too few offspring.


“Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world,” warns PhD Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State U.




Who says corporations from Boeing to Huewai haven’t gone rogue?


“I can’t understand why corporate and political leaders are killing this planet,” the captain of a classic sailing vessel remarked to me the other day. “The only thing I can figure is that they must all be aliens.”


“Forget aliens,” I told her. “That’s too easy. It’s a pathology we’re dealing with. Everywhere you look – psychopaths. It seems almost a requirement for holding positions of power.”


To what would you ascribe this latest Drink-The-Kool-Aid script calling for the continuous electromagnetic irradiation of every creature onboard this dying planet – except tubeworms sucking on seafloor sulfur vents?


5G mobile phone technology,



Exactly like nuclear radiation, electromagnetic radiation detonates cell walls, leaving a telltale “comet tail” of exploded nuclei. Both emanations are invisible. Handy features, because Fukushima’s continuing contamination would still be in our consciousness. And every electrosmog-drenched town, city, building and conveyance would resemble Beijing during the 481st month of a worsening inversion.


Need another visual? You've no doubt seen mind-bending images of fracking rigs spreading across Permian landscapes like alien spores, destroying families and farmlands, while poisoning the last reservoirs in cities and countryside.


Losing our space colony’s drinking-water is dire enough. Now, warns Lynn Wycherley, the programmed corporate greed gang-raping everyone’s Mom has scarfed the microwave frequencies and urgently needs to frack the air by pumping 5G pollution from fridge-size transformers and tiny transmitters everywhere all the time. [Photo above: 5G left, 4G at right]




Oh, oh, you're thinking. There he goes again, again. It ain’t me, babe. Try the corp’rats. As everyone knows, the permanent electromagnetic war on all lifeforms will perpetually “need more studies” – lest we curtail corporate profits, and the weaponry from which 5G derives.


"No blah blah blah studies show the slightest teeniest blah blah owies from blah blah phones and that blah blah router and phone cradle on your nightstand, emitting blah blah blah exactly like that cell tower right outside your wirelessly-monitored baby’s window.”


Corporate Translation: “We are lying through our false teeth. Go back to sleep and let the regulators who regularly pass through our revolving doors take care of everything. For us.”


In fact, no regulatory tests have been done on the health-effects of 4G or 5G. Zeeero! All head-held microwave ovens and neighbourhood transmitters are deemed medically “safe” across North America by the FCC and its Canadian counterpart – corporate-owned government agencies lacking a health department.


And yet…


The CRTC and the FCC they copy insist that just like smoking, whatever doesn’t burn you cannot hurt you."


Nah. We don’t check for biological effects. Because as the paid-off “safety guidelines” deciders, we damn well know if we did, we would find heat stress proteins, shattered micronuclei, neuron clumping and blocked potassium-ion transport in exposed populations leading to:


electro-hypersensitivity… miscarriages… learning disabilities… confusion… aggression… brain tumours… cataracts… Early Onset Alzheimer’s… sterility… heart problems… dead insects… dead birds… pair-bond breakups across species…


And so on.



with Josh del Sol, creator, Take Back Your Power. See also “Generation Zapped”     38:33


Never mind some 20,000 military and commercial studies (dating back to WWII radars and horse-drawn microwave ovens) detailing the dangers of microwaves, and the radio-frequencies our wireless wonders ride in on.


Completely absent in the North American fake news media is a cresting tsunami of contemporary ill-health findings that have been sounding alarms and sparking doctors' petitions, citizen protests and sabotage, and tighter wireless regulations across Europe and Israel for nearly a decade.


Of course, these peer-reviewed findings and neighbourhood uprisings appear about as frequently as climate change in North American media. Transgender bathrooms get more coverage.


5G for me?

5G for me? 


Look at you. Your entire family has been happily using increasingly powerful cell phones, cordless phones, smart TVs, smart meters, smart cars, smart appliances, baby and child monitors, kiddie phones, clickers, mice, tablets, laptops, desktops, webcams, spycams, office networks and home routers without any problems for years.


Though advantages to actual learning have yet to be documented, your daughter's classroom is crammed with 30 or 40 wireless laptops and at least four powerful routers. Yet, despite a child’s unique mental, emotional and reproductive vulnerabilities to microwave smog – she's fine, too.


Sure, you both have trouble remembering things. Also, evaluating information and staying focused. Nothing seems to hold your attention for long. You feel tense. Sleep is difficult, relaxing impossible. And your kid seems abnormally bitchy and aggressive.


And now your eyes are giving you trouble. 

Fortunately, the nausea, dizziness and exhaustion you often experience around wireless devices and transmitters now occur often enough to simply be your new normal. Still, the reading you used to love takes too long and is too much work. You've given up on books.


And having another baby. Like other couples you know, you and your beloved are infertile. When you both find the energy for rote sex, your sickly sperm flounder like stunned tadpoles. Any survivors merely bounce off the wifi-hardened outer shell of her wi-fried eggs.


Not surprisingly, what you want to happen, doesn’t. Which – considering the drastically damaging effects of wireless radiation on embryos, fetuses and newborns teething on iPads – is probably just as well. 

