UPDATED May 23/17

Capt. Ahab Trump sinking the GOP -Star Tribune



by William Thomas



Like some apocalyptic Ahab, the captain stands alone on the quarterdeck pursuing the phantasm of his own greatness through the turbulent tides of his infantile character and the latest rumours riling his demented “mind”. There is no one on the helm. The spokes of the ship’s wheel spin freely, first one way, then the other, tracing a drunken wake beyond all known landmarks.   


A president with ADD-like attention disconnects, the Donald “likes” single-page memos with lots of white space and eye-candy maps, charts, graphs and pictures. Lots of pictures. According to one source among many horrified staffers, National Security Council officials include his name in “as many paragraphs as we can because he keeps reading if he’s mentioned.” 


Shitstorms often start, points out Robert Jervis, Professor of International Politics at Columbia University, with wishful thinking that can’t see obstacles and costs, and also neglect “the crucial fact that perception is strongly guided by the framework that observers bring to an event“ – which is why imperious captains of state “are so often are surprised when others interpret their behavior” differently than they figured. 



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