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KN-08 ballistic missiles were paraded through Pyongyang in July 2013 on mobile launch vehicles that can be hidden in caves or underground, making the missiles hard to track and target. Credit Kyodo News

KN-08 ballistic missiles parading through Pyongyang. Mobile launch vehicles are hidden in caves deep underground, making them nearly impossible to target. -Kyodo News



By William Thomas



In the last year of his presidency, Obama found himself “increasingly disturbed” by North Korea’s looming missile threat. As he left office, Obama warned his clueless replacement that the country decimated by the U.S. military and subsequently threatened for decades would likely to be the most urgent danger Trump faced. Besides himself of course.


A hundred days into his rocky reign, a presidential pretender diagnosed as dangerously “paranoid” and “delusional” by 35 top psychiatrists has shown that he’s disturbed all of the time. The Donald has consistently demonstrated a four-year-old’s bug-eyed curiosity about nuclear bombs, repeatedly asking an adviser, “If we have them, why can’t we use them?”


Even more than golf, he’s also discovered that he really gets off firing cruise missiles by the dozens. 



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