If humanity lasts long enough for this new trend to bite deep, a lowered birthrate might be a very good thing. In the near term. But what will happen if wireless and a continuing avalanche of untested industrial chemicals poured into the global shared commons of all creatures, great and small, make this change permanent?




“Cellphone coverage will likely become more reliable around Vancouver over the next couple of years,” enthuses The Columbian, after that city threw open its streets to the 5G Trojan Hearse. 

small cell equipment -City of Vancouver

Reliability of animal health, including humans – not so much.


Explained Ryan Lopossa, streets and transportation manager for Vancouver Public Works, telecom companies “are moving more into the public right of way because some agreements they’ve had in place are coming up for renewal, and they’re finding it challenging to get them renewed.” 

small cell 5G -City of Vancouver

He did not say why. But you can cut-out this simple reminder and staple it to your bathroom mirror:








Sweden, the country that introduced wireless, has seen a 700% increase in long-term illness since 1981.


“EHS should no longer be considered a disease, but an injury by a toxic environment that affects an increasingly large portion of the population, estimated already at 100 million people worldwide,” Firstenberg writes, “and that may soon affect everyone… if the worldwide rollout of 5G is permitted.”


EHS = Electro-Hyper-Sensitivity.



Want to avoid 5G exposure at your workplace? Become an American firefighter. Across the USA, fire stations are exempted from 4G microwave and 5G millimeter wave antennas, due to the health effects


So why aren’t you and your family exempt? Stay tuned. A new paradigm of safer connectivity and more balanced use is emerging, Wycherley writes, reminding us of other tectonic changes in awareness – from pesticides to organic, from smoke-filled to smoke-free.


 Elon-Musk, space cadet


With extremely-high-powered, high-frequency 5G transmitters slated for installation every 200-feet or less, a vigilant citizenry must – as Churchill would have stormed – fight in our neighbourhoods, on our public beaches, in once-soothing forests and hills… and on the launch pads where the first of 20,000 continuously transmitting 5G satellites are about to launch through an airline-and-rocket-shredded ozone layer.


Musk’s SpaceX multiple launch attack on ozone layer

“Elon Musk is set to launch the first 4,425 5G satellites in June 2019 and ‘blanket’ the Earth with 5G, in breach of countless international treaties,” warns Claire Edwards.

Space Debris 2018, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center:JSC

Space junk (2018) before another 20,000 5G satellites -NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/JSC


“People’s first reaction to the idea that 5G may be an existential threat to all life on Earth is usually disbelief and/or cognitive dissonance,” Edwards continues. "Once they examine the facts, however, their second reaction is often terror. We need to transcend this in order to see 5G as an opportunity to empower ourselves, take responsibility and take action.



Signed by 223 scientists from 41 nations, this petition calls for “new safety limits, wave-free zones, and education of doctors – to protect our DNA, fertility, and nervous systems, plus children and pregnant women, from growing wireless exposure, and from rising, mains-electricity fields,” Lynn Wycherley reports.


This Earth Appeal from world scientists cites effects including, but  not limited to: increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being.”




With online freedoms of information and expression under heavy-handed assault by Facebook and Google, use an alternative search engine to locate and join wireless-defenders near you.

If no such organization exits, start one now! Remember, your local city council or rural governing body is the best place for effective public education and opposition – and just as important, a re-visioning that affirms life
. I joined my community in stopping a powerful military wireless tower and so can you.

Search online petitions against the 5G rollout in your country or region. Here’s one: 

STOP 5G (a Change.org petition) 

bee's eyes


And here is the online worldwide petition carrying the most clout:

As of March 1, 2019, the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space counts 53,964 signatories from 168 countries.


The undersigned scientists, doctors, environmental organizations and citizens from nearly every country on this wounded planet, “urgently call for a halt to the deployment of the 5G (fifth generation) wireless network, including 5G from space satellites.


You can sign the International Appeal To Stop 5g On Earth And In Space HERE.

Organizations sign HERE.


Even before its impending worldwide installation, 5G is heating up at the community level. 


“5G needs all these mini-towers all over the place. That leaves plenty more time for the public to get a clue and be freaked out,” reminds John Dvorak. 


In California, the Mill Valley city council has already voted to block development of 5G towers and “small cells” in residential areas, citing “serious adverse health and environmental impacts.” 




What will stop the global assault?  

Given the seemingly unstoppable momentum behind this runaway train, the likeliest rollout derailment will come from sick pets, flocks of dead birds, abandoned bee colonies, and widespread human illness spanning all ages. 

“Sick,” I know. But given all the health impacts we’re already seeing from 4G, these eye-openers are already built into a technology as sick as its implementation without informed public debate. For these reasons, in Finland and elsewhere, public blowback to ban 5G is already gathering momentum. 

Stay tuned to this site. And in the meantime...



Throwing further media sand in our eyes, most “Ban 5G” websites in Canada, the USA and abroad are calling for blockades only against Huawei 5G due to unproven surveillance concerns. Mass surveillance already in place via smart meters, Google, Facebook, Amazon and your national spy agencies is apparently just fine. 

Whatever you do… is up to you.

William Thomas March 21, 2019

